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Two months ago, God directed me to write daily. During this time, the words have dealt with prophetic details in some complexity, and have unveiled details of God's activities in this hour. They have come forth like pieces of a puzzle. Also, I have not spoken to the congregations of the church in any length or detail. From the feedback that I have received, I sense that the Lord has used them primarily to instruct prophets and intercessors.

Today, the Lord said, "I want you to boil it all down...bring it down to a third grade level... do a simple explanaton of what I'm doing in my church between now and the end of the year, for some in my body have become confused, and I want you to dispel that confusion."


My Pastor prophesied in this simple, forthright manner, last Friday when I was in his office. He pointed toward his calendar, which showed the month of December. He waved his hand over that whole period from the 1st to the 25th, and he said, "a whole lot of things are going to happen to a whole lot of people over this period of time"

I laughed at the simple and general nature of this prophecy, but what he said was exactly accurate. I'll now attempt to show you what those "whole lot of things" are.

I know what the Lord is after, and it's not easy. Many of you have been following what has been coming forth from my ministry daily, and also through Bill and Marsha Burns, and Doug Fortune as well as Bob Neumann. Some of you don't see the big picture and you've grown confused by looking at the puzzle pieces. This is the type of presentation I would give if I came to your church to speak to your whole congregation, on this subject.


God has sent a giant wave of his spirit. About 40 days ago, God showed me this wave and said that it was coming to baptize His whole church in the Holy Spirit. It is a wave of His Spirit. God used surfer language to bring it to me. He said "catch a wave and your sittin' on top of the world." I saw that I would have to paddle out in the spirit to meet that wave...to be ready for it, and so I began to "paddle out", in the spirit, and I met the wave as it began to crest, and I'm riding it now, at it's peak. At this height, I can see very well and very far.

God said that this wave would come in 60 days. That pointed at December 23. Doug Fortune had a word, regarding 60 days, in which God was pointing at December 21. My pastor, at about the same time, reported that the Lord had spoken to him regarding "the next two months". That seemed to target December 25. I interpret these differences as an indication that we should be particularly awake and aware, from right now up until December 25. Expecially so!

Now, it is God's will to baptize His whole church with his spirit at this time, but some will not receive. You must put yourself in position to receve. You must first see in the word of God that you have need of being baptized in the Holy Spirit. If you are not asking, seeking and knocking, you are not going to receive. If you have an attitude that you won't receive, God will not force you to receive.

If you have never been baptized in the Holy Spirit, evidenced by the speaking in tongues, this is the season to "paddle out". Read your bible. Ask the Lord about it. Let him build up your faith so that you can receive. Prepare yourself. Examine yourself. Ask God to give you all that He has for you. Above all, ask God to make you His servant. God will then give his Holy Spirit to those who require His power to be witnesses. Seek God for this and you will never regret it. You need this baptism of fire and the Holy Ghost so that you will have rest and refreshing in your life, from the Lord. You also need it so that you will not stumble and backslide. Examine Isaiah 28.


Some have misunderstood that Jesus is returning this year or next, for his church. This is not true. Jesus is coming IN His church, right now. He will come for His church later...many years removed from now. How many, I do not know, but it would not surprise me at all if we still have to occupy in this place for another 30 to 40 years.

We are going to have a big war in the middle east, and almost all of the prophecy commentators are going to be confounded and embarrased, because they will say it is the Ezekiel 38/39 war,but it is not yet time for that. If Israel does not call upon the Lord, she is going into captivity again, and this will really confound and confuse the prophecy teachers who have made such a stir over the reappearance of Israel as a nation on the Earth. Jordan and Syria will be involved in a war with Israel, but it is not yet the end, says the Lord. Nothing has changed.

Some have misunderstood, thinking that God is always pouring out his spirit at all times and in the same way, but they have not understood that God has always moved during times and seasons. This season is characterized by the wave....it will have a high tide....and a low tide..and all the other stages that are seen in tides and, more importantly, waves.

Some have misunderstood, thinking that they have been baptized in the Holy Spirit once... and that is all they should expect. The Lord is saying, "be being filled with the Holy Spirit". Over and over again, from glory to glory...from promotion to promotion. Paddle out to meet every wave as I alert you by my spirit that I am sending them.


And so there are many of you, up for promotion in the Lord. You are being tested and examined in this hour. Some of you who obeyed and paddled out to meet the wave have already been promoted. All are being tested in this hour.

God has even appointed gatekeepers, to sit at the gate in the realm of the spirit: to do battle in the heavenly places. God has granted heretofore unseen authority to prophets in the realm of the heavenlies. Know this: the glory of the latter house shall be greater than that of the former. Authority has preceded an outpouring of my power, says the LORD. The authority has been granted, now the church is being prepared, and later, the church will be fit and able to be a vessel through which I can pour my power, so that it may be as I have said, that "greater things shall you do in my name than I have done", says God. Keys of the Kingdom of God have been distributed, to make strategic decrees, and to bind on earth, that which has been already bound in heaven. You will do nothing unless you see or hear your Lord doing it first.

These spirit baptisms, promotions and new gatekeepers have come, and with them, has come the sword of the Lord. Many who have heard from God in the past: who have built important ministries and who have promoted their own agenda's, have had their vision darkened and their hearing silenced. It has just recently occurred! They are being severely tested. Will they humble themselves in the approaching storm, and admit that they have no word from the Lord, or will they speak from the reservoir of what God has told them in the past?

Many will proclaim "yesterday's news." It will not work in this hour, says the Lord. If they will humble themselves, and admit that they have no vision or hearing, I will restore them, after a season, says the Lord. If they speak forth, as if having a word from me, when they have none, their place and their ministry will be removed from before my face, and their lampstands will be collected and gathered up. The fire of my anointing that burned in their lampstands will be gathered and given to others.

While this is occuring, you, the members of my congregations must be very careful, for most of the ministers who will be speaking on TV and radio will not have a current and fresh word from me: they will be reporting "yesterday's news" to you. You will be stressed and tempted to listen to them, but seek me first, says the Lord. As trouble and stress increase in your life, take heed, and be aware. Look for and mark my true prophets and servants. Listen to them. Be very careful regarding what is spoken by men who seek to influence you through their own reputation and importance, but not by my spirit, says the Lord. Be alert for self promotion and self agenda.


There has been a slaughter and carnage in the heavenlies. This is a battle between angels of the Lord and principalities. Prophets and intercessors, with the church, have been engaged in this battle in the realm of the spirit. Now, it has begun to break out in the Earthly realm. It has begun now in the head of the body on Earth: among the apostles and prophets. It is showing up in words of conflict and heated disagreement between those who claim an anointing in the prophetic. More and more, conflicting messages are appearing. Confusion is evident. False prophets are also speaking true messages, but not by my spirit, says the Lord.

This carnage and slaughter will spread to the Earth, among the nations, at an unspecified time. When it does, it will break out in open warfare and bloodshed. I am aware of particular danger from two to four years from now, but I am not saying that it cannot begin sooner. America, in particular, shall suffer terrible chastisement from the Lord. As America grows weaker in the realm of the natural, and loses her glory, the church in America will grow stronger and the glory of the Lord shall be increased.


As the glory of the Lord is increased in the church, there will be a revival of and a resurrection of old visions and dreams, had by many of the saints, as they relate to their personal ministry before the Lord. Many plans, previously given up due to discouragement, will be revived in this coming hour.

We are in an hour when you need to be very careful in what you say to your brother. Be sure to bear one another's burdens and lift one another up and edify one another. You will be tempted, many of you, to accuse your brothers based upon a dream or vision you have had, where you have seen something that seems to indict your brother of some sin. You are being tested and your brother is innocent. Be very careful. Opt to pray for your brother rather than opting to accuse your brother in this hour.

As the Lord has told us that we are in the time of the third day outpouring, we can expect a latter rain to follow this former rain. When we speak of "third day", we are speaking of promises God has made to His church for life in the third millenium since the birth of Jesus, the Messiah. Bill Burns, of Kremmling Colorado, is saying that we can expect that "latter rain" in the spring. We therefore expect another wave of the Holy Spirit in the spring. In some ways, it will be similar to what we are experiencing in this 60 day period. In other ways, it will differ. The Lord will be saying more about this over the coming months.


Finally, more and more, we will see the accompanying signs that Mark told us would follow those who believe. These signs will become harder and harder to deny, as God's glory in his church is increased. Trouble in the natural will help many to come out of the world. Others will choose to depart from the Lord.

As this outpouring continues, it will be most evident in places where there is unity between my pastors and my prophets....where the pastors realize their subordinate position in the heavenlies and the prophets realize their subordinate position on the earth...and all are open to true, apostolic correction and guidance. There will be no Lording over my flock, says God, but the greatest among you shall be the servant of all. Submit to one another... seek for unity...and receive the oil of my anointing, flowing from the head, down Aaron's beard...flowing so profusely as to soak the garments below, so that the whole of my body is saturated with the oil of my presence, says the Lord. I desire to command the blessing in your midst and in your congregations, says the Lord.

Do not panic in this present and coming time of prophetic confusion, but seek for shelter under the wings of almighty God. He will reveal to you the place of protection that he has prepared for you, if you will ask him and seek him. He will lead you. Just ask him. As the economic trouble begins, be sure you are serving and dwelling in the church where GOD has placed you. It will be of critical importance for you to be placed rightly in the body. Seek the Lord on this and pay no attention to beautiful temples and buildings or the wealth of the ministers. Seek me concerning your right placement, says the Lord. Many of you have gotten lost and wandered over the brow of the hill, away from the flock where I have placed you. I am sending my true shepherds after you, says the Lord. Many hirelings and pastors for profit have attracted your attention and wooed you away from your place, but I am calling you back to the place where you belong, and where you will find shade, rest and safety, says the Lord.


Regarding the timing of these things, some events that are occuring between now and the end of the year will be very determinative. You will make decisions now that will effect your lives for the next 10, 20 and perhaps 30 or 40 years. This will occur again in the spring, when the next wave of the Lord arrives.

Some of the prophecies I have written about will not be seen in their fullness for perhaps 10 to 30 years. These are processes that have been set in motion, in order to produce the glory of the latter house, that glorious church that Jesus is building. The processes have begun. Processes work slowly. Think of a process like erosion. Through erosion, a canyon like the Grand Canyon can be formed. Set yourselves for the long haul. Run the race to win. It is not a sprint. Cast off every weight that hinders you. Get rid of the sin that so easily besets you, and run the race to win.

Stephen L. Bening
a servant and prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ

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