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Prophecy: The Route 68 Revelation
August 4, 2012

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Four years ago, God caused two of His prophets whom He had raised up separately to begin to walk together. Prior to 2008, I knew little to nothing about Matthew Stephen and Matthew Stephen knew little to nothing about me. But in 2008, God caused us both to take up the staff of God by His Holy Spirit. We went forth together not simply to prophesy but then and now, in the brighter light of God, to make decrees and to call forth events of judgement upon a wicked nation and a rebellious church. God's light is fixing to get even brighter just now as it arises fully upon His servants. Deep and gross darkness is upon the people and His church.

God sent us forth and affixed a number to us: 68. We were sent forth as cigar smoking prophets, not smoking for enjoyment, as neither one of us particularly like to engage in that activity, but we were sent forth with 1968 Churchill Macanudo Cigars as we made our decrees on the double judgement tour and thereafter. We understood by the Spirit of God that by bringing forth the 1968 date, God was announcing that there would be a return to America, in a larger way now, of the events that came to pass in 1968: double assassinations and civil unrest.

Now, we are 4 years on from 2008 and we are 44 years removed from 1968, during the reign of the 44th President, and we have arrived at the 444 time. It is a time of the ending of one season and the beginning of another. It is time of 4, and of 44 and of 444. It is a time of culmination and a time of genesis. Spirits and principalities of this dark world caused the bells of London; even Big Ben, to ring at 8:12 AM to open these Olympics. These Olympics are set to close at 8/12/2012. Surely 8:12 points to August, 2012. Even the date of the writing of this article, 8/4/12, has 44, a 4 and a 444. Surely the demons know some of the things that will now transpire, for some of it involves them, in just the way that in the past, evil spirits have been sent forth from the Lord and evil nations have been sent forth to judge God's people. They cannot help but crow about what they are about to do as they go forth sowing confusion at the same time, for the church listens to these demons and calls it prophecy. Surely the Buddha's are on the move. Even the man known facetiously as "raghead" has now put a rag on his head. Those who have flown into and over the cuckoo's nest have more true prophecy in them than the pathetic albeit post-prophetic Christian who is absolutely and totally deaf, dumb and blind, due to being dazed and confused by the narcotics of the prophetic peddlers as they have formed the Watchmen Peddlars Assembly. And the nominal Christian continues on with the show; the standing on the third and pass the epistle please, trying to get that sermon preached from 11:41AM to 12:15PM according to the schedule, for we cannot be late for the buffet and the kickoff.

Mom and Dad Christian do not know whom or what to listen to anymore, so they are hovering like a fly, waiting for the windshield on the freeway. It seems now that the whole world knows that a world of hurt is incoming and the only ones who have no clue are the ones who should be walking in the light, but these have always refused to come up to the high places of God and they have no hunger for the reality of God for they refuse to make any sacrifices that might diminish their American dream lifestyle which is not a whit different than an Israelite who hated the wilderness of Sinai and longed for the comforts of Egypt. They will not leave the cities or the coast for flyover country. They bow the knee to Eve and are ruled by their wives, who will blame them for doing nothing in the day of the Lord.

The word of the Lord came to me in the summer of my discontent, as I waited for the unfolding of the events that the Lord had promised were just at hand back in April, 2012. He told me that I must wait still a short time period, and then revealed that I must only wait through the end of summer. Last March, I was given the tagline from the movie Jaws 2 as a prophecy of a prophetic sequel: "Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back In The Water." I discovered that both Jaws movies had been filmed off New England at Martha's Vineyard. Then, after our New England prophetic trip, I took note when a large great white was sighted off Cape Cod. Then a great white was pictured hard on the heels of a man in a kayak, off Cape Cod. Then, a great white bit an Australian man clean in two! Then, most recently, a man was bitten by a shark off Cape Cod. These events have drawn nearer and nearer to the day. I received what I will call "The Route 68 Revelation" on July 21, 2012 and I have not felt the liberty in the Holy Ghost to share anything about it on this website until today. I wrote this paragraph as a part of a WPA (Watchmen Prophets Assembly on Yahoo Groups) reply a few days ago on August 1:

"A hard right turn that will require us to "go up" in a sudden and desperate way is just ahead. The sign of the Joker and the 24 counts (double counts of first degree murder for 12 actual murders) against him is the last sign of the impending double judgements before the hard right turn. PREPARE YOURSELVES RIGHT NOW. SPRING UP, OH LORD, WITHIN MY SOUL. We must go to Spring City! There will be no other sign given before the hard right turn, says the Lord. That hard right turn will run us into a headlong collision with the church that has stubbornly refused to "go up" thus far. It always seeks low living. That hard right turn will herald the arrival of the double judgements. No one will have to wonder whether the doubles have started. It will be evident. In that hour, they (elders, bishops, pastors) will be forced to seek us out. They will ask us for answers. Most of them will reject that which we tell them. Then, we will continue upward to the high places and they will continue in low living and compromise. We will have much to overcome on the way upward to the high places of God."

Most of the route 68 revelation and how I received it relates to the direction and encouragement that the Lord was giving to two of His prophets, so it is not appropriate to present it here, but I especially felt it was necessary to present part of it here today, along with a few other ideas that I believe will help the Jesus seeker through the days that are just ahead. The sign of the Joker is the last sign before the double judgements commence! The Lord did say that His servants who make it up to the high places will have to go over "Hillary Road" before they get to the top. I received the revelation, for the most part, while I was driving on Route 68. We passed by Sweetwater and have had hard going of it. The last four years have been a tough time, where not much apparent progress has been made in our scope of outreach. But just lately, we passed the Joker Sports Bar on Route 68 and we came over Wolf Creek. The next recognizable sign is the stop and then the hard right turn and then it is on to Spring City and up to the the high ground, on the way to Crossville. It does not seem that anyone is listening any more. That is about to suddenly change with the hard right turn for the prophetic servants of God. As we turn right, we will go up and up and up!

I believe it is clearly evident that we have entered into a time of extremely high spiritual activity, and that means that all sorts of lying spirits, familiar spirits, divination spirits and witchcraft spirits are working overtime and trying to cloud the spring water. Twenty years ago, I walked with an apostolic man named Blitz Robinson, who remarked during a similar time that the devil was throwing up clutter onto our prophetic radar screens. He, the devil, is using a type of spiritual countermeasure that is analogous to the defense posture a fighter jet pilot assumes when he releases chaff in an attempt to throw off a missile that is attempting to lock on to his position. The enemy is fully aware in our case that we are nearing the end zone: the time when a vast amount of prophecy is near to being fulfilled. So, he is attempting to complete a play of information overload, hoping that all the hearers will simply throw up their hands in confusion, place a finger in each ear, close the eyes and forcefully inserting their heads in the sand while repeating over and over again some mantra in an attempt to feel better until this time passes by and nothing happens. After all, nothing ever happens, right? I read earlier today on one of the conspiracy forums one comment by a reader who felt that "all of the conspiracy radio hosts are working in some sort of coordinated effort to induce a panic. I, for one, do not believe that they coordinate any of their efforts purposely, though they do some "borrowing" from one another, to say it in a kind way. The thing that coordinates their speaking and writing is the onslaught of spirits that they listen to. It would be too wonderful if they only reported on leakers of information from government and the military. Unfortunately, these peddlers are led along by all sorts of spirits as they hawk their merchandise from their online stores.

So, we must discern the true from the false and the real from the clutter. We are driving down Route 68 and we are trying to make out the road signs, notice the roadside sights and pay attention to what the map ahead says is coming further on down the road by the Spirit of Prophecy. Let us take it first from a prophetic overview, beginning with those things about which I have the most prophetic certainty:

  • We are nearing a time of greatly increasing escalation in prophetic fulfillment. This period of time now appears to be set for commencement on August 11/12 and will run, for the sake of the signs under discussion right now, through the end of the summer on September 21, 2012 (things will only worsen in the fall and winter). I have had the Lord repeatedly reveal that a prophetic sequel to the Fall season of 2008 will occur this year. The Holy Ghost has revealed these to be summer events and they will contain the same components as the 2008 occurrences: economic calamity and the spread of rioting and civil unrest. The events will be bigger and badder than 2008 and will come into fulfillment during beach season when everyone feels it is safe to go back into the water. This is now further confirmed by the revelation of the sign of 111 as it was given to me on April 24, which is now revealed as 111 days from the time of the prophetic decree by two prophets on April 24, 2012, to 111 days later beginning with August 11/12, 2012. The 1968 prophetic parallel demands that for this prophetic type to be valid, double assassinations must come during the year of the national elections. I find it hard to fathom a delay of these events to 2016 or beyond. I further foresee massive civil unrest on the heels of such assassination events in the United States. 1968 saw first the killing of a religious man who had great political influence, Martin Luther King. His killing sparked great civil unrest. The second to fall was Robert F. Kennedy. This spark lit the fires in the universities of the nations. We are already seeing the signs that all the races of America are coming under an increasing intoxication of insanity. Am I saying anything here that is not now expected, at least in some part, by the Department of Homeland Security? They are preparing for violence at the National Party Conventions. The difference is that Matthew and I have been talking about this coming election season for four years. The Lord says that this time, the last shall be first. The first assassination will fall upon the political figure and the last shall fall upon the religious figure.

  • There is much prophetic clutter on the screen regarding the entirety of the London Olympics. Many divination spirit prophets of Baal have been predicting things for the start of the Olympics that have failed already. Please note that God has not revealed anything to the true prophets of God that has anything directly to do with the Olympics, although there is something indicated for London in the near term. Do not be drawn into this prophetic garbage pile of the Nubiru nutcases. We do not obtain prophetic insight from supposedly leaked information about troop movements and highly unreliable reports about evacuation of US bases. We need to hear from the Lord, not from our soldiers at these bases. How will any of us be able to know which of these reports are true and which are lies unless the Lord reveals it. One of these days, we are going to have to deal with comet/asteroid impacts but so far, I have nothing in the near term to say that it is incoming in the next month or two. I firmly believe we will suffer several tsunamis in the USA of the 100 ft high variety before we receive an impact of one 10,000 feet high that will travel 300 miles inland. There will be a time for that and I will let you know when I get the prophetic warning that it is incoming. So far, I have nothing in my spirit to suggest that it is about to occur. Do the Mason controlled powers that make decisions regarding the Olympics set up things to coincide with dates and times? Yes, they always do. They selected the culmination date of the Olympics to fall on August 12: the day the the Lion and the Unicorn. This is what the Masons did when they laid out the design of Washington D.C. and had an obelisk constructed in our capitol. Masons and Illuminati are led by spirits and powers of this dark world and they will always do what they do. God is speaking in the midst of it. Even today, I saw the American flag as it was rolled up by the wind and then it eventually fell as Serena Williams was awarded the gold medal in Women's Tennis. Did the Masons roll up that flag? No, the wind did it. Can the Illuminati control the wind? I think not. To me, it was a sign that God is about to roll up America and then the subsequent fall of America.

  • We need only to open the eyes in our heads to behold the heat, drought, fires and storms, especially the destructive "Derecho" storms that have ravaged our nation during the last three months. We need not be prophets to calculate the crop reductions that will result but we need only to read the weekly reports from the US Department of Agriculture. One need only observe river and lake water levels to consider whether or not barges will reach their embarkation ports. These groundings are already being reported on our rivers. Logically reasoning from that point, one does not have to stretch too far forward to imagine that some power production facilities may be forced to shut down due to low water levels in their cooling ponds. This, coming at a time when the Obama administration is contributing to the the closure of 37 electrical production plants should have some type of deleterious effect. Bad storms have already been seemingly targeting power lines for take-down.

  • I have prophetic indicators for the following dates in August: August 11, 12, 17, 18, 24, 25 and 31. These are watch unto prayer dates that will not necessarily coincide with any naturally visible events. Matthew Stephen has his own set of dates he is watching. Take heed to both lists. August 11-12 marks 111 days since the New England prophetic decrees of Matthew Stephen and Stephen Bening. August 25 is the eleven year anniversary of "Zero Hour" and August 12 is the eleventh year anniversary of the going forth the my revelation entitled "The End Has Come Upon America"

    August 31 marks the fourth full moon, a "blue moon" as some regard it, of the Summer season. The Joseph Olivarez dream, posted to WPA, titled "Moon As Bright As the Sun", indicates that sometime in the future, during a summer full moon and probably after a drought, a major solar flare will occur. Joe refers to Isaiah 30 and the seven fold brightening of the Sun. It is possible that we might see something like this now, but probably not to the full extent of that which Joseph Olivarez saw in his dream just yet.

  • There appears to be a very strong possibility that a major solar flare event will occur very soon, maybe before the end of the summer. We are prophetically certain that we will have a solar event. The "possibility" part of it is that it will happen very soon. We will have an event like this that will cause some significant interruption in electric power during 2012 and 2013 during solar cycle 24. I am prophesying this by the Holy Spirit. The bible refers to certain other "nightmare scenarios" that will come later, but may not come to pass in these next two years.

  • God has repeatedly brought the number 444 before me over the last few days. We have the 4th full moon of the summer just ahead on August 31 and that is an infrequent thing; a 44th President who is flailing and failing; 44 years from 1968 to 2012 and now, we are seeing repetitive appearances of the number 444 as the prophets have entered into a "Sound Of Silence". We have both shut down our respective individual radio programs as of tonight. We must now hang together or we will most certainly hang separately. That 444 appearance also hearkens back to some 2004 prophecy I issued that does have an asteroid tsunami context"Unfolding Revelation-Storm/Harvest/Zero Hour".

    Perhaps we are going to see some more dramatic fireball events or even a small asteroid/comet impact in the near term. I say "perhaps" in terms of the timing of it. We will definitely see these events in the future. Brother Matthew has issued a separate interpretation of that prophetic number as it involves prophetic activity fulfillment at the four corners of the continents of America, Europe and the Middle East. I can find a biblical grounding for it in Revelation 7, as God is ready to release the four angels and the four winds to the four corners of the Earth. We continue to watch for continual signs of the asteroid/comet tsunami as it has been a very compelling revelation from God to me and to many others since the time when God began to open my eyes to the future regarding these things in 1992 and then He began to give revelation in more fulness in 2002.

    I believe that the Elisha double portion and anointing must now come forth and abide upon God's prophetic servants who will walk with the iron rod of God's authority and power. This is what I am praying for. We must have this now. I am desperate for it. God showed me twenty years ago just what that anointing was and how it would manifest. I fasted forty days on water to obtain it and God promised me that I would receive it. He promised me, when it did manifest in my life for a short period of time, that later in my life, it would return and abide. I am encouraged by recent words from God that the time for that abiding is at hand. This must come now, for words of prophecy are now disregarded by a stiffnecked and obstinate generation who cannot be reached or moved any more by mere words. Words must now be accompanied by dramatic displays of the power of God. Pray with us for the manifestation of the abiding of His power upon His servants whom He has chosen by His foreknowledge.

    Stephen L. Bening

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