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Several days ago, I wrote an article about "The Time Of The End". Today, the Lord gave me a bit more light concerning my main point that I made in that previous article, which was that a lot of what the Lord revealed to Daniel is sealed up until the time of the end: and we are not at the time of the end yet.

I was led of the Lord to look at Daniel 9 tonight. While reading, I noticed in verse 22 and 23 that Daniel was given skill and understanding...to understand the matter, and consider the vision. What therefore follows is not sealed! Daniel was given sufficient understanding to understand the matter. I must therefore conclude that the sealed book and shut up words referred to in 12:4 refers to everything given by the angel to Daniel from chapter 10:1 and forward. This is the additional light that the Lord was giving to me tonight.

Why is this important? Because the Abomination that causeth desolation, spoken of by the prophet Daniel, is the identifying sign...it is the heralding sign that the great tribulation.. the time of Jacobs trouble..has begun. It is at this time that antichrist, the son of perdition, is known and identified with certainty. Because chapter 9 was not sealed to Daniel, it is not sealed to the prophets of today, at this time, either. It is therefore subject to being unlocked by the Holy Spirit prior to the time of the end. It will therefore be possible for the prophets to "reveal" the identity of antichrist before he commits this act, and the Lord is not scripturally bound from telling us this information prior to the time of the end.

I have taken significant heat for my position that the time of the end is not yet, and that nothing has changed. When I stated that we may have 10-30 years remaining on this Earth, some called me a friend of the Pope. Nothing could be further from the truth, but I am aware of some of the tactics of the enemy.

Just take a look. He has given us a decoy 7 year peace treaty. Satan knows what we are looking for: a 7 year treaty, a man whose number of his name is 666, a temple in Jerusalem, calendar dates like 2000, 2001 etc. Satan knows the scripture. The battle strategy of the fourth beast empire is to "wear out" the saints. Satan is going to give us more decoys and cause us to behave like Chicken Little. We will shout so many warnings for so long that finally, according to Satan's plan, no one will listen anymore.

We are going to have to be able to do more than look for signs if we want to avoid falling into these 7 year treaty decoys and Y2K traps. We are going to have to have the understanding and skill that the angel gave to Daniel. Jesus said, "Let the reader understand".

Lord Jesus, I pray that you send us light regarding Daniel 9. Reveal it to your servants Lord, for it is not sealed up until the time of the end. Lord, if the antichrist is among us, we wish to reveal him, but we desire to avoid error and presumption. We do not wish to accuse William J. Clinton simply because the number of his name is 666 or because he is active in world peace causes. Lord, we need understanding that can come only from you, not from our newspapers. Please Lord, give us the skill and understanding so that we may, as Daniel did, understand the matter and consider the vision. Help us Lord to do the job you have called us to do. You have called your prophets Lord, and given us the job of revealing the son of perdition. At the appointed time Lord, pour out this revelation to your servants. We ask in Jesus' name. Amen.

Stephen L. Bening
a servant and prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ

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