PROPHECY NEWS: Asteroids And Comets As Spiritual Signs-Shoemaker Levy 9 and Jupiter-July 16, 1994
(August 20, 2001)(Revelation Received July 16, 1994)

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Dear WPA and Others:

Perhaps some of you are wondering why I watch asteroids so closely? The answer is that the Lord has given me substantial, prior experience with comets and asteroids and with how He speaks through heavenly events.

I'm going to discuss now what was revealed to me in 1994, relating to Comet Shoemaker Levy 9 and it's multiple impacts on the planet Jupiter.

On July 16, 1994, 21 comet fragments split into 24 fragments and impacted the surface of Jupiter. This event was caught on film, by telescope, from Earth, and provided the first eyewitness view of such an event in recorded history. This event is generally regarded as the most awesome celestial event ever witnessed by man that was predicted in advance and observed by man. I differ with that view, in that, for me, the appearance of the star over Bethlehem occupies first place. Still, this one comes in as a definite second.

Here are the signs, in the numbers, that were evident in this celestial event.

1) You can look at my website and find reference to my work on the number 24. It is the number of the Lord Jesus Christ, and there are many, many scriptures that support this. Note that this comet caused 24 impacts on Jupiter.

2) The coma (bright head) of the comet was 2.4 million miles accross just prior to splitting up into the fragments.

3) 24 explosions on Jupiter, King of Planets, King of gods to the Greeks

4) Jesus, King of Kings, became the 24th King of both Judah and Israel.

1) The comet first split into 21 fragments

2) Jupiter's mean distance from the sun is 777 million Kilometers. 7+7+7=21

3) The childlike imagery evoked is 7 seals, 7 trumpets, 7 bowls from Revelation

1) Jupiter has 17 moons

2) The wrath of God is associated with 17 (start date of the flood, Genesis 7:11)

88, or 8:8
1) The diameter of Jupiter is 88,000 miles

2) The comet impacted Jupiter on Ab 8, or the 8th month, 8th day, a day known as "black sabbath".

3) Revelation 8:8-the asteroid scripture

July 16, or 7/16
1) Date of impact on our JULIAN calendar was 7/16

2) 16 prophets wrote in the Old Testament

3) 16 New Testament references to temple, or naos

4) Temple defiled by erection of a statue of Jupiter in 168 B.C. by Antiochus Epiphanes

5) July, the word, derived from Julian, Derived from the worship of Jupiter

6) Barnabas called Jupiter in Acts 19:35, evidently because power was displayed through him. This happened in Ephesus, where a meteor had "fallen from Jupiter", according to the bible. Hence, meteors and Jupiter are mentioned together in the bible.

I believed at the time, and I still do, that God sent this comet to warn planet Earth that what He had written in the bible, particularly in Revelation 8:8, was not some symbolic fairy tale. Immediately after that, Hollywood got the message, and produced a string of asteroid impact movies.

And so, there you have the story of Jupiter and the comet, and how the Lord used numbers in that case to build an argument, from circumstantial evidence, that He was speaking through every part of that comet and it's impact to a world that ignores Him and has largely forgotten Him. It was during this time that I became convinced that Revelation 8:8 will be literally fulfilled by the impact of an asteroid on Earth, and it is for this reason that I watch these things most carefully.

Stephen L. Bening

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