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PROPHECY: Regarding The USS Kitty Hawk Vision
March 31, 2004

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Sometimes, I hear very clearly from the Lord, word for word, what I am supposed to write. Other times, I have a leading of the Holy Spirit, or a quickened scripture. Then, there are times when it just seems right to do something. This is one of those times.

It just seems right that I should issue a response to this event that happened on March 29th, 2004. My name was reported in at least two English language websites in association with a threat against the US Aircraft Carrier Kitty Hawk. I cannot remain silent with respect to it.

Rumour Mill News
Homeland Security US

The prophet Jeremiah had a similar experience. His prophecies were believed by the Babylonians, and rejected by his own countrymen. I suppose it was every bit as distressing to him as it is to me.

First: I have taken no action to promote my website to Arab/Islamic readers. I have only promoted my website to United States web search engines, and my website is only available in English. In their article, they refer to me as an "unbeliever". This is true! With respect to Allah and his purported prophet Muhammad, I am an avowed unbeliever. Nevertheless, it has happened: they have become aware of the prophecy. God moves in mysterious ways. I would love to lead every Muslim to faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, for He gave His life for them, just as He did for me.

Second: The idea that something I received from the Lord has shown up on a website of the Islamic Jihad is personally distressing to me. I consider myself an American patriot. Were it necessary, I would gladly, at age 47, enter an armed service if I were drafted, and would fight to defend my country to the death. I have shed many tears over the seeing of that vision, and I have spent much time in prayer to seek the Lord as to whether its' occurrence might be set aside. Its eventual fulfillment will give me no pleasure, and I take no pleasure in seeing our enemies taking steps to bring that event to pass. It is a horror of horrors to me that the Babylonians of today believe the word of the Lord through me, while most of my American brothers regard me as one to be ignored and mocked. If only it were possible that my American countrymen would repent, and return to the Lord our God. That alone will move God to relent of bringing this prophecy to pass, and many others like it.

Finally: I have reviewed my websites today. I have considered the likelihood that terrorist sympathizers are looking over my websites, and have taken what I consider to be the appropriate action. I have removed several pages and maps from my website that some might construe as being sensitive, or useful in some small way to an enemy of the United States. Hopefully, there is nothing on my website that would help an enemy of the United States in any way.

Stephen L. Bening

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