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Prophecy: Where Is The Company?
January 4, 2011

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I was speaking with brother Matthew Stephen last night when I exclaimed: "Where is the company"?

Where is the two witnesses company? Matthew and I have always testified when asked about this topic that we are not the two and only two witnesses of Revelation, but that we are two of a company of many witnesses of which we are a type. So, last night, I asked of Matthew, and the Lord, "Where is the company"?

This morning, I received a private email from a WPA member. This member explained that over the last couple of months, he has been calling in the lesser judgements, like the blizzards, tornadoes, floods and earthquakes, and he has been seeing them occur rapidly right after he has prayed and called them in. He asked if I had been calling in the judgements, and he also asked me this:

"I know I have noticed that God has been answering my prayers when concerning ... simple things... But answering my calls for judgment? i dont know. i do have some disbelief about that. i do not see a reason why He would listen to me. That is the reason why i am coming to you about this - to discern it. If you called for such things, then that is understandable. Maybe we just had the same thought process. What is your take on all of this?"

My answer is this:

This is what I have been waiting for. If this thing is of God, and there is a two witnesses company in the Earth, they will be calling in the judgements as the Holy Spirit leads them. If they delight themselves in the Lord, God will give them the desires of their hearts. In short, God will put what He desires in their hearts, and they will pray in the judgements exactly as God desires. As Revelation says, they will command that the judgements occur, and they will occur as often as they desire it.

These judgements will be perfectly moderated in their severity by the mercy that God wishes to always employ when dealing with His bride. God desires to chastise and discipline His bride, so that He may bring her forth without spot or blemish. When His bride is brought into obedience and has relocated into places of safety, look out world!

Furthermore, this two witnesses company member has been praying in, or praying that the lesser judgements would happen now and quickly. These weather events, earthquakes and floods are the smallest judgements that God has in His arsenal. So, I asked this WPA member to opine about the greater judgements: the 90 day separation event that God has shown me that He now wants to send; that will stop all travel and truck transport of food deliveries to grocery stores and restaurants for 90 days in the USA. I have been calling his judgement in since September, 2010. Is he ready to call this judgement in? Is he so led by the Lord? Are you?

How about all of you? Are you in agreement with us about calling these things forth in your prayer closets? Have you joined the two witnesses company?

God gave me another word last night when I was speaking with brother Matthew Stephen. The Lord said:

"Everyone will be holding a cigar in this hour. Some will take up the 1968 Macanudo Churchill cigar (the cigar of the two witnesses company) and all the others will have a $.50 Philly Titan cigar (the cigar of judgement) special delivered to them."

This is, of course, symbolic. You do not have to become a literal cigar smoker to partake in this unless the Lord orders you to do so. But, nevertheless, everyone will have to deal with this issue. Either you are with the Lord, and His two witnesses company, or you are against Him. You will take up the witnesses cigar or the judgement cigar will be delivered to you.

You may laugh about the apparent silliness of the use of the two cigars as a sign of division, but the Spirit of God is being deadly serious in this.

God is watching the prayer closet. He is setting an Ezekiel 9 type mark upon those who will sigh and cry out over the abominations that are done in this nation, and yes, most particularly, in the THING that calls itself the church after His name.

Which will you choose?

Stephen L. Bening

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