PROPHECY: God is Pleading With America
September 16, 2002

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God is still speaking to men: all faith depends on it. Without it, we would have no bible. From the beginning of the Lord's dealings with me, He began to show me images of terrible things that are going to occur in America. Five years later in 1992, God revealed His calling on my life to prophesy. At the same time, false prophets were rising up, predicting the nuclear destruction of the US every single year. Fewer and fewer people will listen to anyone with such a warning.

God has shown me several future events by vision or by prophetic revelation during the last fifteen years: 1) Coastal areas of California will slip beneath the sea. 2) US military shipping will be attacked by Arabs with nuclear cruise missiles that will destroy the Kitty Hawk carrier group in the Persian Gulf. 3) Miami, Florida will be destroyed by nuclear attack. 4) Russian missiles that bear the name SS18 "Satan" will be fired against America. 5) A great earthquake will form another great lake where the central part of the Mississippi River flows today. Others have seen an invasion of America that could result in the loss of our sovereignty to foreign powers.

These events and others will happen because the American people have forgotten God and have turned to worship idols. Just as it happened on September 11, 2001, Satan and his servants will have permission from God to destroy America.

My name is Stephen L. Bening. I was born forty-five years ago in the small heartland town of Carbondale, Illinois. I went to public university and studied accounting. I am not a trained theologian, nor did I ever want to enter the ministry. At age thirty, God had other plans for my life, when the Lord Jesus Christ came and apprehended me for His service in 1987.

Why should anyone believe me? God has given me a record for accuracy with smaller things. There are witnesses to this accuracy. The accurate predictions helped me to gain confidence that God was really speaking to me, and I received boldness from the Lord to tell others. Hundreds of other Americans have seen some or all of the things that I have seen in visions or heard in revelations from the Lord. You can read their writings on my website.

What does God want from America? God wants a people here who will love and walk with Jesus Christ.

You must ask Jesus to forgive your sins and come to live inside of you. It is not good enough to attend church. Jesus wants relationship with you. He wants to know you. You must believe that Jesus Christ is Lord (that means God), and that He came to life again after his crucifixion. There is no other way to life, or to God. He is the way, the truth and the life.

He wants Americans to stop killing babies; to stop worshipping idols of money and possessions, to uphold justice and to be merciful. America must not go to war without permission from and the blessing of Almighty God.

Last month, God began to share with me that there is no time left for America. These events will be sudden, severe and are coming soon. Our lives will change forever in a day. God's people in His churches are not ready for this. They have been deceived, and this day will come upon them as a trap. Most will panic, and their hearts will fail from fear. Many will fall away from the faith.

God is pleading with America. Terrible things will begin to occur very soon now. I MEAN SOON. When they begin, Americans are going to panic. What you need to do is repent now, and get ready for hard times to come. You need to learn how to pray to God, and how to hear from God. This relationship is best developed when you are not in a state of panic. Please America: return to the Lord your God, and do not delay.

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