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Prophecy: Jews, Jerusalem And Israel Pt 2
December 09, 2007

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This present thread (WPA-Watchmen Prophets Assembly, on Yahoo Groups) regarding Israel, Jerusalem and the Jews commenced on November 24, 2007, as Randy McKee and I both published articles on this subject, as led by the Holy Spirit.

It has never been more clear to me that God is moving in His vineyard right now. There are people who are now beginning to see. The blinders are coming off.

The prophetic vision that I had several years ago of the diapered babies in the mega-church is beginning to happen. All at once, those diapered babies, aged 9 to 92, began to scream and howl. When I inquired of the Lord as to the reason, He said: "they are cutting their teeth, and they want their meat".

At the same time, there is something happening that is fearful: God is reprobating people who have previously been able to see and hear. They are now totally blind and need a man to lead them around.

My old friend Blitz Robinson, used to say that when you begin to hear the sound of the pruning shears in the vineyard of the master, it is a time to keep your head very low.

We have put forth a good variety of posts from a goodly number of angles. We have dealt with some ideas where scriptural defense is lacking. People tend to respond in such times by raising their voices when they should buttress their arguments.

Our position is very clear:

1) NATIONAL ISRAEL is totally separate and distinct as a prophetic object. It will never bear fruit unto God again according to Matthew 21. It will suffer from wars, and be severely damaged. If repentance does not ensue, it will be removed from the map. This is what the Lord has said to me. It is not my opinion, but it is prophetic utterance of God, through me. Will your faith survive the news that NATIONAL ISRAEL has been destroyed?

2) ISRAEL AFTER THE FLESH, of which the Jews represent a 1/12 part, still has an active covenantal promise from God that He will raise up a remnant, from them, unto Himself. This is a prophecy that was revealed to Paul in Romans 11:5-6. God's hands are not tied in performing this promise. He will accomplish it no matter what He does with NATIONAL ISRAEL. Anyone who would assume that this promise has expired does so at his peril. This remnant will become such through the acceptance of Jesus of Nazareth as their Messiah.

3) JERUSALEM is the city where God put His name. Anyone who burdens himself with JERUSALEM will be cut to pieces. The word of God is spirit, and so all should be careful in the spiritual burdens they take up for JERUSALEM. The safest course is to touch it not at all, and to pray for the peace of it that can only come when Messiah is revealed there and when those who live there declare "blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord". Those who dwell there will not see Him until they are making that declaration.

To those of you with eyes to see, these things are as simple as fourth grade arithmetic. Those among you who are blind can only respond with anger and gnashing of teeth. Your men whom you love to follow will lead you around and you will follow them into the pit. As for me, I will continue on in the footsteps of Messiah. May the Lord of hosts continue to carry out His will, in His own time and in His own way.

There is another vision the Lord gave me, and it is being repeatedly brought back to me in recent days. I was sitting in a church of about 800 souls when suddenly, looming over the pulpit, was a pyramid. At the top of the pyramid, there was a label that said PASTOR. Midway down the pyramid, and going across the center of it, there were several labels that said ELDER. Along the bottom line of the pyramid, there were several labels that said DEACONS.

As I looked at this, I noticed that Jesus was standing to the left of the pyramid as I looked on from my vantage point. In His arms, Jesus held a large club of the type that I associate with cave men: it had a small handle, and it widened as it went out from His hands for a distance of about three feet to the place where it was about six inches across at the tip. For those of you who are familiar with the cartoon, "The Flintstones", it was identical to "BAM BAM's Club".

Jesus looked at the pyramid, and then He looked into my eyes. There was an intense rage displayed in His eyes as He raised the club. He looked at me again, and said, "I DID NOT BUILD THIS THING". He turned, and smashed the pyramid into dust.


Stephen L. Bening

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