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PROPHECY: Burden Of Rosh
January 24, 2006

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Last night, while on the telephone, I spoke of this burden with a man who was inquiring of me about prophecy and the times. It seems that some have been causing upset by date setting with failed predictions once again. I have had a burden for ROSH, and I have been praying about it, to gain understanding.

While I have no exact date for the many prophecies the Lord has given me, several of us who walk together and share prophetically have become quite certain that 2006 will be marked by a great, heretofore not seen calamity. Many are interested in narrowing down that prediction, and it seems that some have already stepped out too far in their zeal to be predictors of events. They tread in the flesh because their hearts are not right before the Lord.

The job of a prophet is to watch, and to report. We are not to interpolate. We are not to commentate or try to guess beyond what the Lord reveals. We are to ask, to seek and to knock. Some times, that is difficult, because we want to make sense out of what we are seeing. That may or may not be possible. Some take what we receive, examine tea leaves or entrails, and make their varied and false predictions about specific dates. Almost invariably, they turn out to be wrong, and the band plays on.

Some ask of me: is there anything new to report? Well, there is. I will report it now, and then we will see if we have any idea what it means. Most of you will be disappointed, because I do not predict anything here. There are many bible passages where the meaning of the passage is still veiled after almost 3,000 years, so this "burden" will enter into good company. A few will venture onward.

On the night of Wednesday, January 18th, I had been provoked by reading a prophetic word that I was to once again secrete myself, and to figuratively go up into my watchtower to see what the Lord might have to say to me. For me, this means that I lock myself away from distractions, with God's word, and talk with Him as I seek in the word for what may be many hours at one sitting.

I began by following the Lord's leading into Micah 7, and then in to the last chapters of Hosea, Joel and Amos. While I was reading Amos 9, verse 1, I was reading the passage where the Lord will stand on the altar and shake the doorposts and lintels. As I read it, the Holy Spirit spoke: "TO SHAKE THE HEAD".

I have a rudimentary knowledge of Hebrew, and I knew that the Hebrew word for that phrase is "ROSH". So, I began to pray and to study in greater detail about this word, #7218 in Strongs. Yes, that word ROSH was the one used in Amos 9:1 where the Lord said that the "posts may shake". This variant used here is "7493" Ra-ash.

Immediately, the Holy Spirit quickened me again in my memory to look to Ezekiel 38:2, where Ezekiel reports an address of the Lord to the "Chief Prince" of Meshech and Tubal. I already knew from past study that the Hebrew for "Chief Prince" is #7218 ROSH.

Since I, and many others have been receiving various prophetic warnings about a move of Russia with Arab allies against America, and since this scripture almost certainly refers to RUSSIA, MOSCOW and TOBOLSK, my interest was piqued.

2005 marked a year when God began doing something new in my life. 15 times during that year, God shook me at various times. By shaking, I refer to a rather mild vibration, similar to a "magic fingers" experience for those of you who are familiar with the vibrating beds that used to be found in hotels. These shakings lasted for periods of 30 seconds to 5 minutes, and God has given me understanding as to part of the meaning of the shakings.

11 of the shakings occurred while I was in Kenya in May and June. 1 shaking occurred in Amsterdam in the Phipol airport. 1 occurred in my bed in Hollywood, Florida. The final two occurred in December, when I was with Rick Wiles and a few WPA members in an Applebee's Restaurant near Chattanooga, TN.

Of those two last shakings, the first occurred from 10:58 to 11:03 pm on the night of December 15. The second lasted for 30 seconds, at 11:11 pm that same night.

As I pondered this recent quickening about ROSH and TO SHAKE THE HEAD, I was led to consider these personal shakings that have been such a new addition to my spiritual experiences with Jesus in the year 2005. I believe the Lord has just connected them.

The same day I heard the Lord say "TO SHAKE THE HEAD", I began shopping on EBAY for an old table top tube radio. The next day, on January 19th, 2006, I purchased a Zenith H500 Trans Oceanic Royal radio, manufactured in 1951. At the time, I made no spiritual connection with my activities, but I simply wanted to begin a new hobby and to learn a new skill in the repair of old short wave radios.

Later, I considered that these types of radios may be the only ones working after a nuclear exchange, and this type of repair knowledge may be valuable in the near future. But still, I had no great spiritual connection for my behavior.

Many years ago, as I began to prophesy in the USA, and I encountered what would become the regular rejection that has accompanied my walk as a prophet here. The Lord gave me the scripture from Psalm 118:22 as a personal promise. One day, the stone that the builders rejected would become the head of the corner. There will be a great turnaround one day in the lives of the rejected prophets of the Lord. Thus far, I have not seen it.

Last Sunday, the Lord quickened that verse to me again.

Last night, Monday, I was sitting in my study, and the Holy Spirit had me pick up my volume of VINES dictionary. I looked up the word HEAD.

I discovered that the Hebrew word for "ZENITH" is ROSH. Also, I discovered that ROSH is also the Hebrew word used in Psalm 118:22, where is denotes "HEAD OF THE CORNER".

One more thing: ROSH also is used to denote the head of the year in Exodus 12:2. It speaks there of the month of Abib, or Nisan, which begins this year on March 30, 2006.

Also connected with all of these pieces of the prophetic puzzle is the number 8. How?

1) Eight persons attended our last prophetic meeting at Monteagle, TN.

2) The meeting began on November 2, in the evening, which was Marheshvan 1 on the Hebrew calendar. Marheshvan 1 is the 8th month on the sacred calendar.

3) I was assigned to room 208 at that conference.

4) I was given Amos 9 by the Lord, at that conference. Amos 9 is the 888th bible chapter.

5) While we were meeting in Monteagle, an 8 day meteor storm was in progress from Comet Encke. Fireballs were being reported around the world as the shower was unexpectedly intense. This was associated with the 8 peak days of the Taurids, which were at their peak rate of intensity from November 5 through November 12, and are so named because they eminate out of the constellation Taurus.

Update on September 19, 2006: I was led of the Holy Spirit to revisit this article today, and I noted while studying that Ezekiel 38:2 refers to the ROSH, or chief prince, of Tubol. ISBE says that Tubol is considered to be the same geographic area as Cappadocia. Cappadocia is bounded on the South by the Mountains of Taurus, which is located today along the Southern Mediteranean border of Turkey. Watch Turkey.

Back in 1992, the Holy Spirit showed me that Turkey was the place of tribulation, pointed at by Luke 17:37. I would have wanted to ask Jesus "WHEN LORD", but the disciples asked him "WHERE LORD" will all of these terrible things begin? Jesus must have answered them geographically when he said "Whithersoever the body (SOMA) is, there the Eagles will be gathered together". There is only one place on Earth named for Soma: Soma, Turkey! Watch Turkey.

6) The 8 visions given to Zechariah commenced in the 8th month: Marheshvan

It is a secret kept in plain sight that Haggai and Zechariah were contemporaries who worked together. They were like Randy McKee and Stephen Bening in that way. They prophesied side by side, and their words complimented each other.

This year has been noted by interesting and unusual events that have corresponded with some of the Haggai/Zechariah dates, as follows:

1) Sixth month, first day-Randy McKee and I were shaken three times, in Kenya, on June 1. The meaning: God is shaking the false 90/10 teaching of tithing law in the church today.

2) Sixth month, twenty fourth day-personal words, breakthroughs and visions given to new people, but nothing major on the world scene.

3) Seventh month, twenty first day-Hurricane Wilma hits Florida

4) 8th month-Monteagle, TN WPA meeting commences, Jehu's trap is conducted.

5) 9th month, 24th day-nothing unusual noted on Christmas day

6) 11th month, 24th day-This day will fall on February 22, 2006. Since it was the day that Zechariah was given his 8 visions, it is a day to watch. But, as we noted from the previous date in the 9th month, it is possible that nothing major may happen.

As I was considering this morning that all of these seemingly unrelated events are linked together by this Hebrew word ROSH, I inquired of the Lord about why the Lord was revealing this on January 24th, which is also Tebeth 24: 10th month, 24th day on the Hebrew Calendar. I received this answer.

The month "Tebeth" is only referred to once in scripture:
Esther 2:16

"So Esther was taken unto king Ahasuerus into his house royal in the tenth month, which is the month Tebeth, in the seventh year of his reign."

I laughed as I connected the image of a Zenith royal radio and my desire to restore that which has been broken down and cast aside with this image of a bride, taken in by her king. TAKE US IN LORD.

Yes, make us the head of the corner now Lord. Make us the ROSH of the corner. AS the Psalmist cried out in Psalm 118:25, just a few verses later, HOSHIANNA….save us now, Lord, we beseech you. Hosanna, Hosanna in the highest.

I have guesses as to the meaning of all of this. I am certain that God has been speaking and communicating with me about these things. He has led me to share the pieces of the mystery with you today. Those who are unspiritual will mock, but those who are spiritual will seek the Lord, and perhaps together, we will be given some greater understanding.

As I said before, we cannot go beyond what the Lord has revealed. These are pieces that hint at certain things, but the final outcome, or message is veiled at present. I present the pieces, as given by the Holy Spirit, for your inspection and perusal. Proverbs 25:2-"It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter".

Stephen L. Bening

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