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PROPHECY: Walking And Obeying the Voice Of The Lord
December 23, 2003

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Yesterday, I read a story about how God opened the eyes of a Jesuit monk, filled him with the Holy Ghost and sent him forth to minister. The story that really got me was this one: The Lord spoke to this man once when he was riding a train, and told him to go to the back of the train and jump off when he saw a pile of sawdust. The man obeyed God! Just a few miles down the track, the train derailed, and everyone on board was killed. The man had been saved through his obedience to the voice of the Lord.

I was reminded of two situations that have happened in my life, and I have not told many people about them. I feel led of the Holy Spirit to share them today.

The first I will call “DIRECTIONS”

The setting is a Sunday morning, in 1992. I was in church service, enjoying the worship, and at the end of the service, a young man of sixteen, named Michael Bridges approached me, informing me that Ernest Angley was going to be in Miami that afternoon at 4 P.M. Michael had the address, so we went to Chilis Restaurant for some lunch. My daughter, Lorel was with us. Michael knew that I had been wanting to go to an Ernest Angley meeting, and it appeared that the Lord had provided one for me to go to.

We were at Chilis, relaxing with friends, and it was about 1:30 P.M. I had thought that we needed to leave by 3 P.M. in order to reach the service in Miami, which was some twenty miles distant. At 1:30 P.M., the Lord spoke to me and said “LEAVE NOW”. So, I informed Michael that it was time for us to leave, and the three of us headed to Northwest Miami/Hialeah, where the address Michael had was to be found.

We arrived at the address to find a vacant lot. I was quite disappointed.

I asked Michael what he knew about the location of the meeting, and he said it was at a middle school. He thought it was a Martin Luther King Middle School. So, I decided to go to find a telephone booth, and to search a telephone directory for a middle school in Miami of that name. Finding a phone booth with a book was difficult, but after a little while, I found one, I searched, but could find no such school listed.

Suddenly, I was filled with a desire to pray in tongues. I was praying, and the Holy Spirit spoke to me and told me: “DRIVE EAST”.

I drove east on N.W. 135th street, toward Interstate 95, which was about ten miles away. When I reached Interstate 95, the Holy Spirit spoke again, and said “GO SOUTH”.

Once on I95, traveling South, I was praying in the Holy Spirit, and driving along. Nearing the N.W. 62nd Street exit, the Holy Spirit said, “EXIT HERE”.

I complied, and reached the bottom of the off ramp. Hearing no instructions from the Lord, I turned right (west). I drove about three blocks West, when the Holy Spirit said: “TURN AROUND”.

So, I obeyed, and headed back east, passing under I95. We proceeded about three blocks further East, when Michael yelled out from the back seat of the car: “THERE IT IS”.

The school was there, named just as Michael had said, only it was a High School, not a middle school. We walked into the meeting with just five minutes to spare, at 3:55 p.m…..right on time.

I have never seen such awesome miracles in a meeting……ever. We were the only three white people in the whole auditorium, except for Rev. Angley and a few of his helpers.

The second story I will call “SAVANNAH”

I had been in Illinois on a solo trip to visit my children, and now, I was driving home to Florida: alone. It was about midnight in Atlanta, and I was intending to drive all night to reach South Florida by about noon the next day. While in Atlanta, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said: “GO TO SAVANNAH”.

I checked my map, and there was no interstate highway directly from Atlanta to Savannah. I didn’t like that, but I decided to obey the Lord anyway, and drive those two lane roads. So I navigated along dark two lane roads, and arrived in Savannah at about 4 A.M. I expected to receive some direction from the Lord when I arrived, but after praying, and hearing nothing, I proceeded South, on my way toward Florida.

I surmised that the Lord had put me on a different route for His own reasons. Perhaps the enemy had some trap set for me on I75, and God had to change my route. I was just driving along, praising God with some taped music.

About an hour later, I was nearing the Georgia/Florida state line. I was nearing the first Florida exit, and the Holy Spirit spoke, saying “GET OFF HERE”.

I exited, and had no further direction. I was tired anyway, and needing a break and coffee, I saw the familiar “Waffle House” sign to the East, and made my way to that restaurant.

I entered the restaurant and beheld an unusual sight. There were no customers there, and there were no employees visible either. I have probably eaten in a hundred Waffle Houses all over this land, and never have I seen such a sight. They never close, but this was odd. No PEOPLE AT ALL!

I sat down at the counter, and waited to see what was going on.

After a couple of minutes, a waitress emerged from the back, and came out to serve me at the counter, and I ordered my coffee. She brought it to me, and as she put it down, she broke out crying and loudly sobbing.

I inquired as to the reason for her sadness. She told me that her rent was due tomorrow, and that she was about a hundred dollars short. She said she had prayed and God told her that everything would be all right, but that night, there had been NO CUSTOMERS AT ALL, THE WHOLE NIGHT. She needed to have a good night that night in order to make the tips, and instead, SHE HAD MADE NOTHING AT ALL. Now, it was 5:30 A.M, and her shift was over at 6, and she was despondent.

I asked her about her children, and her church, and she told me some details. The kids were sleeping at home alone, and the rent was due tomorrow.

Then, I pulled out my wallet, and gave her a hundred dollars. It seems that I had an extra hundred, and the Lord led me of the Spirit to give it to her. So, I blessed her and left.

Later, on the highway, I had a good laugh. I said to myself: “I bet that woman thinks that I was an angel”.

As I think on these stories today, you can be the same as an angel to someone if you obey the Holy Spirit. And you can be greatly blessed and led to be just where God wants you to be, even when you don’t quite know where you are supposed to go. I am hungry for God to give me more experiences like this one. I love to walk with the Holy Spirit, and to obey the Lord’s voice.

My sheep know my voice! That is what Jesus said. Be encouraged, don’t give up, and listen for His still small voice today. Dare to obey Him.

Stephen L. Bening

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