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June 17, 2020 Sivan 25 (sacred mo. 3, civil mo. 9), 5780

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  • God insists upon restoring plural eldership to the Spirit filled assembly, as He revealed to me almost thirty years ago. He used the priest/senior pastor headed form we insisted on, but now, He will have it His way! ALL CHURCHES IN THE DAYS OF THE APOSTLES HAD TWO PASTOR/ELDERS OR MORE! He will have a bride without spot or blemish: He insists on it!

  • So, WHAT'S NEXT? Where are we to go from here as believers in Christ? Yes, Jesus is going to destroy this thing called "Church", but will we have a true, real functioning remnant? Will they gather together and, more importantly, work together in any way? People have not yet figured out how to even MEET TOGETHER. I see the people of God, as it were, wandering around in a fog. It is as though there are people who are so thirsty for something real of God that they might be compared to a man, lost in the desert, looking for water. The man thinks he has found an oasis, yet it turns out to be a mirage. Many have lost hope. How we are to meet together during a time of general anarchy, violence and rebellion?

  • Nine years ago (2011), first written on October 8, 2011, the Lord revealed to me that we are going to have a RE-ENACTED FRENCH REVOLUTION. During that time more than two hundred years ago, there was a complete attack by the masses against all the "haves" of French culture: first the political and royal "haves" and then, the religious "haves". Things are beginning to happen, especially now with the pandemic and rioting. I have written and spoken before, many times, that Babylon is political, financial and religious: it is an amalgamation! Where you see a harlot church, it is inseparably connected to national politics through the entire 501c3 tax exemption system and it is most definitely connected to money and the desire for wealth: it cannot even survive the loss of air conditioning. I believe that here, in America, we will now see the total downfall of our religious overlords as well. The re-enactment of the French Revolution has begun. I heard the Lord begin to explain it to me in 1991 and now, I am hearing about it in the news. Very soon now, pastors will be hunted down and killed, churches will be firebombed, seized, sold and repurposed, asteroids will fall to the ground and tsunamis will run to the shores, into the valleys and up into the mountains.

  • I am left with one question for the LORD that lingers within me from day to day at this time; ever since the riots, which really have little to do with racism but everything to do with anarchy, began to arise on the heels of the spreading pandemic: Has the period of SIXTY DAYS begun that the Lord told me about in 1991? If so, we are heading into the longest summer you and I will ever know! We may be looking at the last summer with electricity for a long season.

  • Yes, history is providing the validation that the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy. Each passing day, fulfilling another prophecy, provides the proof that God still speaks to man, and in doing so, reveals the end from the beginning, just as He ever did! It is powerful because it shows just how much of the future God is willing to reveal to His prophetic servants: not in some type of vague, far off way, but in giving us timely information that we really need to know about the near future. God had shown me this much revelation as touching these things just FIVE YEARS AGO. God is real and He wants to show us the things that are to come in our lifetimes. He uses prophecy to convince us that Jesus really did lay down His life for us and that He really is able to help us. He does not want such things as fire-bombed churches to catch us like a thief in the night; nor does He want us to be confused when these things begin to happen in a much wider way. For the rest of you, you will know that a prophet has been among you when you fear to go to these churches and you fear even more to bring your family and children into them because of the overwhelming wave of violence that is going to be unleashed against the thing called "church".

    Stephen L. Bening
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