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February 25, 2003

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Dear Readers:

The link above will connect you to a developing story, that began on February 17, 2003, when Comet NEAT C/2002 V1 began it’s closest approach to the Sun. It probably comes from a non-Christian web site, and may even be connected with New Age Occultism. It does not matter.

You can examine the photographs there for yourselves. It seems reasonable to conclude from those photographs that:

1) NASA has altered some of those photographs

2) A solar flare came out from the Sun, and either came very close to Comet NEAT, or impacted it, on early Feb 18.

3) If it was impacted, it might have changed the expected course of Comet NEAT. The apparent doctoring of photos came right after the solar flare reached out toward Comet NEAT.

4) Homeland defense issued their Duct Tape/Plastic sheeting advisory on Feb 19, one day after the potential impact of the solar flare on the comet. This advisory would be far more effective against dust and debris from a Comet tail/impact than it would be against a chemical/biological attack.

5) This comet is twice the size of the planet Pluto. It is huge. It’s tail is extraordinarily long. Matthew 24 and Revelation speak of a “cosmic disturbance”. We have been warned ahead of time by the bible, and by prophets who are among us.

OK, now enough for the conjecture and hypothesis. Anyone with a web browser can check this stuff out. I would only be curious, if it were not for the following:

The WPA Emergency Warning Network was born one year ago….EXACTLY.

Look at these articles, at the links on my website:



Heads up people! Be alert, and be prepared, and stay in the Spirit, in an attitude of worship and prayer. This may be another dress rehearsal, or it may be the start of a main event.

We don’t have to look to the new age people for these events. They are spoken of in our bible. Bob Neumann, John Lallier and others have seen asteroids and comets. All types of other events are happening now, and I do not have time or the release of the Spirit to write at present, but WAKE UP!

Stephen L. Bening

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