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Prophecy: Let Us Reason Together
January 6, 2011

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Those deep inside the belly of the harlot queen are quite self assured, as she is, that they will see no difficulty, for she is quoted as saying "I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow". (Rev 18:7) And so these have fallen for the "everything future" delusion. They are blind as scripture is fulfilled all around them. Birds fall from the sky, Rivers turn bright green and fish die by the millions, but these go on believing that there will be two and only two witnesses and certainly, they are sure, that these events describe the far away future and will be fulfilled by super holy men, with the church secreted away in heaven and not by the blood washed sinners of our age.

But, let us reason concerning these two witnesses. The story, taken literally, tells us of two prophets who will be given tremendous power and authority by God himself. In short, they will be carrying out His will. They spend the time of their ministry tormenting the people of Earth, (Rev 11:11) and they smite the Earth with plagues as often as they will (desire) (Rev 11:6) In everything they do, they are carrying out the will of God.

Certainly, any Christian who might be here during the ministry of these two witnesses would be faced with a decision: will we continue to pray bless me prayers, or will we pray in alignment with God's will as the two witnesses carry out their ministry? Or, will we simply be silent?

The pleasure loving people of the harlot queen have been given over to a strong delusion that they will not be here during this distant future time. And so, they believe these two, and two alone, will carry out their ministry with no earthly prayer support whatsoever.

As time goes by, and the tribulation events worsen, the arguments made by the crowd of the harlot queen will ring more and more hollow. Just as the book title "88 Reasons Why The Rapture Must Be In 1988" looks exceedingly silly just now, these people go from one silly notion to another. As the two witness company begins to interfere in prayers more and more with the operations of the harlot queen as she rides on the system of the anti-christ beast, this remnant will be pursued, and more martyrs will be made unto Jesus Christ, just as it has always been in the past.

Why do you suppose martyrs were made in first Century Rome? One reason was certainly that the Christian Church was praying and interfering with the magic arts of the Romans and those diviners who assisted in the operations of the government.

Wimpy praying is dispensed with when warfare ensues. Do you believe for a minute that my blessed grandmother Bening, who led all night prayers for the Allied Armies during WWII, was praying for Hitler to be blessed and Germany to have a revival? Gut wrenching times dispense with such silliness.

Why was the two witness company of the first reformation during the 1500's hunted down and killed with so much enthusiasm? 50 million martyrs were the number of that two witnesses company, and the reformers believed that yes, indeed, those martyrs were a fulfillment of the type of the two witnesses of Revelation 11. Were they not hunted down and killed because they identified the Roman Catholic church as antichrist in their writings and in their bible. Yes, it was so, and they were making headway in converting the masses to Christ as these ideas held sway!

Do you believe that when these reformers prayed that they asked God to fix the Roman Catholic church and to grant repentance to the Pope? They identified the Papacy as anti-christ in any time, and the anti-christ and his system will never repent, according to the scripture, but will assuredly go into perdition. They never asked God to open the Pope's eyes and fix the Roman Catholic church. They knew it had be be replaced. They knew they had to come out of it, just as Revelation 18:4 directs.

I know that the harlot queen's men have convinced most of you that the Reformers of the 1500's got carried away with their scriptural interpretations. But, being chased by murderers will have a really wonderful effect on the fervency of your praying, and your hearing of the voice of God may just improve to the level they enjoyed 430 years ago.

Times of transition are always perilous to religious people. We find this to be the case, over and over again, as we study in scripture. Transition times leave religious people in the dust, persecuting and killing the prophets as they carry out the religious activities of yesterday. Meanwhile, God has taken a hard right turn while they were not paying attention to the directives of His Holy Spirit.

Can you imagine the reaction to the prophetic declaration of Jeremiah in the year 599, as relayed to us in chapter 29. Babylon had already invaded Judah twice by then, had taken captives of the princes and young nobles and was taking taxes from the nation. You can bet the religious folk were imprecating curses on Babylon, and praying for the return of the princes and deliverance from that evil king Nebuchadnezzar and his devilish kingdom Babylon. They were so sure that God was an Israelite and was on their side.

"Seek the peace of the city whither I have caused you to be carried away captives and pray unto the LORD for it; for in the peace thereof shall ye have peace." (Jeremiah 29:7)

There, in chapter 29, Jeremiah told them to pray for the peace of Babylon and to give up this hope of return of the princes to Jerusalem for the present time. I am sure the mothers of the princes in Jerusalem just loved this prayer directive. This was the prophetic reality they had to deal with for seventy years, and they likely hated Jeremiah more for this than for anything else he ever said, for they hated Babylon and everything Babylonian. They would have rather done anything than pray for Babylon, but that is just what God told them they had to do.

Why to I bring this up? Times of transition alter the types of prayers that we will need to pray in our day as well. What is God's will? You cannot pray "God Bless America" in this nation any more and be in agreement with God. My Grandfather Stephens certainly prayed it seventy years ago, and it was probably God's will at that time, during World War II, but now, how can it be God's will to bless America as the nation continues the murder of innocents regardless of the ruling political party and now has adopted the National Military Homosexual Pickup And Conversion Act of 2010, otherwise known as the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell".

Now that you can no longer pray "God Bless America", what will you pray? How will you pray? Will you, as some suggest, just stay quiet and allow God to bring the judgements without your cooperation?

I have taught before that there were two old testament reformation exodus events that were 430 years apart: Abram's exodus from Ur and Israel's exodus from Egypt. Once again, in new testament times, there are two reformation exodus events, and they are also 430 years apart. The second is now in process. Everything that can be shaken is being shaken by this second reformation exodus, where God is expecting all who are His to come out of the belly of the harlot queen. It is hard for most to even think anything other than harlot thoughts as they have been inside of her for so long, partaking of her intoxications.

Come out of her my people. Come out of the stench, sober up and get some fresh air, so that you can begin to gain just a little bit of discernment and ability to hear the truth from Father God. You need to get a renewing of the mind and this, my friends, will transform you.

I received a sobering word from the Lord last night, and I offer it here, as the conclusion to this letter:

"Have I not instructed my servants that they are to pray in accordance with my will. They have been clearly instructed that they are to pray that my will shall be done, on Earth, as it is in heaven. They are to pray that My kingdom will come. They are to cooperate with me in prayers as it is my will to execute the judgements, as they are written, upon the Earth. Those who refuse to cooperate with me in prayers and supplications will not be found worthy to escape those things that are coming upon the Earth. Those events will fall upon them and catch them, as in a snare, a trap and as a thief in the night."

Come quickly Lord Jesus!

Stephen L. Bening

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