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Prophecy: Mount Carmel Confrontation
June 12, 2008

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Bening Prophetic Archive

Dear WPA: You can look at my radio archive to see that I took an entire one hour radio broadcast on April 25, 2008 to deliver the word the Lord was saying to me: that our time as Elijah's in the wilderness was ending and we were nigh unto the time to be heading to Mount Carmel for our confrontation with the prophets of Baal.

Stephen Bening Radio Archive

Well, Matthew Stephen was, I believe, sent to Lakeland as one of these "Elijah's". What you see in that email is a MOUNT CARMEL CONFRONTATION. I just posted the email he dictated to his staff member. I received it directly from Matthew's email address and I have not altered even a word of it.

Matthew Stephen's Lakeland Letter

There are many who are calling Matthew a witch, but you be the judge. You should pray. I devoted a one hour radio program to the subject of Lakeland on May 30, 2008, and I put an advisory here that everyone needed to listen to it. In that program, I spoke about the clear and confirmed word of prophecy that I had received that the events of Lakeland are a day of the Lord, where God is moving in front of his "Joel Army" of evil angels to destroy apostates and remove wickedness out of his church.

That word was confirmed through Bob Neumann, as he wrote that the events of Lakeland are a fulfillment of Matthew 13, as the angels have been released to harvest the wicked tares out of the kingdom.

Now, there are those, like Pat Holliday, who have adopted a position that is opposite and against Matthew Stephen. She most assuredly should not have done that. She is in gross error and is fighting against the Lord. Here is the link to what she wrote:

Pat Holliday's remarks on Matthew Stephen

So, how should you judge? Examine the fruit! One very visible aspect that we can look at is how these two ministers handle what they believe they have been given by God for distribution to the body of Christ.

Everything Pat Holliday has received from God is for sale. Check her site. She will give you one free ebook, and then all the other ebooks will cost you. You can check her website at:

Pat Holliday

Everything Matthew Stephen offers is for free. I attended and spoke with him at the meeting he held in Jacksonville, and there were no tithes or offerings collected, no pull for money and nothing whatsoever was sold or offered for sale.

Matthew Stephen-Prophetic Watchman Vine

I have been telling you all on my radio programs that we need to be very careful right now in what we say, and in the decisions that we make. Jesus is in the vineyard with the pruning shears. Keep your head low.


Stephen L. Bening

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