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PROPHECY: Noah's Alert System (A fictional Account)
March 27, 2003

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“Hey there, fella, how are you doing today? What’s your name?”


“I see you are working on some type of construction project there. Quite a large building I say, but quite unusual. So long it is, and several decks. Yes, quite unusual. What are you planning on housing in your project.”

“Animals and a few people”, said Noah.

“Now, that’s quite interesting indeed! You are building it out here in the forest, miles from anywhere. Why do you suppose people are going to come out here to stay here. Is this some sort of Dude Ranch building, where the people will come to see the animals?”

“No, were planning on living in it, with the animals”, said Noah.

“Living in it! Wow, what could make anyone want to do a thing like that? It’s going to stink in there. All you have are little windows in the top of that building. I don’t think you are going to convince anybody to get in there with a bunch of animals. It’s not going to be fun. You are going to go broke with this project Noah, and it looks like you are just about finished. You are putting the door in place right now, are you not?

“Yes, this is the door. It’s the last piece, but I haven't figured out yet how to mount it. God didn't give me instructions for that. Then we wait”, said Noah.

“Wait for what?”, said the stranger.

Noah shifted, and walked around a bit, looking at the sky. Finally, he began to speak.

“Sir, I’ve been building out here for almost 120 years. As you can see, the “project” is just about complete. I thought everyone in the whole area knew about what I’ve been doing out here. I have traveled to all the towns and preached to them. I’ve told them what was coming, and why I’m doing what I’m doing, but nobody has listened, and everyone has made me into some kind of laughingstock. You are absolutely sure that you’ve never heard of me before?”

“No sir, said the stranger. I’m a traveler in these parts, and I come from a land that is very far away, beyond the Mountains of Ararat. I’m passing through here, on the way to Lamechville, to do some business and trading there, and I came upon your huge building and project, and my curiosity was aroused, since I am a businessman myself.”

Noah could contain himself no longer. He had preached to many, many people, and had grown weary of rejection, but he thought he would faithfully tell the story, one more time. He began:

“Almost 120 years ago, The Lord God of Heaven spoke to me. He told me that something is going to happen very soon, and that I must prepare. He told me that water would fall out of the sky, and that it would keep falling. I know this sounds crazy, since everyone knows that water has never fallen from the sky, but that is what God told me. He told me to build this huge boat, and that he would fill it when I got it finished, and the time came for the “rain” to fall. That is what God called the falling water to come: rain! God said the entire Earth would flood, and everyone and every animal would be killed except those who are on the ark with me. I have asked anyone and everyone I know to join me, but no one is interested. Only my family will accompany me.”

The stranger carefully considered Noah’s words. Then he began his answer:

“I’m impressed with your boat…you called it an ark? Yes, an ark. It is an immense project, and you say it is designed to float upon the water for an indeterminate amount of time, and that God gave you the plans for it’s construction. It is an awe inspiring project. I can see that you are sincere and serious and motivated. I’m not surprised your hearers think you mad sir, but there is a sincerity and believability to what you say. I’m inclined to believe what you say. When is this rain going to fall?

“I’m not sure, said Noah, but I think it is coming soon, since I just finished the ark. I’m waiting for further instructions from God, now that I have faithfully followed the instructions that I have been given.”

“I’m a traveling businessman”, said the stranger. “I can’t afford to sit out here with you, waiting for you to hear from God.” I must go to Lamechville. I’ll be back here in two weeks time. Do you think God will speak to you in that time?

“I don’t know. God could speak to me this afternoon, or He might wait another six months, but I think it will be soon. I would advise that you stay with me a week, or at the very least, until the morning, however, and we can pray. Please don’t leave if you believe what I am saying.”

The stranger pondered his next words. Then, he looked to his right, and saw a male and female Giraffe, heading straight toward the entrance ramp to the ark.

“Noah, it looks like your first animals are here. They are really something, so unusual. They must have made a very long journey. Wow! Only two. Surely, it’s going to take a long time for all the animals to get here.”

“Yes, said Noah. Please, stay with me a week sir, and we will inquire of God. I believe the arrival of these animals is a sign from Him. Please, wait this afternoon and pray with me.”

“I’d like to stay Noah, but I have a firm appointment in Lamechville for 2 PM, three days from now, and it is a three day walk to get there, and so I must go now, and remain for a week, and then travel back by this way. I’ll be away from you for two weeks. But, I’ll check back here when I come back the other way. Surely you’ll still be here. It will take a lot of animals to fill up your ark. After all, you’ve been building this ark for 120 years. What difference will a couple of weeks make?”

Noah looked at the sky, and implored the stranger to stay, but he would not, and left the scene, headed for Lamechville.

Ten hours later, it was night, and, as was Noah’s custom, he turned his face up to the sky and prayed to God. This time, the answer came, that in seven days, the rain would begin. Noah thought of the stranger, already ten hours ahead of him on the three day walk to Lamechville. Could he catch him in time? No, there is too much work yet to do. I only wish he had stayed with me. I can’t travel fast enough to overtake him, and get back in time, and get all my work done too. Oh Lord, what am I to do?

There was only silence.

Noah had no cellular telephone, no email, no short wave radio. There was no way to send warning to the departed stranger that, in seven days, the world as he knew it was coming to an end.

Jesus said that, as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be when the son of man comes. I have no way to know whether something like my little fictional account happened, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did. People had to have various and sundry reasons why they were not getting on the ark when the animals were. Somehow, the animals heard a warning that people were deaf to. I think it’s possible that some people were just too busy with their daily lives to keep up with the prophet. It took 120 years to get that ark built. Some people must have just grown tired of waiting for it to happen.

I’m thinking now about the Asteroid/Comet prophecies concerning the East Coast of the USA. We received the first warning of this two years ago. Now, there are five witnesses to this prophetic event. Noah received SEVEN DAYS final warning. According to what we have been told by God, we will receive TWENTY HOURS final warning.

When the identical warning dreams from the Lord begin to come to multitudes of people at 2 A.M, will those people have a plan? Will they have built their ark? Will they know what they are to do?

In my case, if the Lord gives no one in my house the warning dream, and I don’t check my email until 11 A.M., it’s likely that I won’t get the final warning in time to reach high ground, unless someone calls me. Now, I trust God to get the warning to me, somehow, some way, in time for me to act and reach high ground in time, or to protect me in the midst of whatever I’ve got to face. In response to this revelation, I’ve taken the step of establishing the WPA Emergency Alert System, to provide telephone warnings to people as soon as it is established that the multiple and identical dream warnings have been received.


WPA has 150 members today. Less than 30 are members of the WPA Emergency Alert System.

I want to acquit myself of all responsibility under Ezekiel 3 and 33 to blow the trumpet about this as loudly and effectively as I can. This was the reason I established the alert system, yet, for some reason, 80% of WPA members still believe an email warning could or would be enough for them, or they think this asteroid prophecy is false, or they think it is so far in the future that it does not have to be dealt with at this time. And so, they have, thus far, not acted on my proposal for a more instantaneous and invasive method of distributing warnings in the middle of the night or early morning.

I wonder why 80% of the prophetic people in the WPA don’t want to join the alert system. Apparently, most people are not going to listen to this prophecy until they get the dream themselves.

OK…..but please realize that if that is the reason, you will have ONLY TWENTY HOURS to decide where you are going to travel to, pack your bags, convince your other family members to travel, tell others about the final warning and then travel to reach an elevation of 1200 feet or greater at a distance of 200 miles inland. That is a lot to begin to do in the sleepy fog of 2 A.M. That is….if you get the warning at 2 A.M. If you join the alert system, you will get a phone call by 4 A.M.

When do you open your email? How far do you live from a 1,200 foot mountain? For me, the drive is 11 hours.

I would advise you to make plans and prepare now. Yes, we don’t know when this is going to happen. Noah had to do his work for 120 years. But, I’m as certain as Noah was that it’s going to happen someday, and I think it could happen soon.

Prepare now! Join the alert system. I can’t think of a good reason not to. You can be on the public list, or the private list. In any event, someone will give you a phone call if these dreams are being received.

Question: If you could have joined the alert system, and you chose not to, will God give someone in your household the 2 A.M. dream?

I hope and pray that he warns all of you when the time comes by receipt of the dream. But, we have methods of being warned and giving warnings that Noah did not have. I established the alert system because I know that God will hold me to account for giving the warning to the full extent of my abilities. God may also hold hearers to account who could have had a warning by telephone, but refused to place themselves into a position to receive it because of unbelief or slothfulness.

Stephen L. Bening

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