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Prophecy: Understanding What Has Been Coming Against Us
November 10, 2017 Marheshvan (Mo 8) 21, 5778 (With Nov 12 postscript)

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Sometimes, I feel just like those sheep I used to pelt with small rocks on my Grandfather's farm. They used to look all around when hit and they could not figure out who was hitting them with the rocks, even though I was standing right there at the fence in my full ten year old glory.

It can help tremendously when we know what is coming against us and just why it is happening to us at this present time. Knowing the true origin and nature of attacks against us helps us to be strong in the faith, in that we have known what was coming against us ahead of time. We can also know a thing and forget it. Sometimes though, we know the truth and remember it but we don't have the complete understanding and we can still be overcome with bewilderment. This very thing has been happening to me this year.

2017 began with me in receipt of a revelation, on New Years day, that this year would be marked by "The Fog of 2017". A spiritual fog limits your ability to fix your eyes on Jesus. You can lose spiritual vision and enter into confusion. This is a fog that ties in with an attack of witchcraft so that when you are under this attack, you cannot always trust your senses, your emotions, your mind and your reasoning. I have often taught about sickness and how any sickness of the mind is the worst kind of sickness because we evaluate all illnesses with our minds. Should your mind become unreliable, how will you evaluate your sickness?

The second revelation that came at the head of 2017 came through my wife, who heard the Lord say "Soon, I am putting out the lamps". It fell to me to write that word up and obtain the interpretation of it, which the Lord said related to Matthew 25 and the lamps of the foolish virgins that are extinguished for lack of oil. I inquired of the Lord just how He was going to put out those lamps. He said that He would delay His coming to us (not His coming for us). I did not realize the connection with the Proverb at that time that "Hope deferred maketh the heart sick". I, and many others, are waiting for the Lord to come to empower us with His glory/fire anointing that will enable us to perform great exploits in His name. The delay of this expected promise made my heart sick and I should have realized this, but I did not put "2 and 2" together until yesterday evening.

I also failed to join the two revelations together, failing to realize just how debilitating a sick heart would make me when it was joined with a witchcraft attack that would cause my vision to fail and send me into confusion. The only thing that has really saved me since June is that I have always been an extravagant worshiper. I have been crying Hosheana to the Lord, over and over again, waiting upon the Lord to renew my strength. He heard my prayer and today finds me delivered from the sick heart and the loss of spiritual vision.

I am able also to remember something that I knew and had studied thoroughly before, but I had forgotten or failed to apply during this last long period of attack. That fact is that attack always precedes breakthrough or promotion. Many times, we find that saints even broke down before they broke through. You can search the internet and find many good articles about this subject, but I will deal with a few scriptures.

Thinking of breakdown before breakthrough, is there a better example than Peter, who was sifted like wheat and denied His Lord before He was restored and promoted to be the first great evangelistic preacher of the new church.

Vicious attack often comes, especially prior to the time when you are about to receive the thing you have been promised by God and have waited faithfully over a long period of time for it to come to pass. Witness Abraham, who had waited long for the promised birth of a son to Sarah. That promise came when he was 99 years old. Then, a savage attack came. King Abimelech took Sarah away to populate his harem. God came through, nevertheless, and returned Sarah to Abraham untouched. The promised child was then born not even one year later.

I have for years been most affected by the story of David at the Philistine city of Ziklag. Finally, the time had come for David to fight against the armies of Israel and pay them back in full for rejecting him. That time came and the Philistines would not let him join the battle. Little did David know that he would be king over Israel in a matter of weeks, as God providentially held him back from joining the battle where King Saul met his death. David had been waiting ten years to be named king and had not seen it happen yet. Then, denied the pleasure of fighting on the battlefield, he and his men returned home to Ziklag, only to find it had been viciously attacked by the Amalekites, who had burned his city and carried away captive all the women and children. David's men wanted to stone him. Again, little did David know that he would be king in a matter of weeks. Yet, David encouraged himself in the Lord, followed the instruction of the Lord to pursue the adversary and David recovered all. Then, and only then, did he hear that Saul had perished on the battlefield. Then and only then did the plan of God begin to take shape in David's eyes, for he prayed and was led to move to Hebron and the rest is history.

I, or rather we, have been going through these witchcraft attacks that have caused confusion and loss of spiritual vision at a time when God has delayed His coming. This has led me/us to have sick hearts. All of this has happened when we have been on the verge of the greatest blessing and promotion we have ever seen. I have been expectantly waiting for many years for this glory/fire anointing to fall upon me, so it is no surprise that the attacks against my wife and I have been unprecedented. My health has been under constant assault, as has been the case with my wife as well. I am aware that we are not alone in this.

Last night, my vision cleared and I understood what has been coming against me/us. It is been a three fold assault and it has been withering and relentless. It also helps much to know that I have not erred or missed God in any way: it is God's will for us to wait for Him, dwelling solitarily in the woods, outside the camp of the Christian churches. I do not know if the attacks are at an end, but it does help to experience the clearing of the fog and to see the plan of God. Let us encourage ourselves in the Lord, for we too shall recover all and soon, we will cross over the threshold into the extravagant kingdom power of the third day of God. Hopefully you too will be encouraged as even the bible does tell us that we are not be be moved by such afflictions for it is just to such that we have been appointed.

November 12 postscript
There has been evident coordination of these attacks upon us by a host of demons, working in concert in what is apparent witchcraft. This may either involve outright practice of the black arts or the inadvertent, so called christian witchcraft that is led by demon spirit guides who impersonate the Holy Spirit to trick immature and unstable believers into praying to get something they think that they want according to their selfish desires. We have, until now, engaged in our most intense prayer efforts during the time immediately after we have been attacked. The attacks have been swinging back and forth, coming against my wife and then against me, in a cycle. We are now going to change our prayer efforts and curse busting, as the Holy Spirit just directed me, to pray intensely, with fasting, after we experience a lull in the attacks. During this time of apparent victory and relief, when it is tempting to catch our spiritual breath, we are going to pray fervently that this year long cycle of evidently coordinated attacks and witchcraft would be stopped, in Jesus name. Pray with us and for us. Let us know also if you have been undergoing something comparable and we will add you to our prayers. Above all, may the Lord give us His strength to rejoice in Him during these attacks and grant us the ability to count them all joy as we know that we are at the gate of promotion. The joy that is set before us is tremendous as we will be entering into the time when God fulfills many prophetic promises He has made to me over the years. So, for the joy set before us, may we too be granted the ability to endure these crosses, just as our Master endured His.

Stephen L. Bening

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