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Prophecy: Thy Will Be Done
January 5, 2011

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I find it hard to believe that anyone could be a member of this group without knowing that I, Stephen L. Bening, have travelled all over this land of the USA with Matthew Stephen and called in the judgements, along with the double judgements, utilizing the staff of the Lord God. And this is a staff of cedar wood. I have no staff of human beings heeding my beck and call.

I posed the question to this group, "Where Is The Company?", but I was not seeking or requesting debate concerning the validity of calling in the judgements. Those who are vehemently opposed to aligning themselves with God's will where the judgements are concerned have no part of this ministry, and I am left to consider why they are here, in membership at this present time, to raise a voice of dissent just as God is raising up the company of the two witnesses.

We have at no time advocated the cursing of individuals, nor have we instructed any of you to do so. You have scriptural instructions for dealing with those who curse you and who spitefully abuse you. You are to bless them and pray for them. Have we taught you otherwise? I think not! Yet, the dissenters always head in this direction and talk only about these things. These are sowers of division, and as such, I must deal with them, for they are not here at this present time to do us good.

Religious people are forever looking for two literal witnesses, just as they wait for a literal dragon to arise out of the sea with seven heads and ten horns. They always push everything into the future, and ascribe supernatural holiness to bible characters to such an extent that we, the little peons of the here and now, could never possibly qualify to do the job of the witnesses.

So, we are left to pray little prayers for the blessing of John Boy and Mary Ellen. Those few who venture beyond five minute praying begin to see that perhaps we should pray for healing and deliverance for individuals. Then, a few interested ones join church prayer groups where predominantly, we pray in groups that God might bless the pastor, John Boy and Mary Ellen. Beyond that, they begin to pray for God to grant a spirit of wisdom and revelation to individuals, and that they might spiritually develop into sons of God. Still others, and only a few, press on to obey the word to pray for nations, kings, ministries and ministers. But almost all of these are always praying that God might hold back the judgements against these.

There have been and will be two witnesses and they shall take the form of a company.

Stephen L. Bening

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Bening Prophetic Archive

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