Prophecy: Third World War To Be Like The First
September 30, 2019 Tishri 1 (Mo 7 sacred-Mo 1 secular), 5780

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I received this word of prophecy many years ago. I recently went looking for it on my website, but it is apparently not here. Perhaps, I spoke it on one of the Livestream Video programs that I used to do, where the archives were lost. In any event, I have never had this happen before where I did not write an important word down and store it here, so I am doing it now, with the present date attached, since I do not remember the exact time I received it, except to say that it has been at least ten years ago. The Holy Spirit just quickened it to my remembrance and He wants it to be date recorded on my website prior to the occcurrence, as it has not happened yet.

In short, the Lord revealed that the third world war will be like the first world war, in that many nations will drawn into that war by virtue of treaty alliances. So, just as Russia followed its' treaty ally Serbia and Germany followed its' treaty ally Austria into battle, so it will be in the third world war. It may also be noticed that a skirmish that involved two relatively small nations, Serbia and Austria, initiated that first world war and the Holy Spirit is saying that the third world war will also start in like manner.

Stephen L. Bening

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