Faith Worketh Through Love
(February 7, 2000)

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"Faith worketh through love". That is what the spirit of the Lord said to me as I woke this morning. The truth is that I really did not want to hear that. There are things going on in my life that I do not like. As a prophet, I would prefer to be receiving a word from the Lord that would set someone straight. It appears that the someone the Lord wants to set straight is me.

I find myself in a typical situation among my brethren for a prophet to find himself in. I am accorded no honor and am overlooked. Just as it should be according to Jesus. This bothers my flesh and soul and I would love to do something about it.

Personally, I discern much apostasy in the church where I attend. Why isn't the Lord speaking to me about that? Why is he speaking to me about "faith worketh through love." I asked the Lord for a revelation of this and he gave it to me a couple of hours later, at twelve noon.

God gives us love for the lost, or prisoners, or the unlovable, or especially for our brethren. Once that love is in place and flowing, then my faith can be shown by what I do: by my deeds. But what good will my deeds be if they spring from a loveless base---no good at all. That is how faith worketh through love.

We must always remember as we do our jobs as watchmen and prophets that without love, we have nothing. Whatever deeds we do to prove our faith must spring from a base of love. And that is agape love. The kind of love that has nothing to do with feeling and everything to do with action.

The words of Marty Goetz come to mind: "The Love of God, The Love of God, Shed for me, on that tree, the Love of God. Shallom.


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