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PROPHECY: Remember Blitz's Vision
December 19, 2003

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A week ago, the Lord spoke to me, regarding something that will have a national, and perhaps worldwide impact. Due to general business requirements, it has taken until now to obtain the necessary time to write.

Late last week, I went to a meeting with a new financial ministry client. This person has an interesting idea to help people who need the help, and had questions about how to set this type of ministry up in the United States. As is my custom, I met with the person at a local restaurant. As the person outlined the vision for the ministry to me, God spoke to me, and showed me that the vision was too small, and would be global, and would involve many different products: not just the one product the person envisioned.

I left the meeting, and was driving toward my office, and I was talking with the Lord out loud, in the car, about what He had just shown me about that ministry and its’ future.

I said, “Lord, I have prophecy on top of prophecy for America, that says how you are going to bring judgement in so many different ways to so many different places. How is it that you have given this person a vision for something new, in America, that will be a great success, and that will spread to the rest of the world, and will be much bigger than what the person has even foreseen? How will anything good come in America that will require years to develop and produce?

The Lord answered me!

He said: “Remember Blitz’s vision”.

Now, today, I went looking in my archives for “Blitz’s Vision”, but I could not find it. It was from 1992. Afterward, I laughed a bit. The Lord had not told me to try to “find Blitz’s vision”. He said to remember it. I remember it quite well. In fact, Blitz had many visions, but I knew immediately in my spirit just which vision the Lord was referring to.

Caldwell Colt “Blitz” Robinson was my best friend, and at 16 years my senior, was greatly used to help me in the things of God. God used him during his life as an apostle, and gifted him with the gift of unusual miracles. Eyeballs formed in the empty eye sockets of a man once when Blitz prayed for him. As his name might suggest, he was descended from the Colt firearm family, and was a blueblood by birth. He claimed to have traced his “Robinson” roots back to the Mayflower preacher John Robinson. But God changed his life, and used him greatly.

This “Blitz Vision” had three elements to it. He received it in 1992, and shared it with me. I know it was from the Lord. Now more so than ever!

In the first “act”, Blitz was driving down “441” in Fort Lauderdale, Davie and Hollywood. That is US Highway 441, or State Road 7 as it is also called. It is a street that is lined with small business locations from Miami, all the way to West Palm Beach, without much break of urban activity. It reflects urban sprawl at its’ peak, but it does not serve the mall set. In the first “act”, Blitz saw all these businesses, flourishing and doing well as they are today, even in 2003.

In the second “act”, Blitz was again driving down “441”, but the scene had changed. Most of the businesses were now abandoned. Everything was dirty, unkempt and needing repair. What few businesses there were had very few customers. Blitz was given the knowledge that this would happen in the future, during a great time of trouble in America.

In the third “act” of the vision, Blitz was, once again, driving down “441”, but the scene had changed again. Now, some businesses had reopened. He was taken up close to those businesses, and was shown by the Lord that these businesses had been recently owned by Christians. They were employing other believers, and these businesses were repaired, freshly painted, and looked prosperous. They had customers too, and were doing well.

Then the vision ended.

As I ponder the meaning of it today, and also factor in that eleven years have passed since Blitz had the vision from God, I take these things away from it.

We have several hundred prophetic witnesses who have been shown by God that severe trouble will come upon America. But, it is also clear that God’s mercy has delayed certain things. Most likely, the reason for this is that intercession has been effective. Certainly, we see no great repentance in America. On my website for example, I have divided the troubles that are to come upon America into seven categories. When you spend time reading those, it is difficult to believe that anything good will come out of America once that time begins. But, nothing shall be impossible for the Lord!

What the Lord wanted me to understand from Blitz’s vision is that there will be a remnant of Christians whom God will favor during the time of America’s trouble. Yes, there will come a time, after the invasion and occupation of America, when no believer will be able to operate a business in America. But, prior to that point, God will usher us into a time where it appears that the only way to prosper in this land will be to be a faithful believer in Jesus of Nazareth.

That is a comforting thing, and it helps me to understand how I, and other saints, are being given direction from the Father to do things, make investments, start businesses and develop plans that will take many years to bring to fruition.

God will provide for those who are His. Amen!

Stephen L. Bening

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