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Prophecy: Fourth Watch
June 19, 2008

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Matthew Stephen June 5 broadcast

This was Matthew Stephen's broadcast from Thursday, June 5, which he recorded just prior to the meeting we went to in Jacksonville.

You all need to listen to this one hour program, as we all need a sharper edge in the Lord, and you need to take your place on the wall of the watchmen. There are some things that the Lord may only be willing to reveal to YOU. I believe that if you invest the hour and listen, you will be moved to spiritually RESPOND.

If you have a higher spiritual gear, you need to shift into it. If you have a fast to complete before the Lord, get with it.

The Lord has confirmed this to me, that we have a critical three month period of time ahead of us: June, July and August. Things are ready to accelerate any day now.

This spiritual garbage that is being dished out at Lakeland and elsewhere will harm you and not help you. You need an anointing for watchfulness and holiness that can come only from God. Jerking, twitching and laughing is not going to get anything done.

Which is it? The Lord will see. Are you hungry for some twitch in the flesh; some goosebump? Is there some flesh healing what you are after? If it is, you'll go to Lakeland and be destroyed in your souls. Your fruit will wither and your rods to rule will be broken. Do you not know that in our souls, we are wretched, blind and naked? The real need is in the destitute condition of our souls. Repentance through faith in the blood of Jesus Christ is our only hope.

We need to get every bit of spiritual revelation from the Lord that He is willing to dispense to us RIGHT NOW. With the revelation, we need the boldness to obey and the provision to accomplish His words of direction. This will happen, one person at a time, as the Lord delivers line by line and precept by precept. Matthew Stephen and I will get what we can, but what about all the rest of you? Will you climb higher so that you can see and report?

We have prophetic indication that we are now out of time and it is being confirmed, more and more. The Lord has said to me that these three months, in each of the next three years, are a FOURTH WATCH. That is the time of the night when the spiritual pressure against the disciples is at its' highest.

Stephen L. Bening, USAPROPHET Radio, June 19, 2008, entitled "Fourth Watch"

It is a time when the Lord has sent you to do a job, but He does not seem to be with you. He is aware of your toiling, but you are not aware of His watchcare. When He does appear, strolling on the top of the roiling waves, it seems as though He will pass you right by, until you cry out to him.

But, He does come to those who are His in the fourth watch, and they will walk on the water and do great exploits, to the extent they keep their eyes upon Him, and off of the waves.

It is also a time of high apostasy, as the intense pressure will reveal who is real, and what they love. The love of most will be shown to be cold. It is a time when those who love anything but Jesus will be revealed.

So, that is it! The spiritual pressure gauges are leaping off the chart. The judgements against apostate men and the world are now going to accelerate too.

What will these times reveal in our lives?


Stephen L. Bening

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