Prophecy: Past Meets Future
September 21, 2019 Ellul 21 (Mo 6 sacred-Mo 12 secular), 5779

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Who will you trust to interpret prophecy? A minister who takes down a six figure salary from a church, sells books and has his church collecting tithes, first-fruits and three offering pulls, chasing after every red cent he can grab? Do you really think he will tell you anything controversial or novel that might decrease the take?

Look to God, open your spirits and engage your brains. The Historicists brought us to the French Revolution and to the fall of the Papacy at Rome. I received in vision that future economic troubles will begin at France. Next month, a hard Brexit is scheduled, with incalculable effects on the Euro. France has large debt but is too small to print their own money. I smell near future risk. Paris Vision

Historicists brought us to the fulfillment of the 6th vial: the Turkish Woe, with the dissolution of the Ottomon Turk empire in 1923 with expectations among some of a future invigoration of it. I received word in 1992 that Great Tribulation would begin in Turkey and the Slavic Lands. Years ago, the Lord said to me: "Watch Turkey". Now, Turkey, straddling East and West for several years, wants nuclear weapons. I perceive current risk. Watch Turkey!

You are all walking around, believing interpretations of bible prophecy that you were taught by men who were not prophets. They had their motivations. The question is: do you want to know the truth or not? Most people go through life and never make a choice about whom they will serve. Choose you this day whom you will serve! Promontory Point"

Stephen L. Bening

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