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Prophecy: The Staff, Delaying God's Judgements vs Calling In God's Judgements
January 27, 2014

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Most people today seem to think that it is perfectly alright to pray against any prophecy that they hear about that makes them even the slightest bit uncomfortable. This position has been advocated by various ministries in the United States. Most notable among them are the "Gathering Of Eagles" and "IHOP". Most would probably say that they do not even need to hear from God on the subject. They feel confident that if they have the slightest concern that God might send destruction to their city, they then have every right to come before God to ask Him to delay or totally set aside that judgement. Many prophets who began to be notable in proclaiming God's judgements have retired from the scene, continuing forward with a grace message. The judgement message, you see, was too hard. These prophets realized it and therefore moderated their message to gain acceptability. Henry Gruver is the most notable of these. I was sent forth by God almighty and set into the office of Prophet on June 24, 1992, after a forty day fast on water. He commissioned me and sent me forth after the order of Jeremiah, and repeated chapter one in my hearing. I will not be moderating the message God has given me, for my orders are from on high. I am sent forth to warn this nation about the soon coming consequences for their harlotry from God.

I recently was pleased to meet with elder prophet Ira Milligan at his home. Ira repeated the oft worn proverb that it is insanity to expect different results while employing the same methods. Ira's point was that Prophet Matthew and I have not been successful in moving a mass audience over to our position and so we might want to consider whether the message or our methods needs to be changed. So, it seems that most all the prophets today think that a kinder and gentler approach is just the right thing to do, as the people have no intention to listen in any respect to the message that we are proclaiming. And so, we ask, is it right for the prophet to tone down his message to gain acceptance? Should I speak things designed for greater popularity? Is God running a popularity contest? I think not and we have no intention of changing to be like this wicked church in this wicked nation.

I was sent forth by God in 2005 to work out God's decree of a DEATH WARRANT FOR AMERICA. The decision I made to obey God on July 3, 2008 has cost me much in public support. On that date, I stood in front of the US Supreme Court with prophet Matthew Stephen and prophesied. Included in that prophesying was the act of praying for judgements to come upon this land as a direct result of the babies that have been slaughtered without any earthly legal consequences for the murders, due of course to the 1972 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court Decision. Today, as of my writing, 55 million babies have littered the landscape of America with no end in sight of the carnage. God followed that act of mine up with a confirmation from Him. He spoke to me on the morning of July 5, 2008 from Jeremiah 25:15:

"For thus sayeth the LORD God of Israel unto me, Take the wine cup of this fury at my hand, and cause all the nations, to whom I send thee, to drink it."

He also spoke to me from verses 27 and 28 of that same Jeremiah chapter 25:

"Therefore thou shall say unto them, thus saith the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel, Drink ye, and be drunken, and spue, and fall, and rise no more, because of the sword which I will send among you. And it shall be, if they refuse to take the cup at thine hand to drink, then shalt thous say unto them, Thus saith the LORD of hosts, Ye shall certainly drink."

The Lord was warning me on that day to expect that in carrying out His instructions, I was not to be surprised that America, her ministers, her prophets and her church would not be willing to accept this message. There would be a refusal on their part to drink of the wine cup of the wrath of the Lord. My instructions from God on that day were that I was to be persistent. I was to continue, over and over again, to say that YOU SHALL MOST CERTAINLY DRINK. The Lord has been totally correct. Our message has been totally and uniformly rejected. We have been called false prophets. We have been called witches with our doom sticks and magic wands. Other so called prophets have mocked our use of the staff of God, even though the staff is clearly present in New Testament ministry among the apostles.

I alluded earlier in this article to the existence of ministries and ministers who have designed their whole ministry on the premise that every judgement sent from God should be prayed against and delayed. I have written about and spoken about the evil that results from these actions in my article about the compression judgements. The Compression Judgement and Prophetic Delays

In short, God is going to compress those judgements that were to roll out upon America over a period of seven years and they will occur over a much shorter time period which may not even cover a full two years. In any event, they will be significantly compressed. So, there are and have been very serious consequences for these types of delays. People who have prayed against the will of God will eternally carry the consequences of their actions and rewards will be diminished in heaven for those who think they have done God service by standing boldly in His face to oppose His will.

So, which is it? Should you join Nita Johnson and her crowd and oppose every judgement? Or should you join Matthew Stephen and Stephen Bening and call in the judgments as the Holy Spirit directs you to do? Will you even pray about it? I do not know what you will do. I know that which God has ordered me to do. Here I stand!

One further thing happened today that probably prompted me to write this article more than any other single thing. I was doing some website maintenance today as I have recently made some modernization changes of the site so that it does not have such an old clunky appearance. You can actually find things on now, after the changes, but as with any change that you make, some things get fouled up and stop working when you change a site, so I was working on those things. I noted, for example, as I was setting up the top of page navigation bar that the box for ONLINE PROPHECY BOOKS is now much more prominent than ever before. Almost no one has ever commented to me about these freely available online books. While I was doing the changes, I opened up the .pdf file of the USA Prophet, Prophetess and Saints online book and clicked to view the document outline in the side panel of the .pdf page. When you do that, it brings up all the authors. I was scrolling down through those authors when I noticed the name of prophet A.A. Allen.

I just heard mention of A. A. Allen last Saturday at our weekly meeting of the prophetic company. Prophetess Deborah told the group that when she was five years old, her parents carried her to an A.A. Allen meeting. That meeting would have been in 1959. Prophetess Deborah remembered that she was right up front as a young five year old girl, and she saw prophet Allen pray for a man who had an arm that had never formed. The only thing you could see was five little fingers that protruded out from the shoulder of the man. Well, as prophet Allen prayed, the fingers began to come out of the shoulder and a hand appeared, and then an arm, until the arm, hand an fingers were fully formed.

So, today, as I saw the name of A.A. Allen, I clicked on the link and began to read about his vision from The Empire State Building Observation deck of the Statue of Liberty. The open vision began as the elevator was hurtling upward toward the observation deck on the 86th floor. In the vision, he saw the Statue of Liberty, as one would see it from Venezuela, from high in the air, only it was seen standing in the Gulf of Mexico on it's own little island. What comes next I will simply copy and paste here:

Begin A.A. Allen excerpts from USA Prophet, Prophetess & Saints
God’s Portrayal Of Judgment To Come —
“As I looked, suddenly from the sky I saw a giant hand reach down. That gigantic hand was reaching out toward the Statue of Liberty. In a moment her gleaming torch was torn from her hand, and in it instead was placed a cup. And I saw protruding from the cup a giant sword, shining, as if a great light had been turned upon its glistening edge. Never before had I seen such a sharp, glistening, dangerous sword. It seemed to threaten all the world. As the great cup was placed in the hand of the Statue of Liberty, I heard these words:

‘Thus saith the Lord of hosts... Drink ye and be drunken, spue, and fall, and rise no more, because of the sword which I will send. . . ’

“As I heard these words, I recognized them as a quotation from Jeremiah 25:27.

“I was amazed to hear the Statue of Liberty speak out in reply, ‘I will not drink.' “Then, as the voice of thunder, I heard again the voice of the Lord, saying:

‘. . . Thus saith the Lord of hosts, Ye shall certainly drink’ [Jer. 25:28].

“ ‘Then suddenly the giant hand forced the cup to the lips of the Statue of Liberty, and she became powerless to defend herself. The mighty hand of God forced her to drink every drop of the cup. As she drank the bitter dregs, these were the words that I heard:

‘. . . should ye be utterly unpunished? Ye sha ll not be unpunished: for I will call for a sword upon all the inhabitants of the earth, saith the Lord of hosts’ [Jer. 25:29].

“When the cup was withdrawn from the lips of the Statue of Liberty, I noticed the sword was missing from the cup, which could mean but one thing. The contents of the cup had been completely consumed! I knew that the sword merely typified war, death, and destruction , which is no doubt on the way.
End Excerpts from A.A. Allen, USA Prophet, Prophetess & Saints

I had read this vision before but I had never before noticed this part about how the Statue of Liberty was ordered by God to drink from the cup. A.A. Allen had been given this vision as an open, waking vision on July 4, 1954. He was shown that the torch was removed from her hand and replaced with a cup. He heard the Lord command her to drink from the cup. He heard that she would refuse to drink. He heard that YOU SHALL MOST CERTAINLY DRINK.

A.A. Allen had received this by open vision, exactly fifty four years before I heard the Lord tell me to do it. He saw that America would have to deal with Jeremiah's Cup, which was the Lord's cup. He saw it on July 4, 1954. I heard the Lord tell me to do it on July 3-5, 2008.

I tell you the truth: the ministry of the staff: that of calling in the judgements of God and commanding that this nation drink forth from the wine cup of God's wrath, is a ministry commissioned and ordained by God. A. A. Allen saw it and Matthew Stephen and Stephen Bening are carrying it out. Take heed. Time is running out.

Stephen L. Bening

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