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All Things Have Become New

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The first day of a new millenium, according to the calendar we Westerner's use to reckon time, began today.

I began this day by reading 62 emails between the hours of 2 and 5 A.M. There was not very much light of Christ in those posts. I was so stunned by what I was reading that I could not even muster a reply. Then, when I did write something at 5 A.M., the Lord told me to be silent and not to send it.

Then, I awoke a few hours later to read 20 more. Then, tonight at about 11, 36 more emails. Again, not very many of them had the light of Christ in them. And still, I was silent and I had made no reply.

I became convinced, as I talked with the Lord about this today, that the reading of those more than 100 emails, with most of them being darkness rather than light, was a failure to redeem the time. It was not only a waste of time, but I was being exposed, hour after hour, to ideas that did not edify the church and I was reading comments and words from people who were not exhibiting the fruits of the holy spirit.

I have been praying all day about what to do. All at once, the words from Norvel Hayes rang loudly in my spirit. With respect to a church, it is best simply to leave when you know it is time for you to go. It is much better to leave than to stay behind and cause problems. Internet assemblies are a form of cyber ekklesia. We gather together, particularly in these egroups and websites, to exchange ideas and words of prophecy.

I knew then that it was time to quietly and gracefully leave Watchman-Seers-USA. Very quickly then, I received three emails, all wondering what other egroup they could go to. I knew from the timing of this and from the feeling in my spirit that he wanted me to start an egroup assembly of prophets and servants, with watchmen welcome as well.

And so, Watchmen-Prophets-Assembly was born. And the motto was given to me by the Lord immediately to go with it: A New Work For A New Millenium.

It is very clear that things have drastically changed in the realm of the spirit over the last month. More change is coming. We are going to have to adjust. All Things Have Become New! Old things are passed away.

I'm going to close with a word of prophecy that was delivered to me today, 1/1/2001, by Kay Lynn Manker. I share it with you because the LORD is saying to me that it applies to many people today: not just to me.

"This morning in prayer for you and please know I'm not one to empty the mind and get into tons of visions. Also, I do store alot in memory but the Holy Ghost has to quicken me to remember.

I saw you in this submarine very deep in the sea facing a huge amount of muck and seaweed. Right behind the muck was a black sub which you couldn't see.

You began to pray and speak forth the prophetic word and ink from a octopus shot out around you but you continued to pray and speak forth the word and what you were saying began to shoot up above the surface of the ocean anf join with many many others praying and speaking forth the word.

These prayers were shaped like and were like arrows fired towards heaven and soon they were flames of fire. The sub you were in backed out still facing the enemy who at once you saw, however the enemy sub speedily backed up into a bigger pile of seaweed and snares and couldn't move while you moved on to to your destination and I heard My Beloved say RUN SILENT RUN DEEP.

All of you listen so very closely to My heart and I will give you the strategies you will need in the days to come. Speak when you hear Me speak and be silent when I am silent for I am about to pour out upon my Prophets a stronger discernment and a pure word that will deliver people out of darkness into My marvelous light.

The arrows are those who watch and pray day and night and will join as one with my Prophets. A great shaking is coming to MY Body but fear not that you will be caught in the muck and mire of confusion that will come for I stand in this hour for those that Worship Me in Spirit and in Truth."

I now see that word as my confirmation of what has happened tonight. My "sub has backed out" and now I've "moved on to my next destination". Yes, it is interesting that I am now writing on January 2, after about 72 hours of "radio silence". RUN SILENT, RUN DEEP!

Oh, Lord, we need to run deep in the rivers of your living water. We need to run in the middle of the channel Lord. Help us, sweet Jesus, to speak when you speak, and to be silent, when you are silent. Oh, Jesus, you only did what you saw your Father doing and said what you heard your Father saying. LORD, I want to be more like you. Help us, sweet Lord Jesus. Fill\ us with your Spirit. Bless us with your abiding presence. Change us Lord. Bring us from glory to glory. Prepare us for what is to come. All things have become new Lord. We are pressing on toward the mark, toward the upward call in Christ Jesus. Help us to cast aside every weight and encumbrance, to push aside every hindrance; and to run the race that is set before us to win.

Come quickly Lord Jesus!

Stephen L. Bening
a servant and prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ

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