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Prophecy: To My Fellow Exiles
April 15, 2018 Nisan (Mo 1) 30, 5778

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I write today to my fellow exiles in the Lord Jesus Christ. I write to those who have found no living body of Christ to be joined to in their region. I write to encourage my fellow exiles in their present hardship and difficulties. Today, the Lord has assured me that He has seen our sacrifices and He received it as a pleasant savor and a fragrant offering unto Him.

Everywhere we look, we find corpses (GK ptoma). We find no living bodies (GK Soma) of Jesus Christ in all the land of America. Everywhere we find a certain deadness: a lack of the presence, let alone the glory of the Lord (GK Soma). We find spiritual defilement and spiritual filth. We find that believers remain in their sins: that the fire of conviction has been quenched by seared consciences. We find the love of money and the pastors who chase it everywhere. We find not many who chase the Lord. We find much false doctrine and evil organizations and the kingdoms of men who desire the preeminence.

I give my assent and agreement to the truth of the scripture, as every believer, everywhere is adjured to "assemble together with the brethren." This is a true command from the Lord, yet it is also a true command that we are to "come out of her". Everywhere I look and seek, I find "her", the harlot described in the Revelation, chapter two. I do not find the true assembly of the believers of Jesus Christ anywhere, but I find this harlot everywhere and it seems that the people love it to be so. The Lord has said it to another exile and the Lord has said it to me as well: "Why do you wish to have fellowship with those who have no desire to have fellowship with ME"?

I know that, in saying that, our spiritual diet is rather Spartan. Our meetings consist of my wife and I, meeting before and with the Lord, doing only that which the Holy Spirit leads us to pray, do, sing and say. I am aware that when God sent messages to the early church, He had Paul write letters to those assemblies. Those who were not in the local assemblies did not get to read or know the contents of those letters. So, it is imperative that we find local, living assemblies, IF THERE ARE ANY. So far as I am aware, I know of not one single local assembly currently meeting together in America where the ELDERS rule well and where God is worshiped in Spirit and in truth, without any hypocrisy or pretense.

This morning, I was before the Lord, seeking Him prior to our Sunday meeting. I began to reflect upon a meeting that we recently had with another prophet who has not come out of the Senior pastor headed harlot church. The Lord asked me to compare my/our spiritual condition with that of that "in church" prophet and the woman he brought to dinner with us who regards herself as a prophet. I responded to the Lord that it seemed to me that we were better off spiritually than they. It was then that the Lord opened my eyes to the situation that we have been living in for the last couple of years and how it is pictured metaphorically in the lives of Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah. The last three are perhaps better known by their Babylonian given names as "Shadrach, Meschak and Abednego".

The Lord impressed upon me that as it was before with Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah, my wife and I "have purposed in his (our) heart(s) that he (we) would not defile himself (ourselves) with the portion of the king's meat, nor with the wine which he drank." We have, as it were, been spiritually subsisting on vegetables, rather than defiling ourselves with the fellowship of those in the Babylonian church system who do not consider it a thing of value to seek close fellowship with the Lord, but rather fall into every compromise with that evil system rather than endeavoring to walk alone as an exile before the Lord.

Daniel and his three brethren later faced situations that threatened their lives. Compromise with that Babylonian system threatened Daniel with death by ravenous lions as he refused to yield to pressure and continued to pray to the Lord, our God. In like manner, Daniel's three friends were commanded to bow down to idols or face death. They found the strength within to resist that command and to remain standing. Would they have found such strength in God to resist bowing down to an idol if they had decided to compromise their principles in God several years earlier in the matter of their daily food? I think not.

Daniel and his three young friends were among some ten thousand of exiles who were carried out of Israel and into Babylon against their will. They were alone among that number of thousands to be shown to have honored God in that foreign land. The Bible, as well as the Jewish historian Josephus, took note of the large number who went into exile and the small number of four who remained faithful unto the Lord their God. Likewise, those of us who remain outside the present Babylonian church system are going through difficulties and privation now. Very few are conspicuously standing outside of this present Senior pastor headed abomination that has moved the book of Malachi into the New Testament. Taxation originated in Babylon and these senior pastors have placed their adherents under a system of kingdom taxation through their mandated tithes and the people love it so.

I believe that if we compromise now and return back to the harlot churches, we will find no strength when the pressure arises to command that we bow down to various and sundry idols. The Lord let me know this morning that He had seen that we have refused to eat the defiled spiritual food of the harlot churches and that He is pleased with us in this. I pass this on to you fellow exiles to encourage you as we wait upon the Lord to bring our change, for as He did with those four young Hebrew boys so many years ago, He will surely display His Glory through the lives those who honor Him in like manner in the offering of all of their selves to Him.

Stephen L. Bening

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