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I received a telephone call today from a watchman. He wanted to run something by me that he is seeing and get my view on it.

He sent me a copy of a Tampa Tribune article entitled "Whispers Of Peace Heard In Mideast".

The thrust of idea put forth in the article advanced the premise that William J. Clinton is seen as a middle east peacemaker/power broker. George Bush has shown an unwillingness to involve himself in the Middle East. There are seven weeks now until the new election in Israel and there seems to be intense pressure on all parties to come to some form of agreement, since it is perceived that Clinton is about to exit the world stage on January 20, 2001. I was asked whether I thought we could be very close to the "confirming of a covenant among many".

First of all, we who watch are aware that Clinton meets the numerical qualification to be the son of perdition--exactly. The number of his name, in Hebrew and in Greek, is 666. He is the first world political leader to meet this qualification. Prince Charles of Wales meets it in the Greek, but has not been involved as a peacemaker. Since we know that antichrist "destroys wonderfully through peace", Clinton is one that we watch, and will continue to watch.

William J. Clinton is a relatively young man. Born in 1946, He will be a mere 54 years old when he leaves office next month. It is entirely possible that he could have 25 years or more of public life remaining. So, the mere exit of this man from the presidency does not remove him from the top spot of candidates for the title "man of sin". We must still watch this man and his activities with great care.

The "decoy" seven year peace treaty ran from September 13, 1993 to September 12, 2000. This treaty ran it's course without the building of a temple in Jerusalem and without any discussion over the status of Jerusalem. No man of sin proclaimed himself to be God. No chips or marks were required to be implanted in order to buy or sell. In short, we were sucker punched. We were duped.

Since September, the parties to the previous peace have been working...and fighting. What should we watch for?

The last peace treaty carried with it an original 6 year term, but was extended to a seventh year. Since the scripture in Daniel says that antichrist will "confirm" a covenant, we do not necessarily look for a new treaty, but we are probably looking for the strengthening of an existing treaty, or perhaps, the extension of one. We tread carefully here in making claims because we are dealing with the words of Daniel----and Daniel is a sealed text until the time of the end. It will evidently be unsealed at the time of the Abomination That Causeth Desolation.

One possibility I told my watchman friend to watch for is an extension of the "decoy" treaty that back dates it's start to 9/13/2000. Since the previous treaty had a seven year periodicity to it, it might be reasoned that another 7 year period would be marked off, terminating in September 12, 2007. We would then have to do as we have done in the 1990's, watching for the telltale biblical events to occur at the midpoint. If that treaty expires in 2007, we would then look for another renewal.

Do we look for an agreement that will permit a rebuilt temple? We are told that the whole "abomination" question will require understanding. It may be as tricky as the whole "Now John is Elijah, now he isn't" issue at the time of Christ's first coming. What we want to avoid is getting so hung up on a preconceived notion that we miss the truth when it happens before our very eyes. The Jews looked for Elijah, we look for a temple....God is no respecter of persons. Remember, your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

The gospels also hint at some vaguery here. The antichrist stands "where he ought not" and stands "in the holy place", according to Matthew and Mark. The temple is implied but not explicitly indicated. In almost every place where the stone temple is indicated, the Greek word "hieron" is used, while the word that Paul uses in 2 Thess 2:4 is "naos", which is used in scripture to describe the stone temple and the human temple of God. The issue is therefore not settled. We will have to wait and watch.

It appears that a couple of things are likely. William J. Clinton will continue to play a role as a peacemaker. There is a strong likelihood that an extension of the previous peace treaty could be signed prior to January 20, 2001. There is also a strong likelihood that William J. Clinton might be retained by George W. Bush as special U.S. envoy to the Middle East for an indefinite period of time.

The Lord has shown me that there will be a war involving Israel, Jordan and Syria, but it will not be the Gog/Magog war. Not yet. It is still not time for that. Israel could go back into captivity for a brief season. We will have to continue watching and avoid discouragement when things do not transpire as we have previously theorized. We must continue watching and praying, holding on to our private understandings very lightly. We must adopt an attitude of being very willing to be corrected by the Lord.

We have already seen a preview of the enemy's tactics. He knows the scriptures too. He knows what we are watching and waiting for. He has given us a decoy 7 year treaty. Clinton may be a decoy antichrist. The enemy's tactic is to wear out the saints. He wants everyone to stop watching and go to sleep. He wants the church to grow sick and tired of hearing prophetic warnings from the watchmen on the wall. He is throwing clutter on our radar screens. We must shake off discouragement and fatigue and continue to run the race that has been set before us. We must watch, and we must warn. We must be sober, not shouting wildly and without reasonable cause. We must be careful when we give warnings. We must not become as dogs that cannot bark, however. We must hear from the Lord.

Stephen L. Bening
a servant and prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ

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