PROPHECY: Deep Darkness To Follow The Light Of Glory
March 28, 2001

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As I read Bob's post regarding "For Keeps" and meditated on what he was speaking about, both in that earlier word and today, regarding "Uncertain Trumpet Calls", this word, from Isaiah 60, was quickened again to me spirit.

We are, right now, in a second wave of God's glory, following a wave that enriched us last fall. There is a reason why glory and anointing are coming to the church in waves. We need it right now for preparation and we will need it very soon, for deep darkness is beginning to cover the Earth. Isaiah told us that the glory would come first, then the darkness.

Don't be deceived by those who prophesy prosperity and blessing upon blessing to you without any strong call to repent. God pours out his spirit in greater and greater measure so that you are able to stand when the storm comes, and it is coming, perhaps very soon. Will you be able to stand if the darkness is even still within you?

All over the church, there is, once again, this annual predicting that Jesus will come and beam us up. April 1 is this years selection. Don't be fooled on April fools day. Don't believe for a minute that we are moving from glory to glory now so that we can be snatched away in a few days.

I'll conclude with this. There is tremendous anointing NOW to break the bondages in your life. Repent! Turn to Jesus! Surrender to him! Stop sinning by the power of the Holy Spirit! Prepare yourself for the day of trouble, so that when it arrives at your doorstep, you will not be blown away, but you will be settled, with your anchor firmly attached beyond the veil. Many, many prophets have foretold that our life of ease, peace and safety will end suddenly. Perhaps, as Bob implies, the first manifestation of being snatched away will not be done by Jesus but by those whom you do not want snatching you. Prepare now!

Take off your rose colored glasses, says the Lord. Wake up and look around. Be alert and be watchful. Watch!

Stephen L. Bening
a servant and prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ

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