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Prophecy: No More Delays
June 6, 2008

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I have been talking to Matthew Stephen by telephone today, and I have heard him several times on different radio programs in the last few months.

To my knowledge, he has never put an exact time frame on any of these judgement prophecies, except to say that the decrees are going out now, and they might just happen right now, but the exact timing is, as always, not in his hands, but with the Lord. He emphasized Ezekiel 12:17-28 today, which is something the Lord has been repeating to many of us, over and over, for the last three years: NO MORE DELAYS!

I agree with Matthew that we really need to go to God, right now, and be among those who are found to be praying for mercy in this hour, and even for those who have been caught up in this mess at Lakeland.

If it were not for the grace of God, we would all be caught in the web of deception there. So, let us throw off all haughtiness and repent for them. Remember how Daniel prayed for his fellow Israelites? From his words, you would have thought he was the worst of the sinners before the Lord.

If all of these events occur in the next two years, and we are found worthy to escape them, we will certainly be moaning like doves and mourning before the Lord. It is better to begin to mourn now for our sins and the consequences that have begun to manifest.

We especially need to watch our words right now. Matthew Stephen and I have both said this on radio programs in the last month. Avoid making judgemental statements about people. Watch out! Pray your way out of a "nuke 'em now Lord" attitude. As you mete out judgement on others, so it will be meted back to you! Pray for even the worst of the offenders to repent. Judge the tree and the fruit, and carry out your duties before the Lord. Examine yourselves to see if you have been carried away in pride in any respect at all. Be quick to repent when you detect that you have sinned in any way.

All that I write applies to prophets, pastors, teachers, servants, ditch diggers, farmers and janitors in the Lord. All of the servants of the King are under the microscope for examination right now. Please be careful and pray for God's help in navigating through this time.

As my friend Blitz used to say, it is not wise to lift up your head when the master is in the garden with the pruning shears. We can hear the "snip, snip" in the spirit. Keep your head low just now, lest it be lopped off.

Do not involve yourselves in all of this contention over the events in Lakeland. Simply recognize it for what it is: a move of God to bring in the harvest of the tares of Matthew 13; a move of God to bring in the grapes of Revelation 14, into the wine presses of the wrath of God. This has been confirmed through many of the servants of the Lord. God is moving to destroy idolators who profess to love Him with their mouths, but they are liars.

Even with all of that, we realize that the false prophet Balaam spoke words that were true and made predictions that came to pass. Judas was the son of perdition, and yet he was sent forth by the Master in the day of the two by two sending. I have little doubt that when it came time to cast out demons and heal the sick, there were some real miracles following the preaching of Judas as he prayed in the name of Jesus.

Don't argue with people. If people around you begin to argue about Lakeland, it is best to say nothing in many instances. No one will be listening anyway when anger is stirred. Only speak as led by the Holy Spirit. Warn those who will hear you. Dust your feet off from those who will not and move on.

Judgement has been building for some time, and will, apparently, accelerate now. I note in the news today than two of the major financial insurance companies, AMBAC and MBIA, that are involved in the insurance of financial derivates and bonds, have been downgraded in their financial ratings from AAA to AA by Standard and Poors. (

This will have a further, negative affect on the balance sheets of all of the biggest US banks as they move to issue their quarterly SEC reports as of June 30. Perhaps the time of major bank failures is very near indeed.

Hopefully, you have finished all of your preparations. Remember the seven preparation buckets I have told you about many times: God, Metals, Guns, Ammunition, Food, Cash and Disaster Preps. Put God first, pray and prepare as the Lord leads.

Right now, the world is rejoicing in impurity and debauchery. We should be moving with all of our strength in the opposite direction. We should place the highest priority on attaining to purity. Avoid immorality and impurity in all of its' forms: both physical and spiritual.

The very first dream/vision prophecy the Lord ever gave me in November, 1991 was focused on world economic meltdown. At the end of the vision, that came as I ended a seven day fast, the Lord said that from the point when I would see that all the economies of the world were in chaos and tumult, with particular focus on Europe, in that it had become clear that there would be no quick recovery, then terrible and multiple floods and earthquakes would commence within sixty days of that time.

So, we see that the worsening of the world economies is happening right now. We have entered into the time of the fulfillment of all of these prophetic visions. There may yet be just a little time. Do not delay.

God have mercy upon us all.

Surely it is well past time for each of us to return to the Lord with all of our hearts. And yet, there still may be time for each of us to return to effective and fervent watching and praying, that we might be found worthy to escape all of these things that are coming upon the Earth. Repent of prayerlessness. Turn away from impurity. Seek the Lord early and late. Resist the pressure to abdicate. Let us shake off the distractions of this world, and be about our Father's business.


Stephen L. Bening

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