PROPHECY: WPA Emergency Alert System Is Born
February 26, 2002

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Dear WPA and others:

I have had a day to reflect on the events of Feb 25. Asteroid Dream-Stephen L. Bening

This follows one week after the very powerful dream that Bob Neumann reported, along with testimony of a dream by Billie London, concerning the asteroid impact and the resultant tidal wave.Asteroid Dream-Bob Neumann

This came to me following the visions of John Lallier, that were posted on Watchmen Prophets Assembly concerning the asteroid and the impacts and the flooding of Florida. Asteroid vision-John Lallier

Now, in 2003, I have read the confirming vision of Ann Peterson.Three Asteroid vision-Ann Peterson

Further investigation yielded this witness from Daniel E. Bohler: Floods And Tidal Waves-Daniel E. Bohler

As I have brought these things before the Lord, I have these impressions:

1) I, and the WPA, were taken through a type of test...a dry run...by the Lord. It was the Lord who did it. In a similar way, the USA periodically tests the Emergency Broadcast System on TV and radio. It puts the whole system into action, and tests, to an extent, readiness. As I see it, we did pretty well, but the system has some holes in it. I believe the Lord wants it tightened up.

2) The US military has various stages that indicate the seriousness of a warning, known as "DEFCON". I'm not sure, but I think "DEFCON5" means we are at all out war. "DEFCON4" means we are on the brink of war. The entire nuclear fleet goes to a level of quick readiness to launch their nuclear payloads upon a presidential order, at DEFCON4. (Gleaned from watching movies...hope it's accurate) If I had to compare where we were on Monday night, I'd have to assess it as, say, (I'll call it a WPA3). I'll explain.

A. We had a detailed prophecy, a week earlier, that disclosed that we are going to be receiving multiple, synchronous dream warnings of an asteroid/tidal wave at some future point. I totally believe that, and receive it as from the Lord. These warnings will commence at 2 A.M., and will warn of three asteroid impacts to come 20 hours later. That dream/vision is to be taken quite literally. Bob and I both believe it could be imminent.

B. On Monday night, my daughter, with no prior knowledge, was shown, in a dream, THREE asteroids on their way. She came into my room at 2 A.M. And so, that immediately took it to a "WPA3" level of warning. She had TWO pieces of information there that she could have only obtained in the supernatural realm. At this point, the only questions are: is it from the Lord...is it a drill or the real deal.....is it from the enemy? One of you, perhaps more, thought it was from the enemy, and I don't believe that for a minute, but, it is possible, since it was not confirmed in the mouth of a second or third witness.

C. All it would have taken for this to leave the realm of a test/drill/alert was for one or two other people to have had the same dream. Then, we would have been at, say, a WPA4.

D. If, after I had prayed, the Lord had spoken to me, or had given me, in my spirit, a peace that the warnings were of an imminent nature, I would have taken it to a WPA5 level, and I would have been, as they say, OUTAHERE. I'm serious! I would have been heading to Chattanooga, TN--Lookout Mountain. Once there, I would go up to that Mountain and seek the Lord.

3) So.....a WPA5. Let's say, for the sake of discussion, that I had declared this "WPA5" warning at 3:30 A.M. I would have posted it, with the testimony of three witnesses, plus my own witness with it in my spirit. I would have commenced packing, and would have been reachable only by cellphone at 5 A.M. ( I would have been on the road)

If this had been a real emergency and not a drill, anyone living in my area would have to be on the road by 8 A.M. to reach safety. How many of the 116 WPA members had checked in with me by 8 A.M.? FIVE! If there were others of you who read the warnings before 9 A.M, but were silent, please let me know.

The other latest possible departure times are: Orlando FL-12 noon, New Orleans LA-3 P.M, Savannah GA-3 P.M.

How could we have done better? How can I do to do a better job of warning the people I know and love (which includes WPA people)?

I'll offer the following as a list of possible options. Anyone who wishes to respond is welcome, and I won't be the slightest bit affected if you tell me I'm all wet on this, because God has given me a forehead of flint, and, really, nothing bothers me very much, so long as I know I am walking with HIM. HE and ME are a majority.

1) For anyone who wants to can give me their phone number:. I'll keep a private list. If I issue a "WPA5" alert, I'll call those on the list and let them know that I'm leaving, and where I'm going. That means that you have given me advance permission to call you at 3 A.M. You will then know that I am leaving, and you can log on to the net, read the testimonies, and pray and decide for yourself what you will do, with ample time for your efforts to be effectual.

2) I'll keep another list of phone numbers on the net...on my GAMMADIM VISION website, and I'll link it to the WPA bookmarks. Your phone number will only be made public if you tell me you want it that way. All my phone numbers will be on that list. That means you have given any WPA member permission to call you at 3 A.M.

Any other ideas? Let me have them. Denny Williams used to always tell me: "Information reduces anxiety".

As for me, I believe in informed, prayerful decision making, based upon the most knowledge and the latest information. Procrastination is not for me, and I never, never hope to stick my head in the sand. Worry about nothing...pray about everything...and cast every burden upon the Lord.

Stephen L. Bening

Dear WPA:

Well, I've gone and done it. The scoffers are going to have fun with me now. Ahhhh D*** the torpedoes, full speed ahead. I must follow Jesus. I'll be a loudly barking dog until Jesus takes me home.

I have made available to all of you a free membership in the WPA Emergency Alert System. There is a public telephone list, viewable at the link below, and there is a private list, that will be known only to me. Currently, there are no phone numbers on either list, except my own.

Look at the link, pray, and decide if you want to be part of this. You will have to contact me to have your name and number included.

By offering it, I have fulfilled my responsibilities, thus far, as a watchman of the Lord.

Stephen L. Bening


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