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PROPHECY: Three Comets And A Wake Up Call
February 18, 2004

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My how things come around in the Lord. In God's creation, it seems that everything orbits around something. Planets come back around to the same place. The moon orbits around the Earth, and the Earth around the Sun. Even our Galaxy appears to be moving, probably around some center point of the universe.

And so, it appears that the orbit of WPA has returned to things concerning asteroids/comets. And it returned to that place without any coaxing from me.

February 18th...2002...that is when Bob Neumann posted his dream vision about the "THREE ASTEROIDS". I was profoundly moved in my spirit. One week later, on February 25, God made this a personal thing for me by bringing me into the prophetic fray.

I was first alerted that we needed to be looking for these asteroids in the near term by John Lallier, who reported to me in August, 2001 that he had "THREE VISIONS" that involved an asteroid in a near miss with Florida and a great flood.

Prior to this, we had the bible, with it's Revelation 8 mountains slamming into the sea. We had new age spiritualists running around chanting about NUBIRU and Planet X. Most of us were reluctant to co- occupy any prophetic turf with such people. But seeing, it appears, is seeing. The bible does not restrict accurate prophesying and seeing to the followers of JESUS CHRIST. True enough though that those who accurately prophesy without relationship with our Lord Jesus are still headed for a hellish conclusion.

Now, we have had a few more things thrown into the mix.........February 22........2/22........222........Right, that is THREE "two's". Will anything happen on that date?

Randy McKee reported his "THREE DREAMS".

Joseph Cook penned the revelation about "THREES"

Linda Conner has discovered that 2/22 begins the year of the monkey. A monkey spirit, perhaps. Military adventure in Chinese lands? We will see. Gatekeepers and sheep ravaged in an attack of persecution? (Oops. I stand corrected. The year of the monkey began on January 22.)

Now, it appears that THREE comets are coming on the scene in April/May 2004.. Will they be visible to the naked eye? Some are saying there is a strong possibility.

For those who have fallen a little bit asleep since November 11th, it has been THREE months since I was last on a high alert status. Time to wake up folks, if anyone is out there who still cares. A few of you are still paying attention, I can see. I am among those who needs to gird myself up and snap to attention.

I have family members who have the distinct impression that I/WE predicted that these things would be here already and we missed it, and so now, nobody will care to look at anything we point at, much less listen to us if we warn anyone about anything. People hear what they want to hear.

Yet, we didn't predict any specific date did we? We have been saying for quite some time that this event was very near, perhaps soon..soon..soon. Yet, life rolls on today as yesterday without even the slightest shakeup. And yet, there is the perception that we are a laughingstock, and that we missed something here.

I DON'T THINK SO. Yet, we, with Peter, bear with the scoffing. I know it deep within me that ALL THAT CAN SHAKE IS GONNA SHAKE.

There have been almost three thousand homosexual weddings in San Francisco in the last week, yet most of Christianity thinks that things are going to be tommorrow just as they are today, and nothing will change. The plan of every "Church" I am around right now is to prioritize a group viewing of a MOVIE that will be coming out very soon, about bible things, that was produced by a man who prays to the Virgin Mary every day. Surely God doesn't care enough to insert himself into the equation.....they think. He must be on vacation at Club Med.

Time to wipe sleep out of eyes, get that extra oil within reach for the lamp, and be at the ready. Many....many folks........disciples all.........have fallen totally asleep.

Stephen L. Bening

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