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Prophecy: 2012
October 3, 2010

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All one need do today is to write those four digits, and all sorts of ideas, arguments, thoughts, fears and images are conjured up. It has not always been this way. Why is it so? Who started it? Heaven or hell?

Popularized by a New Age movement that grabbed hold of ancient Mayan calendar secrets, discussion of these things escalated in the 1990’s. Then, in our last decade, Hollywood produced movies, including one that utilized this year of 2012 as the movie title. Today, everyone knows what you are talking about when you say even a word about it.

I remember the time in December, 2005. I had just finished doing three radio broadcasts with Rick Wiles on, and I was walking around Rick’s property near Chattanooga, praying in the morning. John Lawler called me on the phone.

John is a no nonsense evangelist. He is a bold public witness for Christ, and he doesn’t put up with any harlot church, money grabbing nonsense. John was the first man whom God used to alert me to the coming problem that we in Florida will have with tsunamis. John called me that day, talking about the Mayan calendar and December 2012. I had a problem with it, because John had really fallen into agreement with this teaching, and I could not go along with him on it at that time because I could not believe that God would reveal anything this important to a bunch of human sacrificing Mayans. It just had to come from the devil, I reasoned. As it turned out, we were both right, and both wrong. The information was revealed to the Mayans, but the church had the information and the revelation about 2012 first, and it had been given by God.

As I think about it today to write it all down for you, God has gone to great trouble, and has raised up a variety of servants to get the totality of this revelation to me. I have had to step outside of the information channels of those whom I normally have regarded as accepted. I have had to prayerfully consider some writings that, at first glance, I might have well rejected if I had not been convinced that Jesus desired to reveal to me a picture of end time events that had been hidden and obfuscated up until this time.

Just after the turn of the millennium, a man sent me a book about biblical historicism. I felt led of the Lord to study the book, and while the book did not convert me to a full agreement with the historicist perspective, I did take away much additional understanding of the things that God has revealed about prophetic things when we approach these things from a different frame of reference and change our point of view. For you see that all of us who have been reared in the modern charismatic Pentecostal churches have been inculcated with a futurist interpretation of the prophetic scriptures. This method of interpretation had its’ genesis with the Jesuit Roman Catholic Ribera in the late 1500’s as an enemy adversarial answer to the arguments of Martin Luther that had proven to be so effective in demolishing the strongholds of Roman Catholic hegemony.

And so, all of us have been brainwashed by Roman Catholic arguments advancing futurism as proper and true. These false beliefs have allowed a whole generation of churches enmeshed in the “TBN Denomination” to fall victim to the false delusion of a pre-tribulation rapture. We have to undergo Holy Spirit deprogramming so that we may reach a proper understanding of the scripture.

The historical book I was sent is titled “The Present Reign of Jesus Christ”, by Robert Caringola.

Caringola writes:

“Before I reveal the simple interpretation of the “two witnesses,”, let’s deal with the divine time measure of “a thousand two hundred and threescore days.”

Ezekiel 4:6: “I have appointed thee each day for a year.”

“The synonymous applications of the 1,260 day-years is simply phrased three different ways in the Bible so as to identify the doctrinal, temporal and persecuting periods given to Papal Rome.” (Items below in quotes are from Caringola)

“Rome is supreme in her doctrinal authority. This period runs from the “Edict of Stephen,” which asserted that the bishop of Rome was the Supreme Pontiff, to the “5th Lateran Council” where the papacy proclaimed doctrinal victory.”

We find a second 1,260 year period of fulfillment here below:

“Rome is supreme in her temporal (political) authority. This period runs from “Justinian’s Decree,” which stated that all must be subject to the Bishop of Rome, until the destruction of Rome’s temporal power which began with the French Revolution.” Napoleon’s rise in France was accompanied by the massacre of more than 24,000 Roman Catholic priests.

“In 533 AD, the decree issued by the eastern Emperor, Justinian, elevated the bishop of Rome as “head of all the holy Churches, and of the holy priests of God.” Up to this time the bishops of all the various dioceses were looked upon as being on an equal footing in all parts of Christendom. However, the emperor decided that the Roman bishop should have preeminence. This decree by the Emperor Justinian (in 533) was an important event for the Bishop of Rome because it paved the way for the first of the popes to rise, namely Boniface III, who is named as the first pope by Dr. Grattan Guinness in his well known book, “The Approaching End of The Age.””

When I read these things from Caringola, they shocked me. These fulfillments had been hidden from me for more than fifteen years of my Christian walk. No one had ever taught these things to me in church. I had never heard them on Television or Radio, and I had never seen a book on the Christian Bible Bookstore shelves that purported to explain such astounding Revelation to me, but there it was. As I studied further, I realized, more shockingly, that these things were well known by many ordinary Christians just a few hundred years ago, and had been well written about many dozens of times by Protestant authors.

What has happened to us in the modern day body of Christ that we have been robbed of such treasure? This secret was so well known early on that it was relied upon around the year 1690 for the making of future prophecy. That idea began to intrigue me immensely, for reasons that many of you may easily discern.

“One man, Robert Flemming, displayed marvelous insight into the 1,260 years of papal dominion. The historicist Flemming wrote two vital works. They are called the Apocalyptic Key and The Rise And Fall Of The Papacy.”

Fleming showed his findings to King William II around 1690, more than a hundred years before the French revolution.

It is said that “he looked at this date of AD 533, and said that exactly 1,260 years later, we could expect to see God pouring out his “Vials” of judgment upon the Latin kingdom of Europe. He said it must begin in the year 1793-4. He went further and said that if the judgments didn’t start in Italy, they would start in France, the eldest daughter of the papacy. And that was absolutely precise.” The prediction made a hundred years earlier came to pass. The French Revolution and and fall of the papacy began, right on schedule, in 1793, as Fleming had predicted in more than a hundred years earlier.

A third period of 1,260 years of the exercise of beastly power is found here:

“Rome enters the time given her to persecute and overcome the saints of the Most High (see also Daniel 7:25): From the “Phocas Decree” which made Boniface III the first official pope, to the last massacre (burning) of Protestants in Barletta, Italy.”

Through further study, of other writers, I discovered that the first orders by a pope for the killing of “heretics” came by papal order in 606 AD and the last orders, (so far) for such came in 1866 in Spain, exactly 1,260 years.

This is as far as the historicist Caringola carries us in our consideration. Caringola only cared to look in the rear view mirror, and saw three periods of 1,260 years already fulfilled in Church history. But, I am especially intrigued by the bold use made by the prophetic historicist Flemming. For surely, one of my readers must be wondering what any of this has to do with the year 2012.

With that in mind, I began to search Catholic history to see if perhaps another cycle of church history might have begun later that might come to a 1260 year fulfillment in our century. What I found will shock you, I am sure, but will also cause you to nod your head, as I did, in understanding and agreement.

The biblical harlot of Revelation 17 is bejeweled and laden with precious metals. The beast of Revelation 13 is representative of a kingdom. Kingdoms have kings, and they have subjects and property. So, it behooves us to consider the date when the Roman Catholic Church began to acquire massive land holdings and properties.

I have inserted this paragraph from my article entitled “Last Things”, written in its’ third edition in 2008, and available on my website homepage at

The direct link to my "Last Things" article is: Last Things

“I have previously known about each of these prophetic fulfillments for some time, but I discovered the existence of a fourth time period this week that had been hidden from my eyes until now. This one has not yet reached its' terminus. So far as I am aware, I do not believe any other writer has written about it in terms of a focus on the date of terminus of the 1260 year time period there commencing. The expansion of Roman Catholic power to control large areas of land holdings did not occur until 752, when the area from Rome, north to Ravenna, was placed into the Pope's hands for political rule by the French emperor Pepin the short. Pepin granted Pope Stephen II the right to rule over those 16,000 square miles of land. This became the first of the Papal lands. The 1,260 year period that commenced with that transaction in 752 will reach its' terminus in the year 2012. I believe it was at that time that Satan gained the knowledge regarding a future momentous event to come in 2012, and he alerted the Mayans to expect it, and they ended their calendars on that date.”

I therefore predict, in the same spirit that the prophetic historicist Flemming did more than 300 years ago, that God will begin to strike the huge false and apostate church in 2012. Not only will He strike Roman Catholic holdings, but He will also devastate the dead Protestant denominations and the money chasing charismatic TBN denominations of false, apostate christianity. This strike of God will begin to separate them from their land holdings, their elaborate temples and facilities, their cash endowments, their opulent possessions and their position in society as they are currently set above all taxation. The subjects of these harlot denominations will be scattered to the wind. God will begin to strip the harlot of her jewels and her precious metals in 2012.

I work for a living as an accountant, but I also do clerical work and estimating for a commercial painting contractor. The painter I work for, Tom, is a God fearing man, a resident of South Florida, who was raised Mormon, came out of it, and has stayed clear of all church ever since. But, he is a believer in Jesus Christ, and many times, he has blessed and helped this prophet of the Lord. Well, you know what the bible says………..the man who receives a prophet will receive a prophet’s reward.

Tom has listened to the things God has given me over the years, and he has contributed financially whenever orphans in Africa needed help. God decided in His sovereign wisdom to give Tom a dream that I have called a “timing pin” for the Florida tsunami revelation.

In the dream, given to Tom in 2006, Tom was at a beachfront house in Lighthouse Point, Florida. The construction company Tom works for as a subcontractor was holding a “topping out” party, which is customarily held when the property is complete. The party was being held poolside. Suddenly, Tom saw a huge tsunami, many hundreds of feet high, coming in from the East. Then, in the dream, he saw the aftermath, with bridges destroyed and roads impassible.

This year, 2010, the construction company notified Tom that they were going to commence construction of a house in Lighthouse Point, and they were going to ask Tom to bid the project. They asked him to physically come and inspect the property. When he arrived at the property, and went around back, to the pool, he suddenly recalled the dream from four years earlier. He realized that THIS WAS THE HOUSE in the dream.

As I write this article, in early October, 2010, we are expecting to prepare an estimate for the painting of this house by the end of the year, and a probable start date for the painting of the house will be January, 2011. Customarily, painting projects for homes of this scope ($100 million residences) require 12-18 months for completion. So, if all of these events come to pass as we foresee, we could be invited to attend a topping out party at that residence at a time that will likely be in mid 2012. Neither Tom nor I plan to attend that topping out party. We will be praying, that day, on higher ground.

Pre, mid or post trib are all based upon an assumption: that there is a seven year tribulation period. That assumption is found NOWHERE in the bible. It has been added to the words of the book of revelation, or the apocalypse. The idea languished in relative obscurity until a Long Islander by the name of C.I. Scofield popularized it in his study bible, published first in 1917.

And so, since this added premise was sent out to the world, primarily by American theologians, God has added seven years of tribulation to America. He said he would do so to anyone who added to the words of the revelation, and He meant what He said.

I personally believe that we are just finishing out the second year of our seven. It is thus sayeth the Lord that God has added a "seven" unto America. My interpretation that it has begun already is just that: my present opinion. If we are indeed in it, it will become quite evident very shortly. There will be no rapture, pre, mid or post, to deliver us out of it. I will now explain this further.

It was in June of 2008 that the Lord said that He would begin to fulfill all that He has shown me from the 17th anniversary of when He began to reveal these future things to me. He began doing this in the fall of 1991, with the DEFINING VISION, and then on November 21, 1991, with the EUROPEAN VISION, where He showed me rioting and worldwide economic collapse. So, I was expecting the fall of 2008 to bring about the start of the events, and I was not disappointed. There was a terrible worsening of events beginning with the fall of 2008

So, if, and I place emphasis on the word "if", the fall of 2008 commenced the Seven Year American Tribulation, it will have its' terminus in the fall of 2015. If not, it will occur later. Present events suggest to me that it is likely that we are indeed in the midst of it. In that revelation of the AMERICAN SEVEN YEARS, the Lord revealed to me that the terrible troubles in the land of America will fall in SIX successive years, with one terrible "wave" of trouble hitting the land each year. Once in each year, events will occur that will cause families to be separated for periods of from three to nine months. If 2008 was the start of this AMERICAN SEVEN, then we will see events that will interrupt commerce and the freedom of travel in America in the fall or early winter of 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. After each of the first five events, there will be a period of apparent recovery, where the people will believe that everything is now alright, or at least getting a bit better, and they will be hopeful that the land will recover. There will be no recovery from the sixth wave of trouble, set to hit at the end of the seventh year, if there has been no repentance in the land to turn the heart of God to repent.

So yes, you are reading correctly. If "THIS IS IT", it will commence with the first of six waves of trouble sometime in the next three months: in the last three months of 2010.

These "waves" of trouble will include all manner of disasters caused by God, nature and men, as well as military invasions, terrorist events, nuclear detonations and occupation of American soil by foreign armies. Food will be scarce and death will be sought by many. I have been told that, at that time, it will be far better to be in any other nation, than to be in America.

Our refuge is not to be found in the flying away, but in being hidden away in Christ Jesus, under the power of His blood and in the protective care of His angels who encamp round about us.

Stephen L. Bening

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