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Prophecy: History Unfolding
September 4, 2013

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History Unfolding
September 4, 2013

All the events of human history were at one point future and for the most part, they were unfathomable and beyond prefiguring. Most of human history is replete with large scale, world sweeping events that, in retrospect, were quite easy to track in their phases of development. During the run up to these events however, their development was anything but easily predictable. We find ourselves in just such a time right now that evokes all that we hold as common societal memory as it relates to a world at war.

Very few who are presently alive can recall just what it felt like in the build up to the previous two world wars, but we have written history of the one and video history of the second. The present time has those elements with it.

Suffer a little and you learn a little. Suffer much and you remember it a long, long time. The hand of the child badly burned by the stove will move near it with fear and great care. Comparatively, Russia suffered many times more grievously on their own soil during the last world war and perhaps this explains their apparent reluctance to leap to the front of the pack in the events that we see breaking forth during the early days of September in the year of our Lord 2013. Contrariwise, we see that our nation seems to be taken over in the throes of a political insanity as we intend now to seriously contemplate the initiation of SOLITARY military action in the middle east. We are a nation bankrupt in every sense of the word: financially, morally and spiritually. We are now the most dangerous nation in the world and very likely we are among the most corrupt nations this world has ever seen.

Prophets and prophetic people function in this world too. We read the news it generates and we recognize the formation of critical times. Many times, I have sounded the alarm over the years regarding critical times and I have issued a few warnings of such, but never have I personally experienced such a time as we now are entering into. It is the apparent culmination at which all revelatory events of my twenty six years in Christian ministry have pointed.

Massive world events almost always break forth upon the Earth as a thief in the night. Jesus said that it would be so for all those who walk in darkness and this is true whether the dark walker walks forth spouting the name of Christ or not. The key determining factor is this: how do you walk? Carnal Christian walking will land you in the hands of the thief! How very few of God's revelatory, prophetic people are able to walk in the light during a period of high prophetic activity.

The entire church is seemingly swept away in a love affair with the things of this world. Television Christianity is still very much focused on prosperity and having your best life now, for the most part. There is a slight awakening to spiritual change. Very few have separated themselves from the love of this world and the things thereof. Against this backdrop of prophetic urgency, it seems that all the young prophets are dallying with new boyfriends or new girlfriends and the older ones are set aside by marital discontent or engaged in the gossip of discovery. The enemy uses this tactic first and foremost against the prophetic servants to take them all out of the way, distracted and disquieted so that they are “off their game” during the precise time when they must be at their place on the wall and at their posts, watching to see what if anything our Lord may reveal about the things to come, lest they break forth upon us as a thief in the night.

Matthew Stephen issued his ninety day warning revelation that pointed at the date of July 8, 2013 as the commencement of a 90 day warning period that is to culminate on October 5, 2013. I took this and created a ninety day grid, excel spreadsheet so that I could easily review the time period in a visual way. I overlaid the Hebraic calendar dates and immediately noted how Matthew's warning dates for the 60th date matched with Rosh Hashanah. Furthermore, I quickly noted at that time that we were both receiving multiple revelations that pointed at September 22 and that date falls square in the middle of the Feast of Tabernacles, or Succot, this year. I also was made aware by the Holy Spirit that the time period referenced a prophecy I had written about eleven years earlier, in 2002, titled ZERO HOUR/THE BASEMENT. That revelation highlighted a time period in some future year that would run from July 8 to August 25, with the latter date representing a zero hour, or the time of commencement of some type of massive action which was last seen in the world during the Normandy invasion of D-Day to which was appended the zero hour nomenclature. I have previously written about all of this.

So much of prophetic revelation builds upon other revelation previously received by the prophetic ministers we are in fellowship with. We interpret the bible through use of the bible and those of us who walk together interpret what we receive through other revelations that we have previously received where we have been given the understanding of the thing by God. Those who seek diligently are the only ones who gain a great understanding. Those who merely read the word are left in puzzlement by most of it. So it is with this revelation. Those of you who have followed our radio programs and read our writings understand the most while those of you who will read only this effort will come away with quite a bit, but much less than that which is fully available to you.

We have put forth much in radio broadcasts, as I have said above, and Matthew Stephen writes frequently: several times a week in many cases, but his email list is short. His letters are posted to Watchmen Prophets Assembly, which is a restricted group. I have been silent regarding these things other than by putting forth that which I have received on the radio. I know that much of what Matthew writes about is difficult to be understood, but the Holy Spirit seems to have wanted it that way. He did not want me to pull any of it together until now.

The prophet Zechariah is an interesting backdrop to this discussion. We read things early on from this prophet that are easily understood but then we read other things in chapter five about a flying roll that have puzzled bible readers down through the centuries. Some of these things are still veiled and seemingly sealed. So it is with some things we prophets receive today.

The Holy Spirit first introduced me to the 111 concept more than twenty years ago when He was beginning to reveal to me the asteroid/comet impacts that will take place on Earth in the future. I was studying one impact area in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico where a crater exists that scientists believe was caused by the impact of a huge asteroid. That crater is 111 miles wide. I knew, when I saw that number, that it would have future significance for me, but I could not say exactly how at the time.

Next, I was given the ANDREW prophecy on July 13, 1992. The hurricane came ashore One Month, Eleven days later on August 24, 1992. It was the very first, dramatically fulfilled prophecy I had been given, and it was fulfilled only a short time period after it was given to me: one month, eleven days. I came to understand it as a type of numerical code, given by the Holy Spirit, to alert me that something would be fulfilled in a short time rather than after a long period of delay. I was definitely told that for my future years, God would mark judgement with the name of Andrew.

We will now roll forward through twenty years of signs including much experience with the aforementioned one eleven and the name of Andrew up to the time period of April, 2012. Matthew Stephen and I were in Boston and Cape Cod for the “Bulldog Tour”. After that tour, I was given the “one eleven” sign and I interpreted it as being an indication that the events in Boston would have a fulfillment in a short time period. The following month of May, 2012, I was alerted by the Holy Spirit that “May is for mockers” and that the Holy Spirit was going to delay things for a short season to catch those who mock prophecy and the prophets. We saw trouble roll in for the Northeast US with hurricane Sandy but the main events for Boston and Cape Cod are still outstanding. We then gained the understanding that we were in the midst of a one year delay of the worst events.

Now, I will roll forward to August 24, 2013, when the Holy Spirit revealed to me that one month, eleven days from the previously noted Zero Hour of August 25, 2013 will land us at the October 5, 2013 warning date previously pointed at by prophet Matthew in his ninety day warning. Right on time, beginning with Friday, August 23, the world began to encounter growing concern over an alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria and the US government began to make increasingly stern threats of military action on August 26, so it is clear that history is unfolding around the previously indicated ZERO HOUR date of August 25. We have a more sure indication by the Holy Spirit as well regarding the gravity of the one month, eleven day period that runs from August 25 to October 5 as it has been revealed as a period of high warning through not one but two prophets, coming at it from totally separate streams of revelation that began many years ago that are now culminating in this time period.

We know from many years of previous prophetic experience that something that appears in every sense to be coming into the natural realm before the end of October, 2013 may actually come in three months, six months or even a year or more later. So we cannot predict exact dates with any certainty, but the prophetic language and signs are all pointing to an extremely short period of remaining time and we cannot rule out the commencement of the double judgements against the harlot church and the world prior to the end of 2013.

I prophesied on radio and I will write it here, that we are now seeing near term serious events for many geographic regions in the US, including Boston, Washington DC, Portland, and Southern California. All four are marked either by the 111 or by the name of Andrew. The warnings are serious and grave and are now indicated for a short time of fulfillment. Separate dangers are indicated for Atlanta, Miami and other areas at well in the near term.

Are you a judgement mongerer or a glory cheerleader? I am both! I know that as God brings these double judgements, He is going to give the iron rod of authority to His prophets, for this is the hour of the prophet. The man-child church that so many have talked about is not ready yet to wield this power and authority, but God's prophets who qualify will now do all the works that Jesus did. Whatever you see that any prophet ever did, anywhere in the bible, these prophets will be able to do in the name of the Lord when this glory comes. I am doing everything I can to pass the test and to find myself approved in that hour. I have seen and discerned several times that were are very, very near to the time of the arrival of the iron rod authority, but it always seems to be inextricable intertwined with the roll out of the double judgements upon the Earth. That is how I presently see it. This incredible kingdom power will come out from God, through His prophets, at just the same time as the double judgements roll out upon the Earth.

I have written a while back about the “ROUTE 68 REVELATION”. It is easily found on my website. This has been a revelation jointly delivered to prophet Matthew and I ever since we began to walk together. I think he had it first, but I have gotten so many pieces of it directly from God that I can only regard it as a joint revelation.

Those of you who have listened much to us know of what I speak. Those who do not are probably puzzled. I can only help you a little bit here, for so much of that which God has it reserved for those who will diligently search out a matter. Such is the glory of kings, as it is consistent with the glory of God to conceal matters as well.

Suffice it to say here that a few days ago, prophet Matthew was taking note of the movement of the US aircraft carrier #68, the Nimitz, in a direction nearer and nearer to the Red Sea. As he read about this, his eye was drawn to a fact that had been withheld by the Holy Spirit from both of us until now.

America has had a total of SIXTY EIGHT aircraft carriers! I was astounded when prophet Matthew shared this fact with me. I have, after all, designed a web page specifically designated for prophecy related to attacks against US aircraft carriers, and I did not know this fact.

I have long believed that attacks against these aircraft carriers would occur at the outset; at the very start of the period of dramatic escalation of troubles. I wrote just this prophecy twenty years ago. I had an open, waking vision on January 9, 1993 of an attack on an unnamed aircraft carrier in an unnamed sea just around dawn by a barrage of low flying cruise missiles. During the hours that followed, I was told of a future attack against the USS Kitty Hawk and eleven support vessels that would kill 12,600 sailors that would happen in the Persian Gulf.

I have been much mocked for this prophecy as the Kitty Hawk was de-commissioned and put out to moth balls for awhile, but in true prophetic fashion, was raised from the dead and is now held in reserve status by our Navy, just as is now the case for another carrier prophesied to meet with trouble: the Enterprise.

So as I write this, the Nimitz, US carrier #68, is heading toward the Red Sea and the Suez canal. Other carriers and US ships are in the danger zone. All of prophecy is taking shape and I believe these attacks on these carriers will be at the outset of great escalations of troubles. Will it happen now? Will Jesus light all these fireworks that are arrayed on the barge? All the prophetic time-clocks are shouting all systems GO! There is no indication of even the possibility of further delay. So, who can but prophesy? This would appear to be the most likely of the first of the double judgements but the escalation of the falling of many other dominoes of the double judgements would transpire in the US and in the rest of the world. These things are all now apparently very, very near at hand. Total economic collapse is indicated as I have prophesied for 22 years, along with terrible domestic rioting. The invasion of the United States is not far off.

There are only a few listening and even fewer have done anything to prepare for these things. I write to discharge my duties as a prophet who will be proved right when the future becomes a history unfolded. Your blood will not be on my hands. You should have long since been praying for a way of escape from the coasts and from the cities. You should have already taken some faith based actions based upon that which you have seen from God. You should have long since been seeking God for vision in the way of preparation of alternate locations. You should have long been seeking God for how to prepare for these things that will come not just upon our nation, but upon the whole world and you should have been seeking how you might be a blessing to others rather than a burden upon them. You should have taken the word of God, employed it and gotten a revelatory harvest from it, bearing fruit and making preparations in a way that would be anything but covetous. Most of you have been hearers but not doers of the word.

Winston Churchill believed for his whole life that he had been born to lead during troubled times of war, but he was cast aside from the British Admiralty during World War 1 and was ignored by his government, his nation and his people during the 22 years or more that followed his rejection. He would have much preferred death to this period of his life, where he quietly retired to private activities, writing books and issuing warnings about the dangers to come in what he quickly and early perceived as the dramatic rise in German nationalism. He was among the first to sound the warnings about the Nazis but he was roundly ignored and rejected by other British leaders.

Then, Hitler annexed Austria and invaded Czechoslovakia and those who had mocked him had now been silenced by the unfolding history. So it will be for the prophets of this hour. It will be then as it was for Paul, bound in chains on a journey to Rome. But alas, Paul had warned them to stay in harbor; that a storm was coming. The arrival of that storm caused them to bring Paul up from below decks. Those chains were removed.

The captive had become the captain. In that day, the remnant will seek unto the prophets for a word. Will they do in that day that which the prophets direct?

Stephen L. Bening

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