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PROPHECY: It's Begun, And It's Done
March 18, 2003

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Dear Readers:

Our nation has militarily threatened a leader of a sovereign nation, and given him 48 hours to peacefully leave his kingdom, or we are going to unleash hell on Earth to remove him. What we have done is to set the prophetic pendulum in motion, and it doesnít really matter how it goes in Iraq in the short run. Itís begun, and itís done.

We did the same thing, on a smaller, test lab scale, in Afghanistan last year, but Afghanistan, with their ruling Taliban, garnered little world sympathy.

This Iraqi situation is a different matter, with a world that has united in public opinion against us. Their representative world leadership has clearly voiced their opposition to war. We have already taken action, as of last night, at 8 P.M., and we cannot alter what has now been done.

I understand the arguments. I have voted Republican in every Presidential election since I cast my first vote. Their persuasive pull is quite strong on me. I am the son of a Republican, and was trained to think that way around the dinner table in the 1960ís. There are oratorical masters such as Rush Limbaugh, who are advocating such action. I have been listening quite often to Limbaugh.

To boil it down, the reasoning goes like this: Saddam Hussein is a nasty fellow. He is working on nasty stuff. He has and will sell it to nasty people. Some of those people will use their nasty stuff on us. THEREFORE, we have to take out Saddam Hussein. We are asked to ignore the fact that we canít get solid linkage between Hussein and 9/11. Hussein must simply go! It sounds quite convincing to me actually.

Then, I begin to think: How many nasty guys like Saddam Hussein are there in the world? Can we deal with all of them alone? What happens when we win in Iraq? Who will come to power in a Democratic Iraq, a Shi-ite like the Ayatollah Khomenie? How long will we have to stay there to insure that someone worse than Hussein doesnít arise? Doesnít that look like we are building an empire? Wonít it be perceived as such by every Arab, Russian and Chinaman? Wonít that make Osama Bin Laden look like a prophet and a teller of truth? What about North Korea, Syria, Iran, Libya, Venezuela, CubaÖ.RussiaÖ.China and every other nation ruled by a Stalinesque strongman?

We appear to be giving them every reason to unite against us, rather than be attacked one by one by us. Talk about perceived future threats? They must all feel very threatened by us today!

Most people are concerned with the short run. We live in a microwave society. All eyes are watching whether the US will mop up Iraq in a day, or a week, or a year. Will it cost us 6 American lives or 60,000? Will we have another terror attack? How much will our economy decline?

In the prophetic sense, it does not really matter. We have set a precedent. Itís done.

We have now threatened a sovereign nation that posed no overt current threat to us, or to any of our allies, with invasion. We did it based upon our perceived, future threat to our own security. The world has made it clear that they do not approve. We have quite obviously told the world that we do not care what they think. We are going to handle this on our own. We have crossed the line. We have decided to issue the ultimatum, and make the threat first. We will see shortly whether we will make the first strike. The threat is done.

Please allow me to explain now the prophetic implications of what has just happened.

Dumitru Duduman saw many nations, in a vision, invading the USA. Among them were Russia, China, Cuba and others. It is now easily foreseeable that since we have threatened a sovereign nation with invasion based upon a perceived future threat to our country, Russia and China will see the precedent, and justify their future invasion of the USA along the same pretext. Perhaps they will even have UN sanction to do it. We have established the precedent, and they will walk in it. They will feel quite justified in their invasion of us whenever they feel a future threat to their existence. We threaten their future existence when we express our desire to have a missile shield to protect us from their nuclear weapons, while we aim our weapons at them. They have already publicly declared their objections to our missile shield aspirations. They feel threatened by our plans.

Henry Gruver saw in a vision, submarines, attacking America in a first strike. That seemed so cruel, and so unthinkable to us as Americans when we heard about it some ten years ago, except that now, we have established the precedent that they will operate under to do what Henry saw.

Art Cormier saw in a word of prophecy the Russian SS18 Satan missiles flying against America in a first strike. That seemed so unthinkable according to our way of thinking ten years ago when Art received that from the Lord. We Americans just never strike first, do we? We only defend ourselves, donítí we? How terrible it was to think that the Russians would launch an unprovoked first nuclear strike against us. We read it, and saw it as almost unthinkable that the Russians could be such monsters. It was almost unbelievable.

I saw an American Aircraft carrier in a vision, the Kitty Hawk, minding her own business one morning in the Persian Gulf. All looked calm. Suddenly, she was attacked and destroyed in a surprise nuclear cruise missile attack: a first strike. It seemed so unthinkable. Who would do this to us? The Arabs, the Lord said. Why, it seemed so terrible, so very much like Pearl Harbor. Only people like the Japanese pull a Pearl Harbor, and hit you with a first strike? Only people like Osama Bin Laden hit you with a first strike sucker punch.

Bob Neumann saw the American Aircraft carrier Abe Lincoln. All the focus seemed to be in front of her. But suddenly, bogies began appearing on the radar screens behind her. Who were these? What were these? Suddenly, she was under attack, a surprise first strike attack. Who would do such a thing? Surely, we Americans would never do a thing like that?

We have seen many things coming through prophetic vision, but we lacked the foresight to see just how they were coming to a place where they could occur. I have had dreams regarding the police state, concentration camps and traffic check points and the like, for years. People who have shouted warnings about these things since the late 90ís have been branded as wackos and nutcases, but they are now beginning to look quite sane.

Today, the terror alert status has been raised to orange: a high level of warning. Our leaders understand: Invading Iraq means increased danger here at home. We are expecting terrorism. When it occurs, FEMA is ready to take charge. If it occurs in your cityÖVOILAÖinstant police state. If it occurs in several cities, at around the same time, expect an instant police state nationally. Officially, that will mean a goodbye to constitutional rights.

Our President has made the decision. He has weighed the options, and he has decided it is more dangerous for the USA to wait, than it is to proceed with first strike warfare. In my opinion, he has made his decision that we are very possibly going to have a wide scale, long term world war, and it favors us to have it now, rather than to wait for China and North Korea to grow stronger. The American public has not been told about this, but it must certainly be the case. At a minimum, the risk of wide scale world war has been considered, weighed and the conclusion has been made that, if it comes, it behooves us to fight it now, even if it goes nuclear. The recent assassination of the Serbian Prime Minister hauntingly evokes memories of World War I. Let us only hope that our leaders are not ignorant of that history, and how that war came to be.

He may indeed be right. We will apparently enter this phase of judgement against our nation, no matter what we do now. It is from the Lord. But it is undeniable that he has now established a new precedent for the conduct of nations in the twenty first century. We can expect this precedent to be used against us in the very near future, and against Israel as well.

As they say: turnabout is fair play! Indeed, in the very gospels we carry and preach from, we are told, in the words of Jesus, that the way we mete it out to others, so will it be meted out unto us. Lord have mercy upon us.

Stephen L. Bening

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