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Prophecy: What Is About To Happen?
1st issue: October 19, 2012, updated July 12, 2019

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There has been a lot of revamping done through this article since the last update in 2016. Obviously, the whole tsunami house revelation has become an even greater mystery as it was completed, but no "topping out" party was ever held. Perhaps, we will be called upon to paint it again in the next few years as often happens with our painting company and the event as it was seen in the painter's dream will transpire. God alone knows. He holds all of the wheels of time in His hands. Only now are we beginning to see the Statue Of Liberty Vision come into clear focus as it was seen by A.A. Allen in 1954 with the Statue shown as standing, in a seemingly comical and nonsensical place, in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. Furthermore, he saw it as if he was viewing it from a vantage point high over Venezuela, looking North. So, it can take a long time for prophecy to take shape to the place where it will make any sense to us as we try to figure it out. There was no Southern border crisis in 1954. Prophesy is hard business. Everyone wants to know when the events will occur and that is most often the hardest piece of information to reckon out. God has said He will lay it out prophetically as if you are looking through a blurry glass. He has said He will only lay it out in PART, not in full. We have to deal with a merciful Jesus and with interceding saints. Holding this knowledge close to our hearts, we pray for endurance so that we will not lose heart while we are waiting for the events to occur that will mark the culmination of this age.

Our last update in 2016 came before the first of two total Solar Eclipses that are set to cross the United States in 2017 and 2024: their paths forming a giant X, the center of which passes through my birthplace, Carbondale, Illinois. This appears to set off this seven year period as a time period within which God will deal with America.

The newest development we are watching and dealing with is and has been of concern since I saw an open vision in 1993 that showed a Persian Gulf attack on one of our aircraft carriers. I was told that this event would be like a first falling domino and would trigger many other serious events. Right now, the USS Abraham Lincoln, a carrier that has been named in a prophetic vision by another, has been deployed and is stationed just outside the Persian Gulf, along with support vessels. A few guided missile destroyers have been deployed inside the Persian Gulf. Of additional concern to me is that the USS Arlington (24) has been tasked for involvement in any proceedings. The rhetoric has been heated. This event could flare with no additional warning here in the 21st week of the year: the week when the church was born almost 2000 years ago.

Know this: you do not have to participate in these terrible judgements. These judgements are coming upon a world and an apostate church as a thief in the night, but you can walk in the light, not in the darkness. Those who walk in the light will walk into ever more incredible presence and increasing glory of God as these judgements increase and spread. Jesus is coming FOR His church, but before He does, He is coming IN His church to once again fulfill Malachi 3, where it is written that He will "come suddenly to His temple". Just before He comes to form this Messiah filled church where He will rule with an iron rod, according to Revelation 12:5, He has told me that His prophets, of which I am one, will wield the iron rod. This iron rod speaks of the power and authority in Christ that was carried into the wilderness for such a long period of time according to Revelation 12. This power and authority is returning and I am waiting expectantly to see it: I have been assured that I will wield it in my lifetime. Jesus came out of a despised place: Nazareth, where it was said "can anything good come out of Nazareth". To such despised Nazareth places He will return IN His church, for Jesus will certainly return His iron rod authority to similar places and churches on the Earth where His people are desperately seeking Him in the midst of their poverty and destitution. In that day, greater works will He do IN His church than He did when He walked the Earth almost 2000 years ago. Look up, for your redeemer is drawing nigh.


We prophets have been waiting on a number of judgements that God has been showing us for more than twenty or in some cases thirty years or ore. We call some of these "single staff judgements" and others "double judgements". All of the judgements that have happened so far have been "single staff" or "second tier". We are getting ready to enter into the realm and time of the double judgements and the tier one judgements. These will be extremely severe. You can only have a Revelation 18 double judgement when a prophet has previously declared that a judgement would fall by a certain time, and then that time of judgement has been delayed due to repentance or intercession. This is a principle that has existed since the time of Elijah and Elisha and is described in detail in the book of Second Kings. This has now been the case. We have seen the delays that resulted due to much intercession that has been made by interceding saints and now, we will all witness the doubling.

The double judgements were all called in through prophetic decrees by the end of October, 2009, except for the unfinished business with Boston, MA, which was finished by us in April, 2012. We began to call in these double judgements in July, 2008. We did not know it at the time, but this calling in of judgements by men had been prophesied fifty four years earlier by prophet A.A. AllenThe Prophetic Ministry Of Calling In The Judgements

We fully expected many of the double judgements to commence in October, 2010, but they have been delayed as God has seen fit to do and I believe most particularly due to the intercession of the young people movements in this nation. Now, as we head toward the middle of 2019, we are seeing many signs that the judgements are ready to escalate with great fury. America has once again gathered a big portion of her Navy to the Persian and Arabian Gulf. They appear ready to start any day now, but previous experience leads me to caution that we may have a bit of time to wait just yet. We even expect to see the double judgements now. We have said it over and over again that the hardest thing to discern in prophecy is the time or manner of time when all these things will be fulfilled. That verbiage is found in Peter's epistle and it is still true of prophecy today.

These double judgements, when you see them, will be directly a consequence of delays obtained by previous intercession where righteousness has not resulted during the time period for which the delay was granted. This principle, as we said previously, is biblical and is found in 2 Kings in the interplay between King Ahab and the prophet Elisha. The Lord also revealed to me that the double judgements will be like defibrillator paddles, applied to the church where the church is akin to a patient, lying in the emergency room with its' heart stopped. The defibrillator delivers a double shock to the heart from two different directions. So will it be with the double judgements. They will shock the hell out of the church. These same double judgements will bring Mystery Babylon, the mother of harlots, otherwise known as "the church", to its' end. From this terrible trouble will arise a remnant bride of Christ.

There has now been more than a seven year delay in the commencement of the double judgements that was obtained, by the praying saints, through intercession alone, as there has been absolutely no national repentance here in the United States nor in any of the other Western Democracies and Republics. In 2016, we have had the SIGN OF OMAR. A radical Islamic Terrorist by the name of OMAR has shot or killed more than one hundred people in Orlando, Florida. We wait now for the three sets of double assassinations that are foreshadowed by the events portrayed in 2 Kings 9 and 10. These are the only remaining signs before the onset of the double judgements.

What types of events are going to be happening and what will the signs be that they are near? The initials utilized are these and designate these prophetic ministers:

Stephen L. Bening (SLB), Bob Neumann (BN), Dumitru Duduman (DD), Henry Gruver (HG), Matthew Stephen (MS), David Wilkerson (DW),Virginia Boldea (VB) Joseph Cook (JC), Art Cormier (AC), Chuck Youngbrandt (CY), Stanley Frodsham (SF), Leonard Ravenhill (LR) and Randy McKee (RM).

Some of these men did not endure to the end of their lives with a clean walk of service unto the Lord. In those cases, I have included only those revelations for which I have witness from the Lord as to the source. Also, it is possible that I might have missed a valid prophecy by one of those named concerning an event where they have not been indicated.

  • Revival Unto Prayer And Repentance: Right now, God is stretching out His hand toward His people, not to cancel or delay the judgements but to strengthen His people and help them to endure the difficulties we will face. There is a tremendous opportunity available now for those who will fast, pray and live a holy life to dramatically increase the anointing upon your life; an anointing that will now abide on you for the dramatic release of great power of the Lord for the performing of great exploits. There is a wave of glory inbound that will immediately precede the onset of the double judgements. (SLB)

  • Concurrently with the outpouring described above, God has now Stopped The Rain. In doing so, God has now begun to make an even greater distinction, blessing those righteous who will separate themselves from wickedness and uncleanness: both within the church and without, and cutting off the rain of His Glory and His Presence from those who refuse to come out of their defilement. Spiritual drought will now fall upon the "thing" called church.

  • Scientists/Astronomers: August 2015 to December, 2024 (And they say the numbers are soft, possibly unto 2036) ----64 month watch period (specific to increased danger of an incoming comet swarm)

  • Stephen L. Bening #24 Anniversary Revelation: June 1, 2015 to September 17, 2016--------------------------------16 month watch period (watch period not specific to asteroids/comets but to all double judgements and miraculous blessings)(2019-what we received was the rise of President Donald J. Trump(SLB)

  • Events under way: Droughts, fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, storms, earthquakes, terror attacks, and the like have been happening and will continue to worsen. It is possible that America will burn by natural fires in fulfillment of Dumitru Duduman's prophecy that "America will burn". (SLB)(MS)(BN)(DD)(DW) There will be a later fulfillment of that prophecy that will have a nuclear marker to it. Terror attacks have now worsened in mid 2016 with the going forth of the sign of OMAR.

  • All this continues to occur while the church is ever more dominated by the prosperity theology and defiled with libertine doctrines (SF), among churches that are and will be ever more infiltrated and dominated by arrogant false prophets (LR), as was prophesied fifty years ago.

  • It was prophesied as early as 2005 that modern day men, prophets, sent by God as "watchers and the holy ones", would come forth making decrees and calling in the judgements in the last days and that they would see those things established by God. (RM)(SLB)(MS)

  • An open vision was seen by two prophets in 2005 as we ministered in a pastors meeting in Western Kenya. It was a proclamation of decree; a scroll opening down out of the ceiling where we were ministering. It read "Death Warrant For America". On the bottom of it were two signature lines for two prophets and our two signatures were on those two lines. We two prophets simultaneously saw the same, open waking vision and immediately confirmed, one to the other, than we had both seen the same thing. (SLB)(RM)

  • Sicknesses and early deaths of many prominent Christian ministers. It will be said that there is a death devil in the church. Meanwhile, it will not be the devil's work after all. This is under way as of this present time. (SLB)(MS)

  • Bank Closures: For up to six months, including a 50% confiscation by the government of all monetary accounts. (MS)(SLB)(DW)

    (If you are wondering whether something is the start of the double judgements, then it is not a double judgement. When they begin to happen, you will know it, due to the frequency and severity of them)
  • Double Assassinations: Have been happening and will escalate here and around the world. (MS)(SLB) The sign of OMAR has now gone forth as a sign of the impending double judgements on June 12, 2016. (SLB) The only remaining indicator to prove that the double judgements have definitively commenced will be the three sets of double assassinations according to 2 Kings 9 and 10.(SLB) Among the three sets, there will be a political leader killed and also a religious leader killed, just as it was in 1968.(SLB, MS)

  • Attacks On Aircraft Carriers and Shipping by Arabs (descendants of Ishmael): Attacks on aircraft carriers and ships will be right up near the front of the events that are going to be transpiring in the near term. The Lord said this one would be the first falling domino. (SLB)(BN)

  • Economic Crash: This began in the fall of 2008. It is going to come in worse now with another wave of trouble. This crash will be an all time low on the stock market. Dollar crash is indicated to 50% of present value, perhaps even a confiscation of 50% of value. Gold will go to $2,000 and then crash. (SLB)(MS)

  • Rioting: Also began around the world in 2008. It will now come to America too and it will be horrific in the cities. (SLB)(DD)(DW)

  • Terrorism: will break forth on many fronts. (MS)(SLB)(DW)(DD)

    (If you are wondering whether something is the start of the double judgements, then it is not a double judgement. When they begin to happen, you will know it, due to the frequency and severity of them)
  • Tsunamis: Coming to all US Coasts of the 100 foot or less variety, similar to Japan and Indonesia. Coming in to the Southeastern United States and the rest of the world as early as 60 days after total world economic collapse and rioting. (SLB)(BN)(MS)

  • Heartland earthquakes: There is going to be a major earthquake early on in "The 417 Land", South Central Missouri, that will be aimed by God at the harlot, money loving church. This event is right up front in the pantheon of judgements because of the Red Sticks. More than 200 years ago, Tecumseh (whose name means "panther across the sky") and Tenskatawah used them to prophecy the great New Madrid Quake of December 16, 1811. Now, God has had His prophets using them again. They are the last sign that God will give to warn of the need to gather together to the safe zones (prophet Matthew's Blue panther map). and assemble for the purpose of preservation of our lives and those of other remnant believers. Three bridges will be built over this inland sea.(SLB)(MS)(JC)(CY)

  • Electrical Power Interruptions: Due to solar flare or terrorism, but not due to EMP attack. We are in solar cycle #24 right now. These power interruptions will also take down cell phones and the internet. (SLB)

  • Portland, Oregon Tsunami: This tsunami will reach 70 feet over the regular level of the Columbia River and will flood almost all of downtown Portland. This is a near term event. (MS)(SLB)

  • Boston, MA Tsunami/Earthquake: This tsunami will reach downtown Boston and will inundate Cape Cod to Cape Ann. This is a near term event. (MS)

  • Washington DC event: Marked by the name of Andrew, this will include rioting and other events. It is a near term event. Many corpses will be the result. (SLB)

  • Atlanta, GA event: There will be an event that interrupts travel through this city. (SLB)

  • Terrorism: will break forth on many fronts in terrible severity, eventually interrupting the food supply and the supply of clean drinking water. (MS)(SLB)(DW)(DD)

  • San Andreas Fault: California earthquakes splitting the San Andreas fault resulting in an extremely serious quake are ready to happen at any moment. The sign of the nearness of these things is that the Russian Bear has awakened and has gone forth to regather her cubs after twenty years of hibernation in her den, which is happening right now. This is marked by the name of Andrew. (SLB)(MS)(HG)(DD)(Hundreds of others)

  • Double Assassinations: Have been happening and will escalate here and around the world. (MS)(SLB)

  • High Level Assassinations: (MS)(SLB)

  • Russian Attack: The Russian Bear has awakened. Which will happen first: the California earthquake or the Russian Bear attack? Most likely, the bear attack will come and then the earthquake along the fault will manifest shortly thereafter. Up to six nations including China will likely tag along. (MS)(SLB)(AC)(HG)(DD)

  • Asteroids: hitting land and fireball effects sending blast waves. (SLB)(BN)(VB)

  • Terrorism: EXTREME will break forth on many fronts. (MS)(SLB)(DD)

  • Terror Against Churches: There will be a particularly terrible terror attack against a mega-church. (SLB)(MS)

  • Draconian Laws: Laws will be enacted that will make it illegal to hunt and fish, to be enforced by robotic drone patrols. (SLB)

  • Gold Worthless: Many who have "prepped" by buying gold will not be able to obtain anything for it. Either the price will collapse or buyers for it will not be found. (MS)(SLB)

  • Reenacted French Revolution: Coming in the United States. Intense persecution of Christians will commence including the confiscation of church properties and facilities. Yellow Vest demonstatios have been building in France. (SLB)

  • Six major US earthquakes: Serious quakes in a short time period, each greater than 8.0 (MS)

  • Limited Repentance: The great majority of America's pastors will blame the troubles we are experiencing on the failure of the American believers to tithe. (An False Assessment) There will be no national repentance at this stage even after 1 to 2 million people lay dead in America. A small remnant will, however, have returned to the Lord. (SLB)

  • Famine: Eat your bread with carefulness. (MS)

  • Awakening US Volcanoes: Including one to arise out of Lake Erie.(MS) Mount Rainier of Washington will awaken (SLB) as well as the Three Sisters Volcano of Oregon.(MS)

  • Nuclear Terrorism: Self explanatory, but one attack will hit Miami Beach, FL.(SLB), another will hit Los Angeles (SLB)

  • Giant Inland US Sea: To be formed from Columbia, MO to Louisville, KY, 250 to 400 miles wide. (SLB)(JC)

  • Nuclear Attack: mainly upon coastal cities. (SLB)(MS)(HG)(DD)(AC)

  • Occupation of the US: Again, it is self explanatory. (MS)(SLB)(HG)(DD)

  • Revival Unto Repentance: Sometime after 20 million lay dead in America, we will have the opportunity for national repentance. (SLB)

  • Tsunamis: Great floods of the 500 to 1,000 foot variety, coming to all US coasts, due to asteroid/comet impact, but not due to Nubiru or some other unnamed close approach of a dark or dwarf star. (SLB)(BN)

  • Magnitude 13 Earthquake Puget Sound/Seattle: It is difficult to imagine what this will look like. (MS)

  • 250 Million Dead: The failure to repent will result in the land vomiting out its' inhabitants. Hopefully, those who remain will make the best of their opportunity to return to the Lord and cancel this prophetic judgement. (MS)

  • Timing: I fully expect to see the start of most of these events during the 2008-2024 time line, but I will not be surprised if the worst events stretch even to 2031 (SLB)

    Stephen L. Bening
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