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Prophecy: "Tis The Season
July 8, 2015

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Be on your toes people! Things do not have to follow the David Wilkerson script exactly as a lot of years (and delays) have passed to get us to this point.

Today...Stock market way down with 4 hour closure... market trading halt....United Airlines system down...planes grounded for hours....glitches, they say...power outages...Greeks printing Drachmas...Puerto Rico not paying on debt...Chinese market crash with trading halt last night and now, 6 month trading block for people who own stock in Chinese Stock Market.

So, watch tomorrow and Friday.

If we have any bank closings, online banking shutdowns, atm shutdowns, ebt food stamp shutdowns, credit card shutdowns for any reason, even if it is for "glitches" or "viruses" over the weekend, and these things are national, WATCH OUT. If you live one place and have prepped in another, you know to be on your guard in prayer.

We know that, from the past, that whatever they decide to do, whenever they decide to do it, will most likely begin to be executed on a late Friday afternoon and the troops will be in place to lock everything down by Monday morning....can anybody spell Martial Law?

Everything I am seeing suggests that events are being orchestrated. I do not believe we are watching accidental events that are happening at random. There is too much coordination that is evident. They will purposefully cause chaos. Black neighborhoods have been racially primed. The weather is hot in the cities. When they pull the firing pin and the food runs out, it is going to get ugly fast, especially in the cities.

So, obey Mark 13: WATCH AND PRAY.....and maybe top a few things off. No fear...the prudent man sees the danger approaching and makes preparation. But, keep your may pass to a still later time. So be alert.

Stephen L. Bening

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