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Prophecy: Prophetic Vision Near Term
August 22, 2013

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Fantastic God move coming..Feast of Tabernacles..centered on 922..tremendous for those who prepare and pray..neglible for those who don't

(Negative for some....some will fall away as glory arises)

Those who will not come out of their sins will get into troubled waters around this Feast of Tabernacles..centered on 922

This God move is ramping up even now. Are you climbing higher in God, upward on the holy mountain.

The shakings and troubles are ramping up too and will increase after 825

This move of God does not have to depends upon our determination to respond to Him with a right heart and a fragrant offering

Neither will the troubles fade...we will need more of Him to see our way through

The Lord is saying that all the alarms are going off just now. Are you responding? Did the alarm clock wake you up or did you hit the snooze button?

Matthew Stephen wrote about it one hour after I got the word: the alarms are going off? Who is awake? Who will do anything to prepare?

Every wave of terrible trouble is preceded by an opportunity to partake of a wave of the glory of God, but who is ready for any of it?

The Lord will come suddenly to His temple, but who can abide the day of His appearing, for He comes as a fire: a refiner's fire. Who can bear it? Who has prepared himself?

Stephen L. Bening

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