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Prophecy: Single Antichrist?
July 9, 2015, updated February 14, 2016

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Everywhere we turn in modern, so called "Christian Entertainment", we have all either watched or heard of the movies that put forth what has now become the stereotypical "anti-Christ" figure. He is portrayed as a man of dark political power and intrigue who also seems to have some sinister spiritual abilities. In any event, this character is always portrayed as being safely tucked away in our future and we are told that we really do not need to even look for his appearance until we see a Jewish Temple being constructed on the temple mount in Jerusalem. The result is that the entire church looks at the prophetic scriptures with a sleepy eye of unconcern.

We are led to believe that everyone believes that there will be one and only one charismatic anti-Christ figure. We are also led to think that everyone believes this and that there are no persuasive counter arguments. This is simply not true.

This article is long: even approaching the length of a small book. Perhaps, you might better respect it more if I published it and you were required to pay $9.99 for it to read it on Kindle, as I have had to just do to read a recently published book on the Islamic anti-Christ. I have spent considerable time and delved into multiple sources, both old and new, to draft this work. I would ask that you prayerfully consider it and that you would cast off the notion that "the more you pay, the more it's worth".

I will present a logically thought out argument here, presenting first the long neglected argument that the Papacy is anti-Christ in any generation. This must be presented because it has not been taught in this generation, it is foundational, and it is not subject to alteration: the beast of Revelation must ALWAYS be connected with Rome in some way. I really am convinced of this and I find that those who argue to the contrary due so out of ignorance or out of a desire to prove their competing argument while disregarding the strength of other arguments. From that point, I will demonstrate that anti-Christ powers, forces and spirits have infiltrated non-catholic christian teaching and have corrupted our doctrines, especially with respect to prophetic interpretations that are now beginning to have an affect upon us all.

Next, I will put forth the argument that a ten nation Islamic Caliphate and their expected Mahdi will be a last days pair of anti-Christian beasts. Most of the time, proponents of this argument argue against the Roman Catholic/Papal view in favor of their Islamic/Mahdi view, but I believe that the true story will wind up being that both are needed to completely fulfill all of the apocalyptic scriptures in any kind of full way that will impact Jerusalem as the totality of scripture calls for and also have the required affect on the entire world.

Finally, I will bring forth the argument that the present day Senior Pastor system is anti-Christ and that the Senior Pastor, where he accumulates power and control to himself, is acting as a modern day chairman of the board of directors of a major corporation and, in most cases, exercising more individual control than any chairman of a Fortune 500 company. Certainly, in many cases, these modern day religious moguls are gathering as much or more wealth to themselves than their non-religious business executive counterparts.

Now, to begin with the person whom Paul identifies as "The Man Of Sin".

"Little Children, it is the last time and as ye have heard that anti-Christ shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time".

Have we not seen that which is prophetically suggested here, as it has come to pass in our age many times over in print and in video as well as in Hollywood movie? Have we not been told by many voices that "anti-Christ shall come". We have been told, since around 1920, to expect ONE MAN to arise to fulfill this at some time in the future. But, and here is the kicker, just who or whom or what is this "anti-Christ"? Why is he not referred to anywhere else in the singular? Oh yes, I know there are other references that APPEAR to be in the singular, yet why does every other prophetic indicator argue for a symbolic interpretation of this term rather than a literal, singular one?

Let us now consider 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4.

2Th 2:3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; 2Th 2:4 Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.

We can further look at verse 9 to see that this man of sin will be:

Even him, who coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,

Does this not seem to be saying that a single anti-Christ would arise in some time future after 50AD? At least, if taken literally, it would seem so. It is interesting to note that three pre-Nicene Christian fathers: Irenaeus Tertullian and Hippolytus, Bishop of Porto most notable among them, made it clear in their writings that they were waiting for "The Latin Man" to appear who could not appear until that which presently was holding him back, the temporal Roman Empire, had been taken out of the way. (They wrote before the fall of the temporal Roman Empire in 476AD) I do not know whether Irenaeus had any idea whether this "Latin Man" he was watching for would be singular or plural, but we must use the word of God to interpret the word of God. Somewhere during this period of time, a person took the Roman letters that were used to write this word "Latin", which is pronounced "Lateinus" in Latin, converted this word to Greek letters, calculated the numeric totals of those letters using the gematria of the Greek alphabet, and noted that the arithmetic result amounted to 666. This is notated in the footnote to Revelation 13:18 as it appeared in the 1560 edition of the Geneva Bible in English.

Some students may have noted that by the time the Geneva Bible went to publication in its' 1589 edition, this referenced equivalent between the Greek word for "Latin" and the number 666 had been removed. Why? Finding the reason for this omission reveals one of the great spiritual battles of the late Sixteenth century. The Jesuit Bellarmin had put forth the argument, against the Geneva Bible position, that the word primarily used in literature of the day to denote the word "Latin" was not the one chosen by the 1560 Geneva Bible translators. That other Greek word for "Latin" had no connection to the number of the beast. And so, it appeared that the argument was lost. It seems that the side of light in that generation simply surrendered in the face of opposition. How often does that happen? How often to we just give up when we know we are right, but it appears that the enemy has convinced everyone that we were wrong. We knew that we heard from God, but it seems all is lost. So it seemed for more than 200 years until Adam Clarke made the discovery that the Greek words for "The Latin Kingdom" were those that, when taken letter for number, accumulated to 666. And so, with that victory, we see that the number of the beast actually does point to a future fulfillment in something much larger than one single anti-Christ: A Latin Kingdom!

Further on then, this will lead us to carefully study the book of Revelation to see if we can identify this "man of sin" and "son of perdition" that we have seen described before us here. When we peruse this book of Revelation, we identify this "man of sin" and "son of perdition" with the one John describes not as "antichrist" but as "another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon. (Rev 13:11) We select this second beast of Revelation 13 because it is said of him in Revelation 13:13 that:

he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men.

So we identify this second beast of Revelation 13 with the "man of sin" of 2 Thessalonians because of this aspect of his behavior: he will do lying wonders for the purposes of deceiving the people who dwell on the Earth. Yet, we are still concerned with his singularity, as literally, he still seems to be one man. A quick review of Protestant history, however, will cause us to see that as early as 1520, Martin Luther had identified this "man of sin" as having been fulfilled in the Papacy. The view of the reformers, which none of my contempory 20th and 21st century mentors ever taught me, was that this OFFICE OF THE PAPACY had fulfilled this prophesied person. The Papacy has been filled by many individuals, so we are clearly confronted with the fact that the belief from 1520 forward in Protestant circles was that we were not waiting for a SINGLE ANTICHRIST". Of this belief, all the reformers agreed unanimously, even though they had disagreements about a great many other things. And so, what of "ant-Christ"? Are we to regard this "man of sin", as fulfilled in a multi-person Papacy, as the only "anti-Christ" with which we will ever have to contend?

Now, please stay with me, for I am not interested in merely developing a history lesson. I know that most of you who will read this are not Roman Catholics, and so you might be tempted, at this point, to think that you could safely stop reading right here. Nothing could be further from the truth. You, in your "spirit filled church", are so much more affected by this and by things that have grown out of this than you could possibly believe. So, bear with me and I will eventually relate this to CHURCH as you know it.

The book of Revelation does not use this term "anti-Christ". It uses the term "beast", which it identifies in Rev 17:12 as a consortium of ten kings. So if these are human kings, as they were in the "(Un)Holy Roman empire" of 800AD, and this beast is anti-Christ, you are talking about TEN ANTICHRIST KINGS.

This book, chapter 17 of Revelation, tells us about a woman, a harlot, described as Mystery Babylon, the mother of harlots. She is (Rev 17:6) drunken with the blood of the saints and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus". She is certainly anti-Christ! She rides on the back of the ten horned (ten king) beast that has a minimum of ten anti-Christs. Her incarnation was seen in the Papacy, her Archbishops and her Bishops, who gave the ten kings of Europe orders during the "(Un)Holy Roman Empire". She had her tentacles not only in religion but in every area of riches, finance and politics, and still does. I conclude that many if not all of her Archbishops, Bishops, Legates and Priests were anti-Christs as will be all of their modern day counterparts. That numbers perhaps hundreds or thousands of anti-Christs.

Rev. 13:13-16 identifies a beast, coming up out of the Earth. That beast previously arose and was identified as the PAPACY, in any age, by Martin Luther. It was an office, not a single man, that Luther identified. All the reformers unanimously agreed with Luther. Only Roman Catholic church leaders disagreed. If it is fulfilled again, and it seems likely that it will be as this beast is involved in Armageddon, it will most certainly be fulfilled in an OFFICE of some sort, and likely an office of a head of a world wide religion. Rev 16:13 appears to identify this beast as one called the "false prophet". Luther and the reformers held this view.

Rev 16:13-17 shows three beasts with three spirits like frogs. These will bring forth supernatural power. When we see events in the world careening as we are beginning to see now, my suspicion is increasing that these frog spirits are going forth unto "the kings of the earth".and "the whole world". As they go forth, the "whole world" will see additional anti-Christs rising up to persecute the saints who will add to the number of antichrists that have already been prophesied to appear.

So, how many anti-Christs are we looking for? More than you can shake a stick at!

Now, thus far, none of this touches your "pastor" and your "church", so you are still, perhaps, feeling a bit smug and quite confident in your safe position. Just wait a little bit though and continue reading and you will see how that will change, for it reaches even unto all the churches you have ever known and it involves every man who steps behind a pulpit and takes the position known as "senior pastor".

I am sure there are critics, but they will not step forward to speak their whole mind at this time, so I will interrogate myself a second time.

"Stephen, all this "Single Antichrist" teaching you propose is all well and good, but not relevant to us today. You center it in an old and stale notion that the Papacy is the one we are to correctly identify as the "man of sin", "the son of perdition" and, if we must use this term, "the anti-Christ". So Stephen, we simply do not see any value in taking the time to download these old books that are now available on the internet for free. You have read some history Stephen, but do not bother us with it. We are not interested. We have better things to do than to invest our time in becoming history experts. We cannot possibly see how a present day Papacy could possibly be all that these scriptural terms are referring to. They must simply mean something else for us today. After all Stephen, we of the full gospel churches do not in any way swear allegiance to the Pope! We are not under him in any way! We will not kiss his pinky ring or do that which his archbishops order us to do. So please, Stephen, tell us something relevant to today! Who is the anti-Christ of today that will come to Jerusalem and stand in the rebuilt temple, declaring to the world that he is God? Where is the anti-Christ that we will possibly have to encounter? After all, we believe the seven year tribulation will come first, after the treaty, and then the rapture and the Pope and all his Cardinals, Archbishops, Legates, Bishops, Priests and such will be left behind when Jesus comes to rapture the church."

Have I captured your own private objection to my writings? I hope so. I certainly will not be long about making my point, but I will give you the resources so that you are without excuse.

I do not need to do a re-writing of my explanation and proof of the proposition that the Papacy is anti-Christ in every generation. I have done it and have previously presented it on my website, but that which I learned came initially through my introduction to the two books written by Robert Caringola, just after 1990, entitled "The Seventy Weeks" and "The Present Reign Of Jesus Christ. Mr. Caringola dusted off works from a bygone age that had been almost totally forgotten for about one hundred years.

Martin Luther began to preach it in 1520. William Whittingham brought it to the people through the first printing of the Geneva Bible in 1560, which came WITH those wonderful footnotes to Revelation 13 that identified the Papacy as antichrist to an audience of millions of souls, for the very first time. Bishop Joseph Mede built upon these things in his "Key Of Revelation" in 1643. Bishop Thomas Newton brought forth further proofs in his "Dissertations On The Prophecies" in 1754. E.B. Elliott produced the Horae Apolypticae, finished in 1862, in a work that Charles Haddon Spurgeon regarded as the finest book ever produced on Biblical prophecy. Henry Grattan Guinness honed the message further in his "The Approaching End Of The Age", published in 1880. Then, these works were promptly forgotten without ceremony by the church.

The period between 1880 and 1920 saw a tremendous shift away from these Reformationally centered voices. I believe three men had the greatest influence during this period: 1) John Nelson Darby, regarded as the father of modern, futuristic scheme dispensationalism, 2) C.I. Scofield, author of the Scofield Study Bible and 3) Clarence Larkin, author of "Dispensational Truth", in 1920. By 1920, Clarence Larkin, the father of modern futurism and dispensationalism could truthfully say that the Futurist school was, by 1920, dominant and the most largely accepted of the three views to interpretation of prophetic scriptures. This quote is from his 1920 book:

"The "Futurist School" interprets the language of the Apocalypse "literally, " except such symbols as are named as such, and holds that the whole of the Book, from the end of the third chapter, is yet "future" and unfulfilled, and that the greater part of the Book, from the beginning of chapter six to the end of chapter nineteen, describes what shall come to pass during the last week of "Daniel's Seventy Weeks." This view, while it dates in modern times only from the close of the Sixteenth Century, is really the most ancient of the three. It was held in many of its prominent features by the primitive Fathers of the Church, and is one of the early interpretations of scripture truth that sunk into oblivion with the growth of Papacy, and that has been restored to the Church in these last times. In its present form it may be said to have originated at the end of the Sixteenth Century, with the Jesuit Ribera, who, actuated by the same motive as the Jesuit Alcazar, sought to rid the Papacy of the stigma of being called the "Antichrist, " and so referred the prophecies of the Apocalypse to the distant future. This view was accepted by the Roman Catholic Church and was for a long time confined to it, but, strange to say, it has wonderfully revived since the beginning of the Nineteenth Century, and that among Protestants. It is the most largely accepted of the three views., It has been charged with ignoring the Papal and Mohammedan systems, but this is far from the truth, for it looks upon them as foreshadowed in the scriptures, and sees in them the "Type" of those great "Anti-Types" yet future, the "-Beast" and the "False Prophet." The "Futurist" interpretation of scripture is the one employed in this book."

Larkin, in this passage, openly confesses that futurism originated with the Jesuit Ribera. Jesuits are Roman Catholic! This is a clear admission that all the branches that have grown from biblical futurism: Hal Lindsey's "Late Great Planet Earth" and the whole "Left Behind" series included, have grown from a Jesuit/Roman Catholic root, with full approval of the Papacy. These modern day reference sources for prophetic interpretation have, since 1920, taught doctrines to you that should have born a stamp bearing the seal of the approval of the Papacy! You should have been informed of this, but were you? You became a follower of the Papacy and an adherent of its teachings and you didn't even know it!

Please allow me to spell it all out for you succinctly. Futurism is the school that gave birth to many teachings, but among them, four are primarily in view for me to deal with right now: 1) The pre-tribulation rapture theory, 2) The interpretation of the Seventy Weeks prophecy of Daniel 9 as still to be fulfilled with a final, seven year tribulation period, 3) A future, single antichrist theory and 4) A rebuilt temple in Jerusalem. Many of you believe that one, two, three or even all of these are the truth. Have you not, by your belief in these things, brought yourself back under the deception of the "man of sin", the "son of perdition", first identified by Martin Luther in 1520 as the Papacy?

The Papacy is anti-Christ in every generation, but not every activity of the Papacy could be characterized as utterly beastly. Certainly, Catholic charities has done and still does many good works for widows, orphans and the poor. Are they beastly in these activities? No, I think not. The appellation of the title "anti-Christ" will perfectly fit where the Papacy behaves in the manner described by scripture. Scripture describes this second beast out of the earth as a false prophet (Rev 16:13) and this beast is described as a supernaturally empowered deceiver, who works false miracles in the sight of all the people. He deceives people regarding their activities of buying and selling and he causes them to defile their worship with idolatrous worship of a created image. Has he not been wonderfully at work deceiving you?

Five times in scripture, we read of the term "daughter of Babylon". Babylon has offspring. The Papacy is said to have a child or perhaps Roman Catholicism has one as well. What form might that take? Today, we may feel that we have no direct connection with the Papacy, but, as I have demonstrated, the thing called church is infested with many doctrines that originated in the Papacy. Furthermore, Luther merely replaced the priest with the pastor, and that has carried forward today to the place where we have pastors of mega-churches that are worth in excess of a hundred million dollars. My wife and I have had a revulsion that has begun to overwhelm us over the last few months when we hear the word "church". It has become a dirty word; a defiled word. I have to look away now when I see a pulpit: it is a dirty thing; a profanity. I recoil in horror when, in describing their church, someone tells me of their wonderful pastor/teacher. I simply cannot stand it any more! We cannot even begin to think that we are in the clear of this defilement simply because we do not carry the name "Roman Catholic". Church has been infected by everything that reached full flower when it became Roman Catholic. We have strayed so far today from the called out assembly of the New Testament.

The defiling process of "church" was at work long before the Geneva and KJV bible translators decided to use the word "church" instead of "assembly" to translate "ekklesia". My friend, Andrew Zoppelt, did research on the word church and tracked it back to pagan origins where a pagan temple, headed by a pagan priest, held services and made sacrifices for the adherents thereof. No, this process has been at work for a very long time. A few years back, the burial box of James, the brother of Jesus, was found by archaeologists. Inscribed on it was found the words "James, who sat on the throne of the church". The book of 3 John presents a man to us by the name of Diotrophes, who "loved to have the preeminence among them", and he did not receive traveling apostles and disciples. So, this gangrenous rot has been developing for many centuries in the thing called church. Will it be expelled in a day?

Scripture records that Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt exactly 430 years after Abram came out of Ur of The Chaldees. Students of the Reformation have generally regarded that it began around 1517-1520. Luther was organizing small churches and doing much writing around 1530. But the bulk of those converted to Protestantism came in as the Geneva Bible was distributed in the years after 1560. I have previously prophesied that just as there were two Old Testament "coming outs", or Reformations, there will be two that occur in New Testament times. Just as the Old Testament Reformations were separated by 430 years, so it will be in our times. I observed that we must have a modern day Reformation and that we should have expected it to begin around 1947-1950 and to reach full influence by 1990. Just around the time of 1990, God began to release true prophets who, like me, are throwing off these Papacy infested teachings and returning to the teachings of the Reformation Fathers. Yes, we are, once again, honoring our fathers. We are also true prophets in that we do not engage in date setting speculation. As it was before, so it was again. There were many wars and much struggles that accompanied the first Reformation. The first New Testament Reformation required many decades to achieve significant progress. Fifty years after Luther posted those 95 theses, Protestants were still being hunted down worldwide and put to death in multitudes. We may be 58 years into the process of our own second New Testament Reformation and just as it was 430 years ago, it seems as though we have not made very much progress. But Reformation is accomplished one person, one mind and one spirit at a time. The truth will make you free!

God began to call me out of darkness in 1987, at the age of thirty. I knew immediately that all of the churches I was checking out had very big problems because they did not line up their teachings with the word of God. One of the very first scriptures that the Lord really brought home in a very clear way to me where He showed me just how far the churches were from the truth was this passage from Acts 3:20-22:

Act 3:19 Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord; Act 3:20 And he shall send Jesus Christ, which before was preached unto you: Act 3:21 Whom the heaven must receive until the times of restitution of all things, which God hath spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets since the world began.

Reader, do you realize what that says? That says that we are going to have to have a Reformation! This Reformation will have to bring with it a restitution of ALL things. The true church is going to have to remove every stamp of Papal approval from its teachings. This Reformation will likely have to occur before we see Jesus, coming on the clouds. One thing is certain, all things must be placed under His feet. Right now, His feet are attached to the body of Christ, which is on the Earth and Christ is the head, sitting in heaven at the right hand of God the Father. If He chooses to arise and COME IN HIS CHURCH, then all things, including the PAPACY and her daughters, will be placed under His feet: the church. He may choose to come on the clouds of heaven and do this action when HE COMES FOR HIS CHURCH. Either way, we will have that restitution of all things: our Reformation! That reformation, to be a full restitution of all things, must completely destroy CHURCH as we have known it, with our senior pastor system, our pulpits facing members sitting in pews and looking at the back of one another's heads. We must restore ASSEMBLY. We must see the fake love eradicated and the real love among brethren restored. We must see believers functioning and not merely sitting as spectators. We must see the eradication of the false teachings that lead to covetousness, licentiousness or both and the dawning of an age of truth. It is certainly time for it. Services are for corpses. Have you been to enough funerals? Bring back the meetings Lord. Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

Prophecy is to be unsealed at the end time. Most Prophetic interpretations of scripture today range anywhere in age of from 40 to 500 years old. It is time to re-examine and see if today's events are not actually much more significant than we credit them with being. Perhaps prophetic interpreters have had it wrong for hundreds of years. Perhaps it could only have all made sense just now. Perhaps the iron/clay feet of Daniel's statue image do not point only to Rome, but also to Islam. After all, a good historical case may be made that Mohamed had initial backing from the Pope and that the Jesuits backed the growth of Islam for many years. As such, Islam may be considered to be a daughter of Mystery Babylon. Constantinople is also a city set on seven hills. Recent political discussions seem to be heading in the direction of an Islamic Caliphate, centered at Constantinople and having ten nations in the Confederacy. That would comprise seven heads and ten horns, thus also matching Rome in at least a surface look, visual fulfillment of Daniel and Revelation.

There are other shocking considerations. The expected twelfth Imam of the Muslims, the Mahdi, is a character referenced in Islamic prophecies who seems to bear many similarities to the biblical "Assyrian" of Micah 5:5 and Isaiah. Islam views him as a type of Islamic messiah and many millions of Muslims stand ready to sacrifice their lives to usher in his reign. We would certainly view his appearance as an anti-Christ and perhaps, one of the most major ones ever to appear.

We have also seen, in recent years, a return to beheading as a form of martyrdom of the Saints. This chillingly agrees with the prophecy found in Revelation 20.

Finally, we are seeing Muslim terrorists and suicide bombers, who utter "Allahu Ahkbar" as they perform their killings. These carry armbands, sashes and other tokens with this saying prominently displayed in Arabic. It is not widely recognized at all that the Arabic presentation of the slogan for "Oh Allah" closely resembles the three Greek letters in Revelation 13:18 that our scripture refers to as the mark of the beast and the number of his name. Please see THE ANGLED MARK: O ALLAH COMPARED TO THE MARK OF THE BEAST for a full discussion of this.

Please also see chapter 23 of LAST THINGS-PROPERLY UNDERSTANDING BIBLE PROPHECY for a full discussion of Islam as a last days candidate for one of the beasts of Revelation.

I am presently inclined to believe that a last days Islamic Caliphate/Mahdi will re-emerge, as a healing of the fatal head wound to the first beast of Revelation 13. That said, I am not willing to consign the Roman Empire/Papacy to a place of relative insignificance with respect to these things as the present lead advocates for an Islamic fulfillment of Daniel 2, Daniel 7 and Revelation 13 always propose. They point out that Rome never crushed the Eastern territories of Babylon, Media/Persia and Macedonia/Greece. Those Eastern territories were called The Parthian Empire and The Sassanids during the time of Rome. These Islamic advocates fail to realize that Rome conquered and crushed every part of these three previous Middle East empires that was in any way hostile to Jerusalem at any time. Certainly, no where is it demonstrated in history that Parthia or the Sassanids had any indigenous hatred toward the Jews of Israel and never moved against them independently. So, I am presently inclined to view the fulfillment of these scriptures both historically and in the near future as jointly fulfilled by Rome/The Papacy and Islam/The Mahdi and not to be understood in an either/or scenario. Likewise, I am also persuaded that our modern, Senior pastor controlled system also has its' part to play in the fulfillment of many of the purposes and plans of anti-Christ in these last days.

In summation, I am telling you here the same thing that I have been building to in this entire article. We are not dealing with and we will not have to deal with a single anti-Christ! There have been and there will be many anti-Christs!

The present judgement is against Babylon, Mystery Babylon and extends to the daughter of Babylon. Babylon has modern day political, financial and religious empires. Scripturally, it is covered in the final vial of Revelation 16, Revelation 17 and Revelation 18.

I believe that right now, we are in the wind-up of what is the fourth or fifth period of 1,260 years of God’s dealings with Mystery Babylon. This one is a strike against the harlot, primarily religious and financial, where we see that the Roman Catholic Church became a property owner of the Ravena escarchate in Italy between 752 and 758 AD. So, 1,260 years later, from 2012 to 2018, we should see and we are seeing the downfall of the harlot church as an accumulator of property and riches. So, in order to accomplish this, God will have to bring down most or all of the economies of the world. You can read my article “Last Things”, chapter 22, where I cover the 1,260 year periods that have previously been fulfilled. Some of them were dramatically and undeniably fulfilled. My last things article is found on my “Reformation Eschatology” page, accessible from the “Text Articles” tab on the menu-bar at page top at There are four periods of 1,260 years that are indicated in scripture and there may be one more to come: 800 AD to 2060 AD. as the terms “42 months”, “a time, times and half a time” and “1,260 days” are mentioned four times in the Revelation. The term "three days and a half" is mentioned twice and may point to two additional periods.

All of the modern day churches, with their senior pastors exercising complete governmental control, pulpits, platorms, people sitting in rows gazing at the back of heads, spectator saints, fake love and false teachings that promote either covetousness or licentiousness or both, qualify as part of the daughter of Babylon. These modern day church members watch their favorite TV mega-ministers from their homes who revel in their private jet airliners, lavish personal residences and extensive financial holdings. These are going to fall along with the mother church of Rome and all the financial systems they are feeding from. There must be a second reformation (Acts 3:21). It is in process but it has a long way to go.

Andrew Zoppelt has recently written that Church, as we have known it, is a gathering place of tares and that here, at the time of the end, the leaven has puffed it up in size to such an extent so that we now see MEGA Churches.

Very soon now, the angels will go through the Earth to gather the tares. They will be gathered with angelic triggered calamities and catastrophes. This is the reason why the church has thrown out the true prophets. This explains why those who are mired in their churches will not receive prophetic warnings about the calamities that are soon to come. All of us have a shared frustration: we have warned friends and loved ones about things that are soon to come, and they absolutely cannot see it. They look at us as though we are crazy. This is why!

America is the present day center of the daughter of Babylon, just as Rome is the center of Mystery Babylon and so the scripture describes this whole entity as Mystery Babylon, the mother of harlots, which must always be tethered to Rome but whose rot has filled the whole Earth with daughter harlots.

My wife Mary recently had a dream vision. She wrote this about it:
I had this dream a few days ago. I dreamt that I was standing somewhere in a place. I don't recognize the place. I see a common dog tied up. Facing the dog, from the opposite direction, was a huge bull tied up too. Both animals could reach each other mouth to mouth. That's how far each animal can reach each other. All of a sudden both animals started fighting mouth to mouth. The bull started to take the dog down. As that was happening I woke up from the dream. I went back to sleep and the dream continued. Again both animals started fighting again mouth to mouth. Each animal was not attacking their bodies; but both mouths were engaged. Now the dog began to take the bull down and again I woke up from the dream. Can you all pray for prophetic revelation? Someone gave me Genesis 41:1-7 comparing it to Pharaoh's dream. We are also praying for interpretation. So if anyone gets anything solid please send it. We do have some interpretation though but we believe there is more to this dream. In the natural it's highly impossible for such a small dog to take down a bull. Thanks.

For many centuries, the Nicolaitans (Niko-to conquer, Laitos-the common people) have conquered, ruled and trampled down the conquered peoples, or the laity. The bull clergy, openly revealed as such in the Papal Bulls issued in years past, has continually defeated and trampled down the common dogs of the laity, but in this hour, we are witnessing a turnaround. One by one, the common people: the common dogs of no reputation as seen in the vision had by my wife, are beginning to triumph over the clergy bulls. They are coming out of the bondage: one by one. They are leaving the gathering places of the tares. They are coming out of the church and seeking the called out assembly.

Martin Luther gradually came to the conclusion that the Papacy was anti-Christ in 1520. The first writing of that accusation came much earlier, and not by Luther, in the year 991. Luther believed that John Huss was the first to say it out loud, but how long did it take for that accusation to be generally accepted by millions of people? Likewise, today, something very bad happens to a man who takes upon himself the title: Senior Pastor. I have seen men who have displayed great anointing and promise as they rose up in the church. They could hear the Lord's voice and flow in His Spirit. Then, they headed out, started their own 501c3 and became the Senior Pastor of a church. They change: they are no longer the same man. That title seems to carry with it an invisible and almost irresistible force that pushes and compels the Senior Pastor to consolidate control of that church in himself. That man becomes an anti-Christ! Single Antichrist? There are more anti-Christs at work today than you can possibly imagine and they have set up their evil kingdoms, ruling over and conquering the laity and fleecing the flock. They are, for the most part, evil swindlers and controllers. Change is in the wind, however, and the new reformation is at hand. Everything that can be shaken is about to be shaken.

Do you wish to argue with me and to defend your Senior Pastor? Certainly, he is not an anti-Christ, you say. Well, any man who takes that title upon himself becomes a Nicolaitan: a conqueror of the laity. He has opened himself up to many devils and has entered into a system of anti-Christ. How long will it take for him to be utterly corrupted by it? It may not be immediately evident, but give it some time. Make an honest assessment. The devil, when once he has successfully been invited in from his position of crouching at your door, will never be content to cease working at his corrupting efforts until he embarks upon his ploy to attempt to drag you and those who follow you down to hell.. The devil pulls on one he has caught with flaxen cords. He does not drag his prey off to hell all at once, in a lurching effort. He is content to mark his time. His progress might appear to be slow in your life, yet the power of anti-Christ is at work, eroding the godliness of every man who carries the title Senior Pastor.

The Lord spoke this word to me on October 15, 2009 and I wrote about it in my article called Structural Abominations
"I the Lord have designed My church to suit my good pleasure, and men have departed from My wishes as they have elevated the desires of their hearts over and above the desire of My heart. They have among them men who desire to be chief, and others who wish to be like the rest of the world around them. All believers in your nation have "a pastor", and so, those for whom you intercede desire "a pastor", so as not to be peculiar in appearance. They are uncomfortable when others in their community regard them as different or strange.

I the Lord have called my people to be a peculiar people, and I will abide with those who abide with Me. I will abide with the one who keeps My word and My commandments. Where the function of the church is proper, but the structure of the church is aberrant, I will put upon that church no special measure of My presence and My power. As my presence is experienced in the harlot church, so will I be experienced in the church for which you intercede, for the structure alone is sufficient to defile the whole lump."

There are very compelling reasons why the Lord will soon declare war on the Senior Pastor System. The fact that no special measure of God's presence will rest upon any church where this system is in place will have the effect that God will not be present to protect that church or provide refuge when attacks of various sorts will come upon it. The church and its' members will not be found worthy to escape that which is coming upon the Earth. I have written at length about his situation at God's Presence As A Provider Of Refuge And Protection

Yesterday, as I was working on this article, my wife was led to check something online regarding prophet Dumitru Duduman. She read a critique by an evangelical whom I will not name, wherein the writer concluded that Dumitru Duduman was a false prophet because 1) He had missed on the hinting he had done that America would burn prior to the year 2000, 2) He had prophesied that his wife would recover from illness, and she died, 3) He had prophesied that he (Dumitru) would be healed, and he died. Michael Boldea arose to defend the reputation of his grandfather. Michael devasted the arguments of the evangelical. Stan Johnson was the one who had taken Duduman's prophecies and "estimated" that they would be fulfilled prior to 2000. Stan has previously published an admission of error, 2) Dumitru's wife had been healed of gangrene, lived another six months and then died of a heart ailment, 3) Dumitru was healed, and his life was extended long enough to prophesy further and to found the Hand of Help Orphanage in Romania. With her arguments devastated, the evangelical doing the critique did not repent, but then closed the article, maintaining that Duduman was still a false prophet because he had taught a post tribulational rapture and she could not abide this affront to her pre-tribulational belief. She was quite vicious and vitriolic in her manner of speaking. I would not be surprised if she attracted the attention of heaven.

The whole experience reminded me of Marvin Rosenthal's story. He had been the head of a major Messianic ministry in the 1990's but was drummed out of it and forced to resign as he published his book entitled "The Pre Wrath Rapture of the Christian Church". Robert Caringola wrote a few words in his book "The Seventy Weeks" that I wish I had thought of first. He said: "The Pharisees and Saducees stoned Stephen because he gave them a history lesson".

I have built a case, and I believe it is a solid one, though not in any case a new one, that the ANTICHRIST of scripture has been fulfilled by the Papacy and is still today being fulfilled by the continuing activities of the Papacy, and that is an OFFICE that has been occupied by hundreds of individuals. There is still a Pope alive today and he is moving in world governmental and religious circles to establish a so called "United World Religion". I am not led to move away from the Papacy to any other ANTICHRIST. Furthermore, I have put forth a new proposition that a great majority of supposedly non-catholic Christian churches have unwittingly fallen under the deceptive spell and power of the Papacy, the ANTICHRIST, through their adoption and promotion of teachings and doctrines that bear the Papal seal of approval. The SINGLE ANTICHRIST doctrine is one such teaching that was clearly originated in the PAPACY! What type of fruit will grow from that tree?

Think of it in this way though: those of you who are stuck on literal things and are still not persuaded to be moved from your belief in a SINGLE ANTICHRIST. The Papacy is filled, on any given day, by ONE POPE: ONE MAN OF SIN. Yet the death of that one man is not sufficient and will never be sufficient to end the nightmarish reign of the beasts of Revelation. The College of Cardinals simply meets and selects another man to fill the vacancy, and the beat goes on and on and on.

Watch those who argue to defend elements of the Popish doctrines. Some of them, like the evangelical who called Dumitru Duduman a false prophet, would have picked up stones to stone him if they had been given the chance. You may not be able to discern just what is true, but examine their fruit.

Some would have us look elsewhere for another, non-papal anti-Christ to arise, heading up some ten king/president consortium of leaders of nations or other governmental districts. I am not persuaded. Others have written to defend this proposition with more eloquence than me: Rome must be front and center and intricately connected to any fulfillment of the scriptures that speak of the beasts of Revelation. Elliott writes in vol iii, page 113 to establish the premise that the Papal, or eighth head, was permanently established:

"For the separation of the Roman world into Eastern and Western,—a separation first sketched out and prepared in Diocletian's formation of the seventh Head, and one by which the latter division only was attached to the City of the seven hills as its actual capital, —I say this separation and division was effectually carried out in the interval between the first wounding of the seventh head and the rise of the eighth or Papal. Further, it was over this part only of the Roman world, that the Gothic flood swept away the old Imperial Government, and made room for new kingdoms to arise: and, yet again, over this part only that the authority of the eighth or Papal Head was properly or permanently established."

And from vol iii, page 93:

"And to these seven heads the interpreting Angel assigned a double mystic signification. They signified, he said, seven hills on which the woman carried by the Beast was seated. —Of this the application and the point are very obvious. For the woman being designated as " the city which" then (in St. John's time evidently) " ruled over the kings of the earth," these hills could only mean the far-famed seven hills of Rome. —And it is a characteristic as important as it is obvious : for it necessarily and absolutely associates the Wild Beast of the vision, (inasmuch as it bore those seven heads, thus significant,) with the seven hills of Rome for its capital :—I repeat the remark, it binds the power symbolized, through all its various mutations, from its earliest beginning to its end, to that same seven-hilled locality ; even like one adscriptum glebce, and as a thing essential to his very constitution and life."

It is the scriptures that forever tether these two beasts to the "City of the Seven Hills": Rome. However large the group of nations may become, as in the past, the nations controlled by Rome have varied from a bit less to a bit more than ten at certain times. It will most likely also be the case as to the number of the groups of nations form and re-form again, whether we are to look at a present European Union or some other consortium. Their center will still be Rome.

The Islamic Caliphate/Mahdi system that we will possibly see arising in the Middle East does not necessarily invalidate these truths. Certainly, many scriptures, taken on their face, point to the arising of an anti-Christ who will come against Jerusalem who is referred to in Micah 5:5 as "THE ASSYRIAN". I am quite certain however that the 70AD destruction of Jerusalem paints a picture of what we are to expect in the future for Jerusalem: Roman generals and commanders gave the orders to attack, but the soldiers doing the attacking were comprised of more that 90% Syrians and Arabs. The Jewish historian, Josephus, even confirms this and said that the Roman Titus had no desire and gave no order for the temple to be burned. Similarly, in these last days, I do not expect the Assyrian to come against Jerusalem without some connection to Rome. I have already presented a couple of possible ways in which this reemerging Islamic Caliphate may be considered as another "Daughter of Babylon" or as a secondary, additive fulfillment in addition to those that have already been clearly fulfilled by the Latin kingdom and the Papacy.

Some argue for some other, non-Popish single anti-Christ and use, to buttress their arguments that there are certain passages that do not appear to have been fulfilled by the Papacy and by the (Un)Holy Roman Empire. I would caution the reader and the interpreter that the Reformation resources I have already cited cover every single scripture and describe in detail how every single one of them has already been fulfilled in the past. You run a risk of falling into the same trap that overtook the Jews when you require an absolutely literal fulfillment of every prophecy. The Jews were expecting a literal Elijah, and the one they met was named John Baptist. Albeit, many of these fulfillments have not been literal, but have been symbolically or spiritually fulfilled and with Jesus, that has been more than enough. You certainly are not permitted to condemn that which you have never read. I have read them, and I look for additional fulfillments of them in the same way that Daniel's prophecy of an abomination that would cause desolation was fulfilled about 200 years before Christ, and then Christ informed us that we were to expect it to be fulfilled again, and so it was fulfilled in the Papal declarations of infallibility. I expect this scripture may even be fulfilled again, along with others. I expect that a mark of the beast may very well be fulfilled once again by an implanted chip, and this does not invalidate the fulfillment of this prophecy by the Papacy as they previously passed laws in many nations restricting property ownership to Roman Catholics.

I would further caution the reader and the critic, and also myself, about obsessively trying to figure out and speculate about every single scripture in minute detail and prognosticate how they might pan out in the future, in a way that is not led by the Holy Spirit of God. No one knew that the prophet Joel had prophesied about speaking in tongues until Peter perceived, by the spirit that, "THIS IS THAT". Let us be careful to watch that which transpires. We will be adequately blessed if God grants us the ability to recognize those things in the scripture that have just transpired. Let us also be bold to declare those words of prophecy and vision that become more sure and certain as the day approaches. I, as a prophet, wait to understand certain things that I have seen and heard, and I pray to be given understanding by the Lord as the day of His appearing draws nearer and nearer.

I have gone looking for churches that preach this truth and what I have found in many cases disturbs me. In one major case, it seems that certain members of those churches are preaching that you have no salvation unless you believe, as they do, that the Papacy is anti-Christ. They may be correct with respect to anti-Christ, but they have adopted the Doctrine of Acceptance which plagues so many denominations and relegates to hell and places outside all who do not believe exactly as they do. This is certainly NOT what I am saying. In another case, churches that focus on these things of the Papacy as anti-Christ worship God with voices only and forbid all musical instruments. How did this come to pass when the Old Testament clearly presents a form of temple worship where every manner of musical instrument was employed to produce beautiful music? May this never be! How did this happen? Did they fix their eyes on doctrine and lose sight of Jesus? May we never be separated from our ability to worship our Lord with all the beauty and majesty that we can possibly produce, utilizing the very best musical instruments and sound systems that we can incorporate into it. Let us not win one jousting match with the devil, only to be knocked out of the saddle on the other side by some other failure to hold on to sound doctrine while still holding to the head, which is Christ Jesus.

I did not come to believe these truths and learn these things in a fortnight. This requires much investigation and study and that takes much time. You may not believe about these things, as I do, right now. But perhaps, over time, you will return to this article, take up some of the resources that I have presented, and change your mind regarding things that you have long held to be true. May the Lord lead you by His Holy Spirit.

Finally, I am reminded of the natives I met in West Pokkot, Western Kenya. Some of them shun clothing and run naked until they are converted and come into the church. Then, they put on clothes. Some are illiterate and can neither read nor write and are unable to study any history, yet I have preached the gospel to them, they have been converted, thanks be to God, and some of them through my own preaching and I believe I will meet them again in heaven. They do not know really any facts and do not even know the scripture, yet they have come to know the One I know: my Redeemer, the Lord Jesus Christ. They have been born again of the Spirit, yet some of them cannot read a word. It is good to know and to remind myself that intellect does not save us, yet may we, Lord Jesus, use everything that we possess, including whatever intellect or knowledge we have gained, to bring you glory.

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Stephen L. Bening

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