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PROPHECY: 15 Pictures From The Africa Missions
March 4, 2005

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I write all of my mission reports from internet cafe sites at various locations throughout Africa. As a result, I have no pictures available at the time to include with the pages, and the internet connections are so slow there, that I doubt that I would upload photos even if I had them. Then, I return here, get busy, and forget to add the photos.....and I have lots of photos.

I have selected twelve from various times and places that I have reached in the last six months. As I look at each one, they will tend to bring back a story, and some say that I am becoming a pretty good story teller.

Picture #1 shows a young apostle in action. Aineah is shown preaching here at a morning meeting. Aineah is one of the five that I refer to as "The first team". He wrote the song "Welewe Kamaya", which is one of my favorites, and is a singer too. He was just married last December to Josephine, who is pictured later, and they live in Webuye, Western Province, Kenya. He is the founder of WESO-Western Outreach, and he is the leader of a 300 member evangelism team that is composed of university students. Joe Cook and I are going to work with Aineah and WESO when we go to Kenya in August, 2005. The picture shows Aineah preaching in a church that is typical, with the "iron sheets" for sides and roof, nailed to wood crossbeams and wall framing. Lighting consists of a bulb, hanging in the front, from a crossbeam. Sound is powered by generator, as there is no electricity in this market town. After dark, it really gets DARK here, on a night with no moon. On the last trip, Aineah fell into a hole, as did Bishop Patrick, while walking to the meeting. Somehow, I navigated safely.

Aineah Wambeye Marakia preaching at a typical church in Western Kenya

I am shown here with my MSR Water Works, purifying some drinking water. We go to some places where I cannot buy bottled drinking water, so I carry the purifier with me. I have never gotten sick from bad water using this device.

Stephen Bening purifying water at Nairobi

That is Chris Okumu on the left, and his wife Joanne on the right, walking ahead of me, as we walk through a place where white men are not supposed to be able to go: Kibera slum in Nairobi. The population in this place is estimated at between 1.5 and 3 million. There really is no sure way to tell how many live here. Yes, that is open sewage running on the right side of the walkway.

A Walk Through Kibera Slum

I am praising the Lord before preaching in this picture from Nairobi, on the edge of Kibera Slum. Joanne Okumu is standing to my left. We plan to hold an evangelism crusade outside this church, on the edge of Kibera, when Randy McKee and I go back there in April/May, 2005.

Stephen Bening at Hosanna Revival Church, Nairobi

Claire was the only woman who drove with us to Mount Elgon and began the climb at 4 A.M.. She made it half way to the 14,000 foot peak before turning back. She is quite a Christian soldier: not afraid of anything, and I really enjoy watching her passionately worship our Saviour. Josephine, as I said earlier, recently married Aineah, and I have visited their marital home in Webuye.

Ministers Claire and Josephine Praise The Lord

Chwele market was the site of my first outdoor preaching in Africa. It was the place where a witch doctor tried to stab me with an ice pick, but he was stopped by an unseen hand, who apprehended him as he got about three feet from me. The Lord told me to stand perfectly still as this man was charging at me. The Lord held him like a statue for twenty seconds, and then, I spoke to him, telling him: "you don't have to live like this". These meetings were attended by up to three thousand souls. The foothills of Mount Elgon are seen in the background.

Stephen Bening Preaching At Chwele Market, Western Kenya

More than 500 churches are represented in this photo by my estimation. I selected the photo because the greatest prophet I know in Africa, Maurice Wasike, is standing on the right side, wearing a shirt that he said was made from the skin of several python snakes. Maurice is a member of my "first team".

Bishops, Apostles and Prophet Maurice Wasike (far right)

This photo has many of the same leaders as the one that precedes, except that Bishop James is shown just to the right of center. He is the one who is a bit bigger than the rest. (Ha Ha). David Walukhu, my coordinator, is there on the far left. Bishop Patrick is in the picture too. David and Patrick are members of my "first team". Patrick is shown kneeling. The only one I don't have a picture of here on this page is Bishop Alex Wabwile. I will have to scan one of him, and add it later.

Apostles, Prophets and Bishop James Maumo Were (Center)

There have been two days when everyone at the evangelistic event confessed Christ. One was at Muhonja, and the other was this one. There was seemingly no warning that a great harvest was coming, except that we were having all sorts of trouble that day with thieves, prices of things being too high, and people wanting to fight with us over triffles.

All Of Chwele Market Accepts Christ

The is one of the famous Kittui photos. I consider them to be the most powerful photos I have taken in Africa. I still cry a bit when I look at them. We are making progress, and with God's help, we will drill these people a water well. I put this photo in here because it shows the water hole from a bit further back, and it shows the dry river bed, and the trees at the edge. You can get a better feel for the area, and you can see the jugs they carry their water in.

Water hole for 1,000 at Kittui

The is another one of the famous Kittui photos.

Water hole for 1,000 at Kittui

The is another one of the famous Kittui photos.

Water hole for 1,000 at Kittui

The is another one of the famous Kittui photos.

Water hole for 1,000 at Kittui

This was taken during a brief break from our drive out to West Pokkot, in Northwest Kenya. No one told me we would be driving on the roughest road I ever drove on in my whole life. You leave the last town that has electric power, and then you leave the paved road behind. What follows takes three hours. The road winds down the side of a mountain, and takes you down into that valley. Somewhere out there on the horizon, at the end of the mountain that you see on the other side of the valley, we ministered in a small place to about 100 people. Bishop Patrick is pictured here. He is the mightiest man of God whom I know in this life. He is my spiritual overseer for everything I do in Africa: he has such wisdom, and he never gets ruffled by anything. The man walks with Jesus, and as my photos show, I try to stay very close to him.

Stephen Bening, Peninah (intercessor), and Apostle Patrick Wachiye, at entrance to Pokkot Valley

Here I am, staying close to Patrick again. The sun became very hot in the afternoon down in the valley at West Pokkot. Patrick went to sit in the shade of a bush (there are no trees). So, I went over there too, next to him, and they carried a chair out to me. He always goes to the most comfortable place in any situation. After that, people began to slowly come. We began to preach when fifty were there, and by the end, there were more than a hundred present. These people in West Pokkot believe they own all the cattle on the Earth. Clothing is optional. They will fight anyone who says they own a cow. Oh, and the flies here can be touched: they are not afraid of the human hand, and are never swatted. I actually petted the wings of a fly. The Pokkot people allow the flies to crawl up into their eyes....yuuuuuuuuuuch! They believe the flies are their riches. We want to hold an evangelistic crusade further west of West Pokkot: right on the Uganda border. There are people here who supposedly, have never been reached with the gospel. To get there, we will need a tough pickup truck like the one we want to buy (details below).

Hiding From The Sun In West Pokkot

Stephen L. Bening

My Africa Wish List Is As Follows:

Project #1-$100,000-For 100 water wells, beginning at Kittui. I am told we will have to drill 200 wells to develop 100 producing wells. This money will purchase drilling equipment and a large truck to carry it in. This week, I will shop for a small "Hi-Rider" truck for carrying men and fuel. We have already completed a geological survey at the Kittui site, and we have formed a team of seven members to work toward completion of this project. Received thus far: $7,000

Project #2-$5,000-Two, 250 person event tents-cost $2,500 each. I have already visited the tent manufacturer in Nairobi. We need this tent for holding bigger crusades in Kenya.

Project #3-$7,500-We need to purchase a sound system for use in the Kenya crusades. I am planning on being in Africa, four times per year. We rented the sound system for the three events we just held. We anticipate holding bigger events, and we will need a more powerful system. With the sound system, we need a generator to power it.

Project #4-$10,000-A truck for David Machimbo Walukhu, my missions coordinator, in Kenya. Right now, David has no vehicle, and travels by bus. I am shopping for one this week, for dual use with the water project. We have found a 2002 Toyota Hi Rider, for 850,000 Kenyan Shillings. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT ITEM.

Project #5-$2,500-Repair for a large, panel Isuzu truck, that is currently sitting idle at Sowetto Academy, Nairobi. We will use this truck for hauling of tent and equipment. Praise God! Chris got this truck fixed.

Project #6-$5,000-Completion of the stone wall that will totally encircle Sowetto Academy. This is really needed to keep people from using walkways right through the middle of the school and orphanage. Right now, the wall is about 25% complete.

Project #7-$20,000-My estimate for the cost that it would take for Chris Ocumu to accomplish a second floor addition to the school building in Sowetto Academy. Praise God! This is almost complete on January 20, 2005. Only the roof is needed for $50,000 KSH ($600)

So, there it is: $60,000 for the equipment. Add in $10,000 for my airfare and costs for four trips per year, and $10,000 for flyers and posters and $20,000 for other event costs for the 2005 outreach events and you have $100,000. Jesus says, "you have not because you ask not". I say, Lord Jesus, I Am Asking!

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