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Prophecy: The Rising Philadelphia Church And The Rapid Onset Of A Nightmare
May 21, 2009

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May 21, 2009
I took the dog to the vet and when I got home, I just could not focus on doing any work. All I could do was to meditate upon the things of God. God was not going to leave me alone on this Thursday, 5/21, but I didn’t really have a clear focus of where he wanted me to go from the vision I had received in the morning, which I wrote up for the web on the previous article to this one.

I moved around the house and my office and prayed in tongues, off and on, for several hours, just talking to God and thinking on these times in Him.

Then, I felt led to look at my website from the beginning to the end, and I began to notice some things.

You see, beginning on 5/19/09, a group of those who came out from me and persecuted me began to mock the prophecies and the WPA online (Watchmen Prophets Assembly, On Yahoo Groups). Someone sent me copies of the mocking they were doing. It was an abomination.

The one thing they were mocking about me was that I had called them three times previously to times of high spiritual alert. I never predicted anything would happen. They considered it as though nothing had happened or had come from those times of high alert. They were angry that I had "disturbed their peace" and they were despising the prophetic gift through me as being worse than worthless.

So, as I looked at my website, I looked at the things I had written during those times of high alert, and one of them was relating to May 21, 2006. That time of high alert, I received revelation that added to revelation I had received on May 21, 2003.

So, here I was, on 5/21/2009, being mocked for high alerts I had called that had to do with 5/21/2006 and 5/21/2003. The identical date: 5/21, and the three year periods in between really caught my attention. The revelation that was coming to me during those prior times had to do with the coming forth of the man-child/Moses-Elijah company/Two witnesses company/bride/remnant with royal power that will do the great exploits of Jesus in the Earth in these last days.

What was received and when?

I was studying Revelation 1, 2 and 3 when I noted that it was God who correlated the “SEVEN STARS” with the “SEVEN CHURCHES” in Revelation 1:20.
Seven Stars And Seven Churches

The “SEVEN STARS” is a constellation in the sky that most people call the Pleiades. It is also spoken of in Amos 5:8. During May every year, it is directly overhead at noon, and on May 21, it sits on top of the sun, at noon. I had to really study at that time the star maps of this constellation and God revealed to me that the star map of the “SEVEN STARS” matches up, point by point, with a place name map of the “SEVEN CHURCHES”.

If you place the star map over the top of the place name map, you can see the matchups. The matchup even goes so far in that there are only six stars left of the seven today that may be seen with the naked eye, and the one star that no longer shines brightly on the star map matches up with the place location of Sardis, which God said He would blot out in Revelation 3:5.

Now, I realize that almost no one has the patience to work through a revelation like this. Most people don’t care about the stars, even though God placed them in the sky in their positions. It is very easy to despise this type of prophetic revelation, but God gave us an order that we are not to despise prophesying in 1 Thessalonians 5.

God brought me back at that time to the revelation I had received exactly three years prior.
21st Week Of The Year-Highest Alert

He revealed at that time to me that May 21, every year except for a leap year, commences the 21st week of the year. This was interesting to me because my daughter Rachel had received a dream six months earlier on 11/21/05 at 5:21 AM. In it, she heard five people, dancing, repeating the phrase “Watchman 21, Watchman 21”. When the dream ended, a voice said, “Isaiah”.

God also sent me back to the star maps to discover that the star map of the SEVEN STARS has a star named “Maia”, in which the name is associated with our modern month of May. That star is on the map in the same place occupied by the city of Philadelphia on the map of the SEVEN CHURCHES. When I noticed that, God spoke to me that the man-child would be born in May in some future year, in the 21st week.

When this was revealed to me, I called WPA to HIGHEST ALERT from 5/21/2006 to 5/27/2006: the 21st week of the year.

So, here we are, once again, at the start of the 21st week of the year. The Isaiah 21 prophecy indicates that the morning (man-child) will come, and also the night (tribulation). So the man-child will be born just a little bit ahead of the terrible tribulation. It will also be associated with the rise of Elam and Media (Elam) according to the first few verses of Isaiah 21. The Hebrew word for Media is “Mahdi”, whom the present Iranian President is waiting to inaugurate.

We recently, in our local assembly, cast out the bondwoman. We did not leave the harlot church: we cast it out. We cast out those from our group who would not follow the leading of God through His Holy Spirit. We spent TWENTY ONE days in meeting together, and we clearly knew who we were. We discovered who was with us and who was not; who would go on with God and who would not. The revelation came, near the end, through a husband and wife of our group, that the days of our meeting together were a parable of Daniel 10, and that we were “fasting our me time” for 21 days and that the answer would come on the 24th day.

The first meeting of our new church will now fall on the TWENTY FOURTH day of May. And so, the full answer has come on the 24th day, just as prophesied during our time of meeting together, or gathering, or waiting upon the Lord. It is in the 21st week, which was pointed at by our 21 days of meeting together in our local assembly. (4/20 to 5/10).

I believe God is birthing the man-child company as we watch and gather together. If this is the case, we should see a dramatic increase of the presence of the Lord as He begins to arise in our lives, just as the Sun is of one level of glory at sunup and another level of glory at high noon. We will have to work for this, just as Moses had to hew the two stones that the Lord wrote the ten commandments upon. We are about five and a half months away from Tabernacles. I expect a dramatic rise in glory during this upcoming time. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Now, I realize that all of this revelation is clear to me and I hope that I have left none of you behind in the giving of it. Suffice it to say that it is now SIX full years that God has been giving me this revelation, and we are in the first few days of the SEVENTH year.

So, to close, the very thing the mockers and scoffers are mocking about is happening, right now, before our eyes, and they have no part in it.

That is all for now that relates to the formation of our church body. We are in momentous times. Remain in Christ fully,

There is a bit more though as it concerns the upcoming time of great trouble. Last night, late, the Lord told me to look at what the mockers were mocking and scoffing about regarding Matthew Stephen. There was only one prophecy they were mocking: Matthew had a dream on October 23, 2008 and I posted it to WPA the day after that: October 24.. The Lord says that in this case also, that which they mock will now surely come quickly upon them. I have reprinted that dream below.


Stephen L. Bening

…………………………………………………. Dear Group, and WPA members, Tsunami, Tsunami, Tsunami

When I went to bed last night and as I close my eyes I saw a huge Tsunami off the West & East Coast. It flash before my eyes and in a split second of time I open my eyes and the Clock read 12:22 am. I was only out for two minutes when this happened. I thought about it for a few minutes and then went back to sleep. All night long I had a very long dream. I saw a physical Tsunami hit the Coast, I saw two large earthquakes hit America, I saw explosions go off all America, I saw buildings collapse, I saw two huge Tornadoes rip through cities like pouring out of a huge pitcher of water very fast. I saw two leaders being shot, I saw people running everywhere in fear, not knowing where to go. I saw the Golden Gate bridge collapse, I saw other bridges all over America collapse, and I saw people running and military troops shooting everyone they could. I heard people screaming out in fear and I heard someone yell out, "why is this happing to us"? I saw mobbing on the streets and people where killing one another. I saw people pouring money out on the streets and dollar bills were flying down the street and some man yelled out, "this money is worthless". All the stores were burning and cities across America were all on fire. Marshall Law was in place but it was out of control and people were being shot. Some man yelled out, "is this what America too, we will never have peace again, we have lost our freedom." I saw some people falling on their knees and crying out, "God have mercy" but I saw no change. I heard a voice say, "I will not hear their cry, they would listen or repent". I saw many other things that night. Please read these very important books for this is what came to me again this morning. The warning has gone forth again. Ezekiel 12: 17-28no longer will this be postponed. Ezekiel 21: The Sword and Ezekiel 7: The End Has Come.

I woke up this morning and told Kathy a little of what I saw and that I need to let everyone know this. I checked my email and look at the internet news as this Article below caught my attention. Greenspan speaks of Tsunami and a financial recovery. This recovery is the furthest thing from the truth. This Tsunami will be very real and will take every Idol down and remove everything that is not of Jesus Christ. Only the pure in heart may enter into these places of refuge. The time is now here for this will happen very rapidly. It will not just be the money system or credit or gold. It will come upon all things on this earth. We must be a people that will have our eyes and heart on our only hope, JESUS CHRIST!

This is the calm before the Storm! A Storm, A Storm, A Storm ( See America's Road Map part 3)

Matthew Stephen

Vine Ministry

Greenspan: It's a 'credit tsunami'

Former Fed chairman says crisis will pass, and U.S. will end up with 'far sounder financial system.' October 23, 2008

NEW YORK ( -- Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan told a House committee Thursday that the nation will emerge from the current credit crisis with a "far sounder financial system."

"We are in the midst of a once-in-a century credit tsunami," Greenspan told the House Oversight and Reform Committee in prepared testimony.

Greenspan said that whatever regulatory changes are made to respond to the crisis, "They will pale in comparison to the change already evident in today's markets."

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