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Prophecy: The Healing Of The Beast
April 11, 2010

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"For my own part, I have never had a thought which I could not set down in words with even more distinctness than that with which I conceived it. There is, however, a class of fancies of exquisite delicacy which are not thoughts, and to which as yet I have found it absolutely impossible to adapt to language. These fancies arise in the soul, alas how rarely. Only at epochs of most intense tranquillity, when the bodily and mental health are in perfection. And at those weird points of time, where the confines of the waking world blend with the world of dreams. And so I captured this fancy, where all that we see, or seem, is but a dream within a dream."

This prose establishes a fitting context for that which I recently experienced. I can now begin to tell of a profound and sublime thing that happened to me last Friday morning, April 9, 2010. I have laid a foundation for this in the article I wrote on Saturday, April 10, where I discussed in very short fashion, the Geneva Bible of 1560 and the contents of the Revelation 13 footnotes contained in the textual commentary.

Geneva Bible 1560-Revelation 13 With Commentary

People will tell you: "don't worry about the Catholics". Wouldn't it be nice if you could simply relegate the actual, literal fulfilments of Revelation 11, 12 and 13 by the Roman Catholic Church, from 533 to 1793, to the prophetic dustbin?

Some will say: "you have much more to worry about than the Catholics", and they are partly right, but you will never understand that which is about to appear until you gain an understanding of that which has already been.

Why 533? The year the Papacy declared its' primacy over every other Christian Bishop.

Why 1793? The year Napoleon threw the Papists out of France.

Why those dates? They comprise 1260 years of beastly activity, as the beast was prophesied to carry out in Revelation 12:5: a day for a year. 42 months of thirty day months yields 1260 days, which foretells the time period limiting the years of beastly activity.

People say, "well the Catholic Church is not beastly now". And, so just how true that is, by comparison to that which it used to perpetrate. But Revelation 13:3 speaks of the wound the beast received in 1793, in France, at the hands of Napoleon, which wounding process continued until all control over secular powers was lost by the Papacy in 1866, and reminds us that the head wound will only appear to be fatal, but the beast will receive a healing.

I write for the common man and not for the pastor or theologian, just as The Geneva Bible of 1560 was also written also for the purpose of communicating divine thoughts to the common man and it performed its' task perhaps even much better than any of the laborers in the task might have ever asked or hoped. Those bible experts and translators who had gathered to Geneva in 1557 had been flung there by persecution in England under the reign of "Bloody Mary". But God had another purpose in mind, and had decided to bring forth a good thing from her evil reign: an English bible, which came about largely because of her reign of terror.

Imagine a time, which began in the year 666, when Pope Vitallian issued a decree commanding the exclusive use of Latin in all services of the Catholic church. Can you even conjure up in your mind what it must have been like to be led off to church services where you would understand nary a word? And so, the common man, from that time forth, went to church and understood not a word of it: from 666 AD! It is easy to forget that it ever happened.

And now, I will make an attempt to concisely lay out my thoughts. I do not present them as "thus sayeth the Lord", but merely as my present thoughts on the matters near at hand, arrived at after much prayer and study of the scriptures, but received in a moment of sudden clarity early last Friday morning. I believe them to have been inspired by the Holy Spirit, but I present them to you, as merely the suddenly implanted cogitations of my mind, on the morning of Friday, April 9, 2010:

1) It is time for the fatal head wound of the beast to be healed. A great emperor will arise, after the manner of Nero and Hitler. He will be a political/economic scion, but he will operate in league with the head or heads of all the consolidated Christian religions that are made up of Roman Catholicism, her wayward cubs and, quite possibly, the heads of all major world religions, such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Shintoism.

2) We are very near now to a general collapse of all of the economies of the world. Incumbent in this collapse will also be the collapse of all of their respective currencies, since these are all fiat currencies, backed by nothing but the wind. This will wind up in large part to have been caused by the unparalleled greed that has found its' central home in the large banking houses, of which J.P. Morgan Chase is now the largest of them all. And so, the first thought of clarity is that all of this is about to happen, and it will be collapsed intentionally, and those insiders who have known about the intent to collapse the system beforehand will have prepared themselves to profit greatly in the day of financial calamity. As it was in the days of the great depression, a world leader will arise who will blame this intentional collapse on the Jews, as Adolph Hitler rose to power in Germany by blaming the financial collapse of that day on the Jews.

3) This world leader will arise, after the manner of Hitler, as the common man of the world is engaged in battling starvation. Food will be plentiful, but men will have no money with which to buy it. Men will lose all their savings in a matter of days. Rioting will occur in all nations and governments will be vigorously engaged in putting it down. Men will become exceedingly desperate, and then, the newly arising politician will offer the solutions. The Jewish bankers will be blamed, and this political leader will rise to power through the same powerful oratorical skill employed by Hitler. This will be the latter day beast, rising up out of the sea, as he is described in Revelation 13:1, of which the ten European kings of the middle ages were the first fulfillment, and of which Hitler was a type, but the more full type was seen in the early Roman Caesars who perpetrated the ten persecutions upon the Christian Church from the time of Christ through 350 AD.

4) This world political leader will arise in concert with the leader of the Roman Catholic Church, but just as this political leader will have wider reach than the ten European Kings had, this religious leader will hold wider sway as well. This Greater Papacy will once more arise as the beast coming up out of the Earth, of Revelation 13:11. It will be styled as a world church, and many of the "cubs" that strayed away during the Reformation will be brought back into the fold, along with many other religions. And so, just as it was between 533 AD, when the Pope declared himself to be the preeminent bishop of the Church and 1793, when Napoleon ended Roman Catholic rule in France, those 1260 years of political and papal cooperation will once again return, only in a greater and wider way. The fatal head wound as foreseen in Revelation 12:3 will be healed, and this monster will once again rule the world.

5) This joint political/religious monster will be a great covenant maker and treaty maker, just as Daniel has always assured us will be the case. As Hitler did just prior to WW2 by making a treaty with his greatest potential enemies: Russia and Great Britain, so this political leader will also make treaties with his greatest potential enemy or enemies. In like manner, treaties will also be made to set up apparently peaceful co-existence between the Catholic, the Jew and the Muslim. Laws will be set worldwide, forbidding the proselytizing by any one of these of any of the others. Left out in the cold will be those non-Catholic Christians who will refuse to re-assimilate back into the Catholic Church. Bibles will be confiscated. All Christian preaching will be removed from radio, television and internet except that approved by the church/state. No preaching will be permitted that will convict the sinner of any sin: most particularly, the homosexual. All church meetings, worldwide, must now be state sponsored. It will be the same with Islam and Judaism. Those who do not submit will be pursued and killed. God will help the remnant with all sorts of natural disasters, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and other "acts of God" that will wreak havoc with the activities of the beast.

6) Just as Hitler broke his treaties, this beast will break his treaties in a time convenient.

7) I suspect this will be accomplished rather surreptiously, and will appear to involve more than one political leader, and more than one "Greater Pope". Because there will appear to be a plurality of beasts, people, especially evangelically educated, religious people, will be led, largely unawares, into the time foretold.

There are really very few really novel things about this prospective scenario, except that just now, the pieces are starting to fall into place to facilitate item number two.

Just last week, evidence of manipulation in the precious metal markets was presented to the CFTC governing board. It is alleged that J.P. Morgan/Chase has been "naming their price" in the gold and silver markets for several years. The fraud is unprecedented and is now beginning to come to light. We may be at a crossroads, where gold and silver will assume their real exchange price, and the relative worthlessness of the present world currencies will be glaringly revealed.

Beginning in 2007, Hendrickson Publishers once again made the Geneva Bible of 1560 available to the common man, for a price under $100. I take this as a sign. We are being warned by the Lord that "that which has been before is that which shall now be, once again."

Stephen L. Bening

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