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January 25, 2006

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Last night, I took a plunge into the cup of fire and wrath, and what came out was the stinging denunciation of the present harlot church and her minions. That article is attached at the end of this one. But, I do not want to follow in their path of guilt or imitate their example, for they only wish to drink from one cup, and there are two cups. You see, they only want to drink of the cup of blessing, and they push the cup of God's wrath away. They refuse to listen to him regarding the hard things. Not so with us.

Now, as I have drunk that cup of wrath, and tasted of the terrible things to come, I desire to meditate this morning on the blessings of the kingdome to come. We want to be receivers of all that God is saying, not just the hard things. I want to drink of the cup of blessings, and spread a message of encouragement to the remnant church this morning.

For the purpose of this web compilation, we will look first at the cup of blessing.


We should not be a group of prophets and believers who meditate only on terrible things and catastrophes, for such things will tend to depress and frustrate us. I find it interesting that many a Psalmist kept repeating this phrase: "Oh give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good, and His mercy endureth forever". This phrase occurs 41 times in the authorized version, and 5 times in Psalm 118 alone. They repeated these things as they reported the judgements that had befallen Israel along with the accompanying distresses.

Oh, we give thanks and praise to God, who will deliver us, and who will provide for us in our time of need. He gives greater grace. He may not lift us out of our troubles, but He always gives His peace when we have given him first place in our lives. They sing that theme in Rwanda when they praise God. They praise Him as JESUS NUMBER 1-Nu Umbere Jesu Nu Umbere. Then, they exclaim-HE GIVES YOU PEACE-Ya Ma Ya Mahalo.

They are acquainted with griefs in Rwanda. If they can recieve peace from God, then it should be attainable for us.

We even find praise in the book of Lamentations: that book that almost no one wants to spend any time reading. Yes, even in the lowest moments, we can encourage ourselves in the Lord, just as David did at Ziklag when all his possessions had been burned up and his family had been taken captive.

There are many reasons for such encouragement just now. We are gaining more prophetic confidence that the Lord will empower this remnant that has been rejected for so long. We want to be careful in that there have been so many have many wild and detailed expectations for what is coming. Many of us are convinced that the references in the authorized version to "the manchild" refer not just to Jesus, but to the remnant in our time as well.

It is becoming quite clear that we will be revived, and that God will embue us with great power to be witnesses. We may not be able to rejoice FOR everything that is coming, but we can rejoice IN everything as He gives us strength.

Also, another very encouraging thing that is happening this year is that God is making new connections for his remnant people with like minded remnant believers who have also been hidden away by God. Now, God is bringing us all out, and introducing us to one another. It is a very refreshing and encouraging thing to meet with a real remnant believer whom you do not know.

There is favor from God flowing now to His remnant. I have sensed it as a turning tide. The turning of the tide at first happens slowly, and then, over time, becomes a rushing flood of water as the tide rushes in. Several small things that have customarily gone against me in the past have been settled in my favor in the last month. Thus far, these have been small things, but I have noticed that little by little, here and there, the world system has been rebuked by God, and it is clear that the unseen controllers of that system have been ordered by God to give me favor. What I notice applies to every remnant believer.

I am reminded now of the time, years ago, when my boat ran aground on a sand bar. We waited the whole day for high tide. It seemed that it was never going to arrive. Then came that special time when the high tide rushed in, and the boat was freed from captivity. The water came up suddenly. Likewise, many of us have been washed up on the sand bars of life for a long time. We have been stuck. Be ready to be set free by an inrushing tide of God's empowerment.

Now then, add to that the recent and repetitive prophetic revelation that God continues to repeat, that He is going to take those royal sons and daughters whom the builders have rejected, and He is going to make them to be the head of the corner. Every indication is that He is going to do this while we are on the Earth, and in the short term. That is encouraging.

Yes, I believe the situation has already turned. The time of change has come.

7 Lift up your heads, O ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in. 8 Who is this King of glory? The LORD strong and mighty, the LORD mighty in battle. 9 Lift up your heads, O ye gates; even lift them up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in. 10 Who is this King of glory? The LORD of hosts, he is the King of glory. Selah.

From Psalm 24

I also believe there are physical healings being released just now for situations that have been stubborn. Deliverances are being sovereignly handed out. Children are being set free. I have seen it in my son Johnny. We have prayed for him for years. Suddenly, he is no longer rebellious. He has been delivered. He has been THE PROBLEM CHILD at school for at least three years. Suddenly, he has changed.

So, let us encourage ourselves in the Lord and in the power of His might. We serve a mighty awesome God, who is worthy of our praise. Let us not forget to praise Him today, for He has been very merciful to us. Each and every one of us has fallen short. He has been a forgiving God to me.

Yes, oh give thanks unto the Lord, for His mercy endureth forever.


One of my detractors has recently let it slip that I am held in low esteem by the "prophets of America". They speak ill of me.

The last thing that I want to happen is for the prophets of America to speak well of me. If it is true that they are beginning to forsake me, it is because I have long ago forsaken them and their practices.

When I speak of prophets, I speak of those who serve outside of Watchmen Prophets Assembly, for I truly care what certain of these prophets here will say and think about me. I will grant you there are a few prophets who are alone and who are not a part of WPA, and who have not defiled their garments, but by and large, the prophets of America are a defiled breed. They have utterly defiled themselves from head to toe, and have sold themselves and their gifts for money and acceptance in the American slaughter pens.

Most Christians in America can name some prophets they have heard of, or they can take a look at TBN, or Elijah List, or End Time Prophetic Vision, and find a few who seem to have reputation.

I want to know: which of these name prophets have come against the practices of the harlot church in America? Very, very few. Which of them have confronted the imposition of tithing law by these so called pastors upon their people?

You can review the archives of Watchmen Prophets Assembly, and you will find well reasoned, logically argued and anointed articles where the truth regarding tithes, offerings and first fruits are presented. We clearly rebuke this present harlot church in America for these practices. Which of these name prophets have done the same?

You can look at my website, It will not take you very long to find a stinging and fiery article where I have worked very hard at confronting the harlot church and her practices in America.

Randy McKee and I recently appeared on several international radio programs. We did not hold back or moderate our message. We proclaimed the truth about these abominations in living color, and we will continue to do so, for such preaching is what the Lord will REALLY ANOINT in this hour.

Where is the prophet who will confront the American churches about their services? Services are held for the dead: funeral services. The American churches do not hold meetings of believers, but they hold services. Yes, they are jumping and shouting and gyrating to rock and hip hop music, but they are nevertheless services for the dead. Where are the prophets who are confronting such insanity.

How can there be so much jumping, shouting and hopping around? The day of judgement is at hand; even at the door. There should be weeping and wailing at the altar, and constant intercession in the churches as there was in this nation during WW2. World War is but a button push away, and the churches are engaged in spiritual orgies and lasciviousness.

These dead, harlot churches, in their funeral services, tell their attendees that all is well, and that only blessing will come to this great nation America. The music excites and stirs the flesh and the soul. You can have your best life now, or so they say. I too love this nation, but I love the Lord Jesus more. I tell you that God requires that His prophets must speak the truth, and only the whole truth is acceptible. These soft liars endear themselves to these pleasure palaces, but the people are unprepared for the hardships that are coming.

I tell you that when this nation lies in ruin, history will record this folly, and rank it along with the absurdity that the residents of Jerusalem displayed when they partied on their rooftops as they observed the Babylonian army encircling their city in 70 AD and in 586 BC.

Of what possible worth is a prophet today, in America, who is speaking only soft things? He is of no worth at all, and will be burned up as the chaff. Of what possible worth is that prophet when he appears to speak in such churches where no warnings about the calamities to come are given? What good is a prophet who never exhorts the people to repent, and who never rebukes the pastors for whom repentance is a taboo subject?

I do not need to name names. The whole crowd is accursed. So, do I seek the approval of this accursed breed? May it never be. If they will not confront the church about tithing law, I want no approval from them. Conversely, if they will not warn their people that they must GIVE OUT OF LOVE, to support the work of missionary evangelism, to help the poor, the widows and the orphans, I want nothing to do with them.

They have studied the scripture, so they know they truth. THEY KNOW that lies are being taught, yet they remain silent. If they will say nothing about the judgements and calamities to come, I want no contact with them. I have no use at all for their visions and dreams, which they invent. I have no books to sell any way. Everything I write is available for free, so why should I seek their approval and desire to sit at their head tables.

And so, in this present age, the true prophets of the Lord have been rejected by the builders, just as our Lord was a stone, so rejected. He was made head of the corner, as will we be made, in due time.

How can any prophetic watchman remain silent in these times of financial manipulation? Incredible sums of money are being spent to house church worshippers for no more than five hours per week, while missionaries starve around the world. Some auditoriums are now built to hold 50,000 people. I have had a request on my website to raise a sum of $15,000 for more than one year. That sum would drill a bore hole for fresh water in an area of Kenya where the drought is severe. Now, the people: believers in Christ, are dying of famine there near Kittui. I cannot raise $15,000, yet these super auditoriums and mega prosperity whores continue to thrive. Do you think that we Americans will stand before God absolved of responsibility?

These legal tithers who mindlessly obey their handlers will not give to the poor widow or orphan who asks help from them, and no one warns them of the danger of hell fire. Where is the prophet who will warn them about the hell that awaits them? Jesus warned them! Why are these prophets silent? They do not read their bibles, so the admonition of Jesus in Matthew 25 is unknown to them.

These so called prophetic watchmen are the ones who try oh so hard to predict an event, with an exact date. Over and over again, they fail, only to thank God that their prayers were so effective. God will not be mocked. Though they do not fear Him, they ought to. Such arrogance and flippancy with the things of God will not go unnoticed by Him. Where is the shame for their errors? Where is the humbling themselves for their mistakes? Where is the fear of God? It is totally absent.

One of these so called prophets recently predicted the flooding of New Orleans. Suffice it to say that a prophecy of that type will most certainly be true in some year. After that, He was then proved to be a mere dreamer as he predicted that Hurricane Wilma would also head toward New Orleans. Who was he listening to? What spirit was speaking to him? Did New Orleans sufficiently repent so that Fort Lauderdale was now targeted for a hurricane impact?

I tell you that the indignation of the Lord is not only upon these harlot churches, but the fire of the Lord's anger is about to blast upon these so called prophetic watchmen who watch their own bank balances very carefully. They intently watch their book sales statistics and their Nielsen ratings, but when have they ever watched for the Lord? When have they watched over the flock, and dared to confront sin in these churches in America.

A few of them have done so, and I commend them. They have done well in the midst of perversity. But, you know the tactics of the rest. You have seen it, tasted it and smelled it. How can you possibly keep your food down in their presence? I am nauseated and driven to sickness by the mere sight or sound of them.

No, I do not have many friends among the American prophetic, and I only care to make friends among those who will confront sin, and who will tell the citizens of America that they must repent of their sins. Walking with the wrong friend will defile you. You cannot go to heaven IN YOUR SINS.

REPENT, and save yourselves from this perverse generation, and from this even more perverse nation of so called believers and their soft peddling prophets. Keep your garments clean.

Stephen L. Bening

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