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Prophecy: OK, Here's The Deal: Evacuating Florida?
May 24, 2009

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Prophetic Fact 1-Matthew Stephen struck the Atlantic Ocean at JACKSONVILLE with the single staff, for the first time, at 2:22 AM on June 9, 2008

Prophetic Fact 2-Stephen Bening spiritually lit the prophetic fuses of all of the double judgements by casting two lit cigars into the Atlantic Ocean at JACKSONVILLE, FL at 2:22 AM on December 22, 2008 as the last prophetic act of the December, 2008 “Double Judgement Tour”.

Prophetic Fact 3- on May 18, 2009, the Lord had me prophesy about a “Florida Weather Event” that would require my family to evacuate South Florida. I was led by the Lord to be reminded of Hurricane Mitch that drenched Central America with 75 inches of rain.

Prophetic Fact 4-God has had me looking at May 21, 2009, May 31, 2009 and June 9, 2009 for a few months now. I recently received a “road-sign vision” about these dates that had to do with the idea that a bridge was out ahead.

There are a whole host of other “prophetic puzzle pieces” that I am taking up, looking at, and trying to fit into what I’ll call my “Florida Prophetic Puzzle” for right now, at this moment. Why? Mainly, because I am a husband and a dad and a granddad to South Florida dwelling loved ones. I love my family. I want to give them good advice about what is coming. My three oldest daughters, who are prophetesses, are all members of these Yahoo groups. They will read this message. They will all be mad at me if I get this wrong. Right or wrong, I have to make the call. I am the family patriarch. I have a duty to warn when I see the danger approaching.

Weather Fact 1-Florida Governor Charlie Crist declared 11 Florida Counties surrounding JACKSONVILLE, FL to be in a state of emergency after 25 inches of rain fell in the area through May 21. More rain is expected.

OK, here’s the deal: That last weather fact makes a total of THREE JACKSONVILLE’S that I have mentioned in this little article. It is beginning to look as though God started everything related to the double judgements from JACKSONVILLE on May 21. That is what I was expecting. It looks to me like it has all started.

I am advising my family as follows:

If you want to make sure that you are at my right elbow, then I THINK THAT you need to leave Florida with me on the morning of May 25. If you do that, you can go with me whenever and wherever I go.

If you want to wait until the second road sign of May 31 appears, you will probably be able to reach my house in Tennessee, but I may not be there. You will be able to get into my house and you will have provisions there. God is going to send me up to be with Prophet Matthew in Minnesota at some point. I do not know exactly when that will be, or when I will get back to Tennessee.

If you wait until June 9, 2009, I DO NOT THINK you will be able to get out of Florida. I THINK the road will be blocked. I THINK that the bridges will be out. I THINK that about fifty more inches of rain will fall in Northern Florida.

You may have noticed that I moved in this article from using the phrasing of “prophetic fact” to “I THINK”. The one level of prophetic knowing involves absolute revelation from God. The other level involves interpretation of the very same prophetic revelation. When you are dealing with “I THINK”, based upon prophecy, you have to pray and then do what Jesus leads you to do by His Spirit. If you are FILLED with His Holy Spirit, you will get it right. If you get the decision wrong, you were NOT FILLED. You can never blame God.

I prayed and I felt led to warn my family with this article. I sent it out to all the rest of you to show you just how gut wrenching this whole process is for me and my family. So then, you will not feel alone in your own gut wrenching decision process. I also felt that it was wrong to warn my family privately and not let any of you know about it. That would be gutless. We prophesy in part and we see darkly, as if we were looking through a blurred glass. We never know with 100% certainty all of the details about a particular event or set of events. God leaves a requirement in place that each of us must be individually led by His Holy Spirit. We must know HIM! We must walk in the light!

You see, I THINK that the current drenching of rain in Northern Florida is the one the Lord was talking to me about in Prophetic Fact 3 above. If I am right, there will be at least FIFTY INCHES more rain in Northern Florida. If that happens, I THINK it will be the event that CAUSES ALL THE BRIDGES TO BE OUT. If I am wrong, it waits for a later time to be fulfilled.

I will let ALL of you know if I receive any more prophetic certainty on any of these items.

Now, one daughter has $1.58 in her bank account, has $650 in rent due in a week and just took out a $1,500 school loan. She works four days a week. She really cannot afford a false alarm, so SHE MUST HEAR FROM JESUS about what to do.

Another daughter has plans to go to Nana’s house and travel around for the summer. She has all these plans for fun, fun, fun this summer. She cannot afford a false alarm. SHE MUST HEAR FROM JESUS.

Another daughter has a husband and my grandson. Her husband must HEAR FROM JESUS and make a good decision. He has a good job and cannot afford a false alarm.

I have made my decision. I had to hear from Jesus. I am leaving on the morning of Monday, May 25, 2009. Who is going with me?

This is how I have advised my family members. I had to hear from Jesus about that too. Each of my family members must now pray and decide whether Jesus is leading them to follow Dad’s best judgement in these times. Does Dad have it right or not?

Now, for the rest of you, I have never told any of you to go anywhere in particular, except I have warned you to get off the coast and to get out of Florida. One day, there will be rioting, famine, no drinkable water, mayhem, murder, plundering, several tsunamis, flooding, much death and probably even more than that. You had all better get a word from Jesus, and right soon.

We are out of time! I have prophetic certainty about that!


Stephen L. Bening

…………………………………………………. Dear Group, and WPA members, Tsunami, Tsunami, Tsunami

When I went to bed last night and as I close my eyes I saw a huge Tsunami off the West & East Coast. It flash before my eyes and in a split second of time I open my eyes and the Clock read 12:22 am. I was only out for two minutes when this happened. I thought about it for a few minutes and then went back to sleep. All night long I had a very long dream. I saw a physical Tsunami hit the Coast, I saw two large earthquakes hit America, I saw explosions go off all America, I saw buildings collapse, I saw two huge Tornadoes rip through cities like pouring out of a huge pitcher of water very fast. I saw two leaders being shot, I saw people running everywhere in fear, not knowing where to go. I saw the Golden Gate bridge collapse, I saw other bridges all over America collapse, and I saw people running and military troops shooting everyone they could. I heard people screaming out in fear and I heard someone yell out, "why is this happing to us"? I saw mobbing on the streets and people where killing one another. I saw people pouring money out on the streets and dollar bills were flying down the street and some man yelled out, "this money is worthless". All the stores were burning and cities across America were all on fire. Marshall Law was in place but it was out of control and people were being shot. Some man yelled out, "is this what America too, we will never have peace again, we have lost our freedom." I saw some people falling on their knees and crying out, "God have mercy" but I saw no change. I heard a voice say, "I will not hear their cry, they would listen or repent". I saw many other things that night. Please read these very important books for this is what came to me again this morning. The warning has gone forth again. Ezekiel 12: 17-28no longer will this be postponed. Ezekiel 21: The Sword and Ezekiel 7: The End Has Come.

I woke up this morning and told Kathy a little of what I saw and that I need to let everyone know this. I checked my email and look at the internet news as this Article below caught my attention. Greenspan speaks of Tsunami and a financial recovery. This recovery is the furthest thing from the truth. This Tsunami will be very real and will take every Idol down and remove everything that is not of Jesus Christ. Only the pure in heart may enter into these places of refuge. The time is now here for this will happen very rapidly. It will not just be the money system or credit or gold. It will come upon all things on this earth. We must be a people that will have our eyes and heart on our only hope, JESUS CHRIST!

This is the calm before the Storm! A Storm, A Storm, A Storm ( See America's Road Map part 3)

Matthew Stephen

Vine Ministry

Greenspan: It's a 'credit tsunami'

Former Fed chairman says crisis will pass, and U.S. will end up with 'far sounder financial system.' October 23, 2008

NEW YORK ( -- Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan told a House committee Thursday that the nation will emerge from the current credit crisis with a "far sounder financial system."

"We are in the midst of a once-in-a century credit tsunami," Greenspan told the House Oversight and Reform Committee in prepared testimony.

Greenspan said that whatever regulatory changes are made to respond to the crisis, "They will pale in comparison to the change already evident in today's markets."

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