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PROPHECY: Seven Days Of Silence
March 11, 2003

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Dear Readers:

Jeremiah 8:14
"Why do we sit still? Assemble yourselves, and let us enter into the defenced cities, and let us be silent there: for the LORD our God hath put us to silence."

Silence! A Holy hush. It is a profound thing. Today, our assembled group numbers 148. Many of these are ministers who approach near unto the Lord and who minister unto Him, first of all, and foremost. There is a silence in heaven, and the true prophets of the Lord, who are aliens in this world, have little to report other than what they hear in heaven: there is silence in heaven.

This has happened once before in my experience, but never in such a profound way. It is such that it requires much courage and certainty of revelation to break such a hush.

It happened in April, 2001, four months before the towers fell. It was such an awesome time for me then, that I inquired of the Lord concerning it. This is what He said:

Excerpts From April 29, 2001-Gammadim Vision-Four months and 13 days prior to September 11, 2001

"I have had words from the Holy Spirit and confirmations from others that the Lord would speak through silence in the coming months."

The Lord said: "I have spoken the full content of what I am about to do through my servants. Now, I am preparing to begin to do. When I begin to do, there is no more need for speaking, for what I am about to do will bring great change."

"When this word ended, I began to think about Revelation 8:1..."And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour." I was simply noting that following this period of silence, God begins to do a great many things to a great many people in a great number of places. God speaks through silence."

"We are receiving a warning to prepare: to gird ourselves for action."

Today, March 11, 2003, we find ourselves squarely in the ides of March. It is a time in the northern hemisphere when we experience drastic shifts in weather patterns. In my boyhood home of Southern Illinois, the weather is often violent during this time, varying widely from heavy snowfall to turbulent tornadic storms. Today, the spiritual clime is much the same. It is turbulent, yet silent. As someone privately remarked to me: "you can cut the spiritual tension with a knife." Many will remember that the most violent storms are preceded by an extremely odd and heavy silence. It is quite eerie to experience it.

As Jeremiah directs us in the passage I opened with, it is a time to head for the defenced cities, for the Lord has put us to silence. The prudent man makes preparation for such times. Isaiah has told us of a coming time of indignation. The time of indignation is upon us, and it is good to hide till such be overpast.

Weather wise, there are two such times during any year when there is such dramatic climactic change. Acts 27 relates the story of Paul's travels during such a shift in clime from fall to winter, and the storm that elevated prisoner Paul to his position of captain of the ship. In such a time, revelation knowledge is more valuable than any weight of silver or gold, and the man who hears from the Lord is finally sought out, and more importantly, listened to and obeyed if any are to survive. Until this storm comes, men and women with revelation knowledge are in chains, bellowing to the air and the rocks. After the storm arrives, the captives become captains.

It is interesting to note in a study of the Exodus of Israel that Israel followed the moving cloud during their sojourn in the wilderness. While the cloud moved, God was silent. When the cloud came to a stop, the people made camp, the tabernacle was erected, and Moses, the man of God, entered into it to commune with the Lord and to converse with Him. Invariably, whenever that cloud moved, testing and trouble waited for the Israelites as God tried them and tested them.

The cloud is moving again, and God is silent. We expect that testing and trouble await us too.

This last weekend, I led a group of 16 men into the wilderness for three days, to seek the Lord our God. We were physically and spiritually tested in many ways. We were giving ourselves to prayer, and separating ourselves from the world, unto the Lord.

Personally, on Saturday, March 9, at about 4:30 P.M., I was physically exhausted after nine miles of difficult hiking with a 55 pound backpack, with three miles yet to travel to our planned destination. I looked up to heaven, and told the Lord that I had no strength to continue. I called upon the Lord, and He gave me strength to finish. Later that night, we were out of water, and the situation was somewhat serious. The Lord revived me, and I led two other men into the marsh of central Florida, in the dark on a moonless night, following direction from the Lord, and found water 1/2 mile directly east of our camp. Once again, I praised the Lord for His supernatural guidance and provision for me, and for us, in the midst of testing. He delivered us out of every trial, and for me, allowed me to lead these men with absolutely no fear, and total trust in the Lord our God.

As I reflect upon my weekend, seeking the Lord, I am led to declare that we are all about to embark upon a time like unto that. We will face trial and test, and we will have to call upon the Lord our God for guidance, and for deliverance. We will have to trust Him. We won't know what to do. If we just trust Him, He will even deliver us from fear.

I feel led at this time to reprint the rest of my post from April 29, 2001. It regarded a dream that I had on April 17, 2001, and a dream that I had exactly ten years before that on April 17, 1991. Both were quite remarkable, and it now seems that we are very near to their fulfillment:

Ten years ago, on July 4, 1991, I had a very odd dream. All night long in the dream, I saw nothing, but I heard an unseen voice, uttering these two numbers...all night long: 4...17, 4...17, 4...17, 4....17. Over and over again, these numbers were repeated. I would wake up, splash my face with water, walk around and go back to bed, and it would begin again, all night long. When I awoke, I sought the Lord about what it meant, and searched the scripture for all references to 4..17. All I ever felt that I had about it was that it would have something to do with American independence, since the dream happened on the fourth of July.

On the morning of 4/17/2001, I had another dream.

In the dream, which came to me in vivid color and in great detail, I was in Miami at some type of party or gathering and other believers were there, some of whom I knew. There were also other people there whom I knew from my past. When we left the party, we were driving North on I95. When we reached the NW61st street exit, there were some uniformed officers there, narrowing traffic into a bottleneck, creating a traffic jam, so traffic was going very slowly. When we got near the front, my youngest daughter Joanna jumped out of the truck we were riding in and began to run ahead of us in the road.

The officers grabbed her and told me that they were going to arrest her. I protested that she was only seven years old, and how could they arrest her for just running in the road (Joanna will not turn seven until 2002). They wrote the address on a slip of paper for me of the detention facility that they were going to ship her to. It was in Tamarac, FL, which is in Broward County. (This is odd, because Miami is in Dade County. Apparently these officers were not observing County boundaries and were not under County authority)

Since traffic was stalled, I jumped out of the truck and ran back to the party, to tell Joanna's mother what had happened. I found her and told her where Joanna was being held, then I got a ride with a friend of mine named Mark. He was driving a big pickup truck with a King Cab, with seats in the back and some type of bed behind that.

We began the same ride North again, approaching the same check point. Traffic was slowed again to a crawl. All of a sudden, Mark abandoned the drivers seat and jumped in the back, leaving the truck driverless, idling forward.

I yelled at Mark, and then jumped into the drivers seat, bringing the truck under control. Just then, a uniformed officer motioned for me to pull over. When I did, he directed me to get out and he placed me under arrest. I tried to protest, telling him what had happened, but he seemed not to care. He only wanted to arrest me.

The dream then shifted to a final scene. I was sitting in an unfamiliar indoor arena on a basketball floor in a chair, with others in front of me and behind me. The bleachers and seats were filled with people. There was a man, who was going up and down in our midst, mocking us, calling us despicable names and accusing us of being criminals. The crowd was cheering his words.

I awoke and wrote the dream down, and inquired of the Lord. Later that day, it came into my mind that it was 4/17 and I realized that it had been almost ten years since the dream regarding 4..17. I found it interesting that this dream content also seems to have some relation to American independence, so I believe there is a connection.

I also believe that this dream is from the Lord, and that I witnessed events that are soon to occur in America. People are going to be arrested for any and every reason. They are going to be put into detention camps that currently do not exist or are at least not being currently used (There is no detention facility that I know of in Tamarac, FL). Little children are going to be arrested and herded in with adults. This is going to happen in America, and I believe it is going to happen sometime soon.

I noted that several days later, it was reported on all the national wire services that the United States Supreme Court voted 5 to 4 that police officers may arrest, handcuff and carry to jail anyone who is ticketed for even the most minor traffic offenses, such as driving without wearing a seat belt. This was further confirmation to me that the dream was a revealing to me by the Lord of things that are to come.

Stephen L. Bening

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