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Prophecy: "Why Isn't The Whole World Catholic?-The Geneva Bible 1560"
April 10, 2010

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Have you ever wondered how it came to be that a Pope, together with a confederation of ten European kings, was not able to contain more than half of his subjects?

I have studied the matter out rather thoroughly, and I have decided that the main reason for the loss of the Papist's exclusive empire was the invention of the printing press.

And what, you might ask, was the most explosive printed work ever published? Well, that is a matter that some might think requires personal opinion to be employed, but for me, it is an easy choice to make.

The Geneva Bible 1560, published in about 160 editions, from 1560 to 1660, and printed in more than half a million volumes, was the back breaker, in my humble opinion. You can sample it at the bottom of the link, without the footnotes.

But, what was it about this Geneva bible that was so explosive? It was also called the "Pilgrims Bible". This was the bible that the founders of America brought onboard ship with them. Surely, you don't believe they carried the "authorized" King James version, do you?

Another opinion is required now, but to me, it is not much of a stretch to conclude that the fact that almost none of you have ever seen a 1560 Geneva Bible, let alone read one, constitutes the most successful and most destructive act of censorship in the history of mankind.

You have been kept in blissful ignorance by your religious keepers.

What is it about this Geneva Bible? Why was it so politically incorrect? Why was it banned? Why are you not supposed to read it? The answer once again requires me to form an opinion, and again, it is not much of a stretch for me to reach one.

Answer: THE COMMENTARY FOOTNOTES. To see those, you will have to buy a copy at CBD.

And again, if you want my opinion, you can zoom in on one bible chapter to see the reason why this version that fueled the Christian Reformation was eased out of existence and out of our public minds today. That chapter is REVELATION 13.

It takes a little care to make your way through the old English utilized herein, but you can get the picture with about five minutes of work.

So please, American Christian and other speakers and readers of the English language, take five minutes out of your overly busy day, and read the words that so inflamed Mary, Queen of England that she justly earned the nickname, BLOODY MARY. The Spanish King, in sympathy to the Pope, issued an inquisition order to KILL ALL CALVINISTS, wherever they were found, around the world. For anyone caught carrying this 1560 Geneva Bible, it was an automatic convert or die scenario. This resulted in the many great massacres of protestant Christians that occurred even here, in North America, in the 1500's, that you also know nothing about, because your church is too busy trying to shake all the money out of your pockets.

And now, without further delay, here is the link for Revelation 13, Geneva Bible style, side by side with the textual commentary that got the goat of old Blood Mary:

Geneva Bible 1560 Revelation 13

Now, Hendrickson publishers has made this bible, with commentary notes, available, once again, to the common man.

For $30, you can buy a hardback version at CBD, the leather bound version is about $70: Geneva Bible 1560 Hardback

I own the leather bound version, and it is very nice, and fairly easy to read, once you get used to the old English.

In my humble opinion, every English speaking christian should own one of these and, at a minimum, read the book of Revelation and the commentary that set the church on fire about 500 years ago. Because whether you believe that commentary or not, HALF of Christian Europe believed it back then, and acted upon their convictions. Many of them lost their lives as a result at the hands of the Catholic inquisitors and their obedient Catholic monarchs.

The Geneva 1560 was then translated into French in 1562 and the French Huguenots doubtless carried it with them wherever they went in the world. Many of them traveled to the New World and settled near Jacksonville. The story of their slaughters in 1564 and 1565 is depicted here:

The National Park Service provides these details of the conflict:

Spanish treasure fleets sailed along the Florida coast on their way to Spain and Fort Caroline provided a perfect base for French attacks. Worst of all to the devoutly Catholic Philip, the settlers were Huguenots (French Protestants). Despite Philip's protests, Jean Ribault sailed from France in May 1565 with more than 600 soldiers and settlers to resupply Fort Caroline.

General Pedro MenÚndez de Aviles, charged with removing the French, also sailed in May, arriving at the Saint Johns River in August with some 800 people, shortly after Ribault. The Spanish came ashore on September 8 and established and named their new village "St. Augustine" because land had first been sighted on the Feast Day of St. Augustine, August 28.

Jean Ribault sailed on September 10 to attack and wipe out the Spanish at St. Augustine, but a hurricane carried his ships far to the south, wrecking them on the Florida coast.

At the same time, MenÚndez led a force to attack Fort Caroline. Since most of the soldiers were absent, MenÚndez was easily able to capture the French settlement, killing most of the men in the battle. He then learned from Timucuan Indians that a group of white men were on the beach a few miles south of St. Augustine. He marched with 70 soldiers to where an inlet had blocked 127 of the shipwrecked Frenchmen trying to get back to Fort Caroline.

With a captured Frenchman as translator, MenÚndez described how Fort Caroline had been captured and urged the French to surrender. Rumors to the contrary, he made no promises as to sparing them. Having lost most of their food and weapons in the shipwreck, they did surrender. However, when MenÚndez then demanded that they give up their Protestant faith and accept Catholicism, they refused. 111 Frenchmen were killed. Only sixteen were spared - a few who professed being Catholic, some impressed Breton sailors, and four artisans needed at St. Augustine.

Two weeks later the sequence of events was repeated. More French survivors appeared at the inlet, including Jean Ribault. On October 12 Ribault and his men surrendered and met their fate, again refusing to give up their faith. This time 134 were killed. From that time, the inlet was called Matanzas -- meaning "slaughters" in Spanish.

We owe it to them and to their shed blood to at least take a look into it and see what all the fuss was about, and to PRAY about whether they were on to something important.

I believe that shortly, we will see it all happen, once again, in our own lifetimes.

Stephen L. Bening

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