PROPHECY: Once Upon A Time In The West (In The Last Days)
March 20, 2002

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Dear WPA and others:

There is a haunting movie that I watch whenever it appears on TV. Images from that movie are scrolling through my mind's eye this morning.

Images of horrors held in the memory of a young man now older. Images that acts done in life will have a day of reaping.

I can hear that harmonica playing...blowing in the wind this morning.....warning that the time of reaping is at hand.

Actually, I have been wanting to write this type of thing for a long time...it is just that today, the time for it has come.

For years, I have been concerned about shaking the baby Christians. We have been releasing, as it were, tempered warnings. I knew in my spirit that most could not handle or digest the whole truth. Now, the time is long past that those who have looked into these things ought to have grown, to have matured, and to have begun to partake of strong meat.

I think and ponder today on all that I have yearned for...all that I would have liked to have seen happen in the church of Jesus Christ in the last days in America....all that I hoped to accomplish as a minister of the Lord in this nation.

I would have liked for my brothers and sisters to have been made aware of the lateness of the hour for their nation, and to have begun a national move of repentance. I have seen, at times, a turning toward God, but not a turning fully to Him.

Some of them have crossed my path, and some have looked into these things, but most live unaffected lives, it seems. Most have stared the American disaster in the face and have chosen to avert their eyes. As drivers passing a horrific car wreck, some slow down and stare...others rush on and cannot look.

Now, as I look upon the scene, and I hear that harmonica....that eerie tune that Bronson played, over and over in that film, I know it is all drawing near. In that film, change was coming to the west, and a family had forseen it, and bought land out in front of the railroad's arrival. Their plan was to build a station and start a town. Yes, change was coming, and they had prepared, but they knew not what or how to adequately prepare for what was coming, and it came differently than they had seen, and it destroyed them as it was being built.. Yes, the town came and the order changed, but it came with death and destruction.

What is it that Bob Neumann says...."for what we are about to receive may we indeed be truly grateful"

It seems to me this morning that many have prepared for a new apostolic and prophetic order in the same way as those movie characters prepared. They have moved out ahead, but they did not plan for certain things. And now, that eerie harmonica is blowing in my head, and it is similar to the warning of a trumpet, but there is a sadness to it...a mournful sound...a sound of what might have been for this nation.

We have the writings of probably 200 prophets who have heard things and seen things, and America remains unchanged. I have read pretty close to all of them. Indeed, most of the church remains unchanged in my view as well. Even in my own church, and here at the WPA assembly, I often wonder how many really live lives that are affected by forseen events that are just on the horizon.

How should someone live who believes these things? Shouldn't it effect the life? How can someone miss a church prayer meeting in these times, and yet in my church, the prayer meetings are the lightest meeting in terms of attendance....only three or four people in a church of a hundred. Some people in our church come to only one meeting of the church in two weeks.

Now, we have a good church, but in terms of corporate prayer, we have a barely beating pulse. Could we not simply attend, even if we cannot pray, and sit before our Lord in spiritual sackcloth and ashes to mourn for what is coming? Could we not do the same in our prayer closets, even if we cannot pray?

And so, I think it is so that some have seen what is coming, but choose to avert their eyes...and avert their prayers as well. Yes there are some who have chosen to believe the prosperity prophets. There are others who have carefully looked into these things and are still unchanged.

I look at my own life, after reading the writings of Susan Cummings today? How can I pray as little as I do if I really believe what I say I believe? Now, I do pray, and I pray corporately in both our public prayer meetings, but I could do a whole lot more, and perhaps I should do a whole lot more. Privately, I could, and should, sit before the Lord spiritually in sackcloth. Yet, when the time comes to make choices with my times, I frequently choose not to pray for my nation. Why is that?

I have got to come clean with you all now, and reveal the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Some of you may not like it, but this is the real me now, with no pretense, and no holding back. This is what I really believe, deep down, but have, at times, been unwilling to express in public.

Honestly, I believe I have not prayed fervently for my nation in the last few years because it is my own private belief that we have passed the point of no return. I pray based upon faith whenever I pray. I know no other way. Prayer must be fervent and righteous in order to avail much. How can anyone pray fervently without a belief? I know that God hears those prayers that are in accordance with His will. There are other prayers that are useless...that are a waste of time. And yet, I must have strength from God to mourn over all of this, to set aside time for quiet mourning in advance of the coming of what has been seen.

Now, we are commanded to pray for our leaders...our President...and so I do that. It is good to pray for peace in our land....usually. But how are we to pray when God says there will be no peace, but a sword, and famine and pestilence?

When faced with such revelation, and such sobriety, I find myself falling before my God, and praying in the only realm, under the only attribute of God where I find any faith within myself with respect to America....I pray for mercy. That is always permitted.

I read of many who still believe that intercession can turn aside all of the things that prophets have seen for America. I must admit that personally, I do not believe it. I believe it is set. I believe it will be soon. The time for turning has passed. And so, I do not participate.

I have read of the declarations, and the proclamations, and I simply am not participating. I have heard the TBN prophets who bind the prince of Islam, and declare that we will have peace in the USA and that we will have victory in war, and, again, I cannot participate. I can only sit before my Lord in silent mourning, hearing that harmonica blow, for the ruination that is coming upon my people.

Yes, I can hear that harmonica blowing in the wind. I know we will have much ministry yet in this land, but we can hardly forsee how we will be brought to such a place where we may find the performing of it. It will be difficult enough to survive what is coming and then, by grace, to reach unto the day of revival in this land. That will be the operation of the miraculous in those who survive and remain to minister.

How ought we to live in such times?

"What manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness. Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God....be diligent that ye may be found of him in peace, without spot, and blameless."

I only hope and pray that a remnant exists in this land who has looked upon and seen what is coming, and who have prepared and who are attempting, by grace, to live in that way.

Yes, this may shake some of you. Some of you see it differently than I do. Some believe there is space given to America, by God, and that the new order will come gradually, and that ample monies will be provided to raise up Godly ministries. You believe we are going to see great revival in advance of any trouble. If you believe this, I can only say that I hope you are right, but I, personally, do not see it, and I can't allow anyone to think for a minute that I see it that way any more.

Hopefully, none of you are babies. There are 120 WPA members today...the number of Noah....the number of a man's life. If this doesn't shake you, then shake and rouse yourself. Seek the Lord your God. Call upon him. Sit before him, spiritually in dust and ashes.

Repent now! Make the changes now! Don't put any changes off another day. Begin....and indeed, for some of you...begin again to take the measure of the day in which you live. You were called to such a time as this. If we are a remnant, we have need of being a revived remnant. Breathe upon us Lord.

Return fully unto the Lord Jesus Christ.

Blessings in our Lord Jesus Christ to you, the remnant of God,

Stephen L. Bening
a servant and prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ

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