WARFARE: Intercessors Need Our Fasting And Prayer Now
March 29, 2001

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My reply to a weary intercessor:

Bob Neumann (Jarl Ami) pointed it out today: he said that the intercessors are being beaten up.

My take on it is that people like you keep me in business. You pray in what comes through me. If the enemy can take you down, he can perhaps get through to me and others you cover in prayer. So, it is backlash, and it is a very sensible attack on the part of the enemy..

Do you recall that I said that we were going to have to go on multiple periods of fasting and prayer...that we were battling fierce enemies and that we were going to have to hit them like a battering ram. Well, here we go. We are going to have to hit them again.

And so, WPA, and other readers, it is time to swing the battering ram once again. For the next two weeks, add fasting to your prayers, to the degree you feel led of the Spirit of God. Cover the intercessors in prayer who have been covering you. Lift one another's burdens, just as Aaron and Hur lifted the arms of Moses.

Stephen L. Bening
a servant and prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ

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