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Prophecy: Nightmare Scenario
January 7, 2011

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There is something happening right now, in the realm of the Spirit, since the time of Christmas, 2010. It is a call to alertness and wakefulness and purposefulness. But there is also something different accompanying it: this nagging sense of extreme danger. Yes, there is something that is nagging at me as I go about this period of forty days that I believe the Lord has called me to walk out where I am taking up the staff to fervently pray each day that the Lord would bring chastisement to the Church and turn a deaf ear to the masses who cry out for delay, delay, delay and nothing but a continuation of their comfortable lives.

I have been calling for a 90 day separation event, that would shut down travel in this nation and that would stop deliveries of food to the food stores and restaurants. What if God grants a delay? That is the nightmare scenario. For these reasons, I am praying fervently, and hopefully effectively, for no delay. A few have joined with me to pray along these lines. We desperately need a holy two by four applied to the backside of the church in this land. Hopefully, it will be deadly only to our sinfulness. Matthew Stephen has called for shockwaves to hit the church. David Wilkerson has said that the church needs a shock treatment. Amen, and Amen..bring it Lord Jesus.

However, many times in scripture, God has shown His tendency to give His people what they are asking for when they are persistently willing to ignore that which He wants from them. Many times, they are carried away in longing for the satisfying of their lusts. Take the case of the wilderness Israelites who went lusting after the meats and spices of Egypt. God gave them meat to the full, but also sent a plague with it that killed multitudes of their brethren.

God later warned His people about asking for a King, and He told them several times what the negative consequences would be if they ever chose one, but they insisted, and so He gave them a King. They suffered greatly as the majority of their kings led them into sin.

One of those kings, Hezekiah, was told by the prophet Isaiah that it was his time to die. He begged God for a change of plan, and a delay was granted. But during those fifteen extra years of life, Hezekiah sired a son by the name of Manasseh. Just do a bible study to see very quickly that He was the most evil king Israel or Judah ever had. The sins of Manasseh provoked God to destroy His own people. He never would have been born without that prophetic delay.

Then we consider the case of King Ahab, who humbled himself before God and obtained a delay in the anointing of the political assassin Jehu whom God had instructed Elijah to anoint as the new King of Israel. Seventeen years later, Jehu was anointed by Elijah's successor Elisha, and the judgement was doubled.

Delays have already apparently been granted as we wait for greater judgements to fall in our day, but so far, righteousness has not exalted the nation. Instead, we careen ever faster into hell. Now, the intercessors still cry out for more delays. Will they prevail with God?

My greatest concern is that the church of Jesus Christ, in America, would suddenly be required to prepare to meet their God on a day of simultaneous nuclear attack against many of our cities. Multitudes upon multitudes would be suddenly thrust into the valley of decision, with perhaps only a few minutes to deal with the sin that has so thoroughly entangled them. The nightmare scenario is that these present day christians are in no shape right now to meet their maker. They are prayerless and are addicted to pleasure seeking and obsessed with prosperity. They are as sinful as the unsaved people around them as they revel in fornication, drunkenness and various addictions. They deserve nothing but hell but for the name of Christ they utter with their lips as they trust in their salvation walk down the aisle so many years prior.

Something must happen to avoid this nightmare: some mid level chastising judgement must be sent by God to bring these Christians back to prayerfulness and deliver them from pleasure seeking. God forbid that we should reach that day of Russian subs, surfacing off our coasts and preparing to launch a preemptive nuclear attack and that when that day arrives, the church would be in the condition that it languishes in just now.

We have been given a rough timetable by the Lord for the outpouring of His greater and more terrible judgements upon this land. It would not surprise me at all to see this attack by Russia and her allies upon the USA in 2012, and it would not even terribly surprise me to see it happen by the end of 2011. But what if it comes so soon and nothing has been done to shake this present church out of the coma it presently suffers? What if all the mid level chastisements have been delayed? What if no repentance ensues? What if we are still in our sins as a nation on that day?

Who will join with me in prayer? Where Is The Company?

Stephen L. Bening

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