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Prophecy: Following Bad Men And Suffering For It
October 11, 2009

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The Lord says that the badge still remains on my chest and there are other snakes to deal with at the present, and I know of what and who He is speaking about.

I was staying at the Whytestone Suites in Fredericksburg on the morning of October 7, 2009. As I briefly watched the news reports, I heard a quick headline that "the faith healing parents had been convicted".

Something went off in my spirit, and I did a quick internet search. I discovered that the "faith healing family" was the Neuman's. These unfortunate souls suffered the death of their child from diabetes.

They trusted in God and refused to bring their child for medical care. The child died. Now, they have been convicted to six months in prison and ten years of probation.

I write this article feeling nothing but compassion for them. Their faith, though misguided, and their tragic suffering causes me grief when I consider the loss they have experienced.

They suffered in the death of the child, and now they will suffer in prison and in ten years of probationary reporting to an officer of the court. Any small violation can land them in prison. They must obtain permission to travel out of state for the entire ten years. They have suffered and will continue to do so.

There is one who bears a greater responsibility for their actions. They were counseled and affirmed in their actions by one who claims to be an elder of the faith. I noted the purported elder of which I speak was convicted of no crime by the court, but his sentence should be greater than that of the parents, for these parents looked to this man for spiritual guidance, and this man counseled them in the path they were to take.

This man is David Eells. David Eells will serve no prison time and will report to no probation officer, at least here in the natural realm. Yet his guilt and responsibility remains. It is great!

I have personally witnessed, TWO TIMES, the attempted destruction of character that David Eells attempted to perpetrate on two of my friends.

I tell you the truth: you will suffer if you follow this man. All those who remain in association with this man will be defiled by that association and they will share in his sins and the punishment that will be meted out from the Lord God.

The Lord said to me on October the 7th, as I pondered the sentencing in the Neuman case, that the time of reaping has come. We have come to the hour of finality. As Matthew Stephen has repeatedly said, David Eells cigar has now been delivered.

I will compare this with the way of a man with a woman. Man and woman become one flesh, and the woman then enters the nine months that culminate in the birth. At the delivery, men share cigars; one with another.

In like manner, men perform deeds in the flesh and seemingly escape, scot free. But the judgement of God and the penalty for their misdeeds follows assuredly on to arrive at a later date. That day has now come.

I want to reason and to appeal with those of you who were so quick to believe all of the wild accusations made by David Eells against Matthew Stephen fifteen months ago.

Matthew was accused of being a rabid fornicator with many women and of being a dangeroud assasin. This man made these outlandish and outrageous claims based upon the most circumstantial evidence and upon the testimony of wicked and vile persons. If these accusations had been true, Matthew would have continue the pattern as alleged. This has not been the case.

Consider their silence! Matthew is living as a holy one and their silence alone convicts them. These wicked ones are the spiritual assasins.

Matthew has remained married to Kathy now for fifteen months. He has lived at a high level morally in my sight, and I have spent much time with him. Every day that passes leaves me looking better and better in the decision that I made fifteen months ago to perform the marriage ceremony that joined Matthew and Kathy in holy matrimony.

If I had been given to make judgements by sight and by soulish reactions, I would have dumped Matthew overboard when all of those accusations came. Many of you told me to get away from him or I would lose the entire ministry. But the Lord had other instructions for me, telling me that He had "called me to the Kingdom for such a time as this." He said that "truth is so very hard to find" and "don't you dare go run and hide."

Each day that passes, the likelihood increases that I heard the word of the Lord fifteen months ago. The likelihood continues to grow that I have been operating under God's instructions in remaining at the side of Matthew while every other public prophetic minister who had known him and walked with him so rudely abused him and abandoned him.

Which of you ran and hid? Which of you spread these vicious accusations to others? Which of you counseled believers to steer clear of Matthew? Which of you dumped prophet Matthew? You need to repent. As for David Eells, I do not believe he is a saved man. Perhaps he may be granted repentance by the Lord before he dies. These matters belong to the Lord.

I can only warn you to steer clear of this snake, for you will suffer for it if you choose to be associated with him in any way.


Stephen L. Bening

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