PROPHECY: WPA Emergency Alert System-Second Day
February 27, 2002

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Dear WPA and others:

It is quite obvious that the WPA is shifting gears. None of us has stayed the same, in Christ, over the years. Why should this organism be any different? The Lord birthed it, and He will bring it to maturity.

At times, WPA has been like a chat room, as people have gotten to know one another. At times, it is still like that...and sometimes it bothers me...but I don't feel led to do anything about it. Let the Lord handle it. In other internet groups, I have always been bothered when the pastor/moderator broke in and told people to take things offline. On one hand, it made logical sense....but on the other...it bothered my spirit when it was done that way.

Then, at other times, it is like a war room. Sometimes, it has been a class room. Now, it has the feel of a locker room...a place where people are preparing for a great contest. Soon, it may have the feel of an inner room, where people will huddle together for comfort and encouragement.

bob neumann writes:"but something is certainly missing. and the only thing that comes to my mind is an old movie.....DRUMS ALONG THE MOHAWK....about a community ...building and growing....and fighting common enemies to survive."

First, that common enemy, or enemies must be perceived and discerned by a significant portion of the WPA.

A week ago, when you received the dream/vision on Feb 18, only a handful were really concerned.

Then, with this week's events, the number has risen to about 20, who have been willing to cast aside their internet anonymity and reveal telephone numbers. Personal contact is now possible, and it is occurring.

The term critical mass comes to mind. It seems that the latest alert has coalesced a small group who perceive that we might be very near to some extremely dangerous, stressful times. As a man thinks, so he is. Currently, the public and private alert lists number about 20. An urgency is developing...in me and in others.

The asteroid alert dream was given on the fast day of Esther. Esther was under pressure. Was she going to answer the call? Mordechai had laid down the gauntlet. Was she going to prepare? She did. She fasted, and called others to fast and pray for her. She never thought this would be part of the job, but suddenly, she was called forth for use by the Lord...and she rose to the challenge and answered the call.

Her position and influence before the King was critical. Her intimacy with the King sealed the deal. Esther vs. Haman? Her or Him? No contest. She was the total package, with all the looks and all the right makeup, and the brains to go with it...and the fear of the Lord as well.

Note that she was in place, and becoming more beautiful, and serving well as a queen..and had even leapfrogged over a predecessor...Vashti, who refused to follow protocol. Protocol was very important then...and now. Note that her position was not used earlier for vain purposes or for small requests.

I never envisioned that WPA would be an alert network...a cooperative...a working vehicle to help bring us to Goshen. I did forsee an assembly and a community, but the vision is changing.

It seems that the WPA is to be like an Esther. If the WPA organism is to be like the Lord, it will resemble Him as a deliverer. It is in place. It appears to have been raised to such a place for such a time as this. He can work through it, and use it.

I want to let Him. I'm going to let Him.

Stephen L. Bening
a servant and prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ

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