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Prophecy: May 21-Judgement Day?
May 12, 2011

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For the last several months, I have seen the billboards. A bit of short wave radio listening will also run you head on into the May 21, 2011 prediction for the rapture of the church. I had thought it so absurd as to require no response, but, you see, discernment is in short supply today. So, I can see by the Spirit of God that I must talk about it.

I received a text from Kenya yesterday. Yes, the May 21-Judgement Day billboards are all over Africa as well, and a pastor wanted me to take a position on the subject. I prayed a bit about it and realized that we have new believers being activated right now as the increasing trials and tribulations are being poured out in the nations. As troubles increase, people are beginning to cry out to God. The enemy responds by leading these people into all sort of deceptions which are designed to quench them spiritually into believing that all forays into anything prophetic will lead one into a type of self deceived insanity.

Back in 1988, we had to deal with Edgar Whisenant and Joe Cirelli who brought us the freely distributed, 56 page booklet entitled "88 Reasons Why the Rapture Will Be In 1988". Millions of copies were freely distributed and TBN took it up as a "cause celebre". You can read it today with a simple internet search. In short, that book was based upon some mathematical calculations that all seemed designed to make the head hurt. Supposedly, it was all claimed to be based upon the bible, and that it could only fail if the bible failed. Well.........FAIL. It failed, but the bible did not.

Now, 23 years later, we are dealing with another prediction, made in a similar vein. Again, analysis of the prediction leads one into a formulaic presentation that seems once again designed to make the head hurt. I'm a former CPA and it had my head throbbing.

The foremost protagonist of the May 21 prediction: Harold Camping, is an 80 something preacher on Family Radio, most frequently heard by those of us who cruise the various shortwave radio bands. I'll give you three very good reasons to ignore this nonsense:

1) Listen for one minute to the preaching of Harold Camping at a time when you are "IN THE SPIRIT". Listen to your spirit! Can you not discern that this man, Harold Camping, is very weird, a flake and a deceiver? You may not be able to immediately ignore the man based upon your cognitive processes, but your spirit will immediately recoil at the preaching of the man if you are rightly inhabited by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ through the indwelling of His holy spirit. I will point out here that the same thing has also been true, for at least twenty years, of Rick Joyner, yet many of you go on passing his materials along and accepting them easily enough.

2) Advocates of this May 21, 2011 Judgement Day rapture prediction claim that "there has been no salvation in the church since May 21, 1988, and the last twenty three years have been a time of great tribulation". Do they not realize that salvation has never been in the church! Salvation is something that happens when Jesus Christ, the hope of glory, comes to live inside of a human being, NOT TO LIVE INSIDE OF A BUILDING. We are born again by the Spirit of God and the operation of His Spirit, by becoming GOD WITH US, leaves us as walking "little christs", and so it is said in the scripture "Christ in us, the hope of glory." After we are born again, our bodies are to be brought into subjection to the leading of the Holy Spirit, and we begin to undergo the adoption of our bodies into sonship. Certainly, salvation, and the new birth, have continue unabated since Pentecost. Even the Revelation Seven multitude are saved out of great tribulation. Sons of God are being made in the church, out of the church and every place in between wherever a heart has been opened to the love of the Saviour and repentance has ensued.

3) Our Lord very clearly told us as it is rendered in Matthew 24 that He will come "immediately after the tribulation of those days". Great disturbances will occur in the celestial bodies and the the Lord shall come. This is the danger of all the pre-tribulation rapture beliefs. Those of you who believe such un-biblical and extra-biblical additions to God's word have opened yourselves up to all manner of false prognosticating, such as this most recent May 21 nonsense. We very obviously have had no massive cosmic disturbance remotely akin to that described in Matthew 24:29 as of yet.

Finally, May 21 is a very interesting date every single year, not just this year. It is the 21st day of the 21st week of the year. That is mathematically interesting. Somewhere, some astronomers also have noted that the constellation Pleiades is located directly behind the Sun, at high noon, directly overhead in the tropics on May 21. The Mayans knew about it. I have gone outside to observe it, and it seems to be the case every year, at that time. The ancients, it appears, had some pagan religious exercises that were associated with these astronomical and mathematical anomalies. It may portend something of note since the Pleiades is a constellation mentioned in the bible several times. We also note that every year, Pentecost happens during this time and most likely, the church was born in the month of May. So, we keep watch, not for some false prognostication about dates and times that our Lord explicitly told us not to seek after, for these are not for you and I to know, but the Father hath put these in his own power. No, we watch for signs of the end of the age, as we were told to watch for.

We watch, because we were ordered to watch! We were never told to date set and mark our calendars.

Stephen L. Bening

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